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New Volunteer Mutual Help Model "Group Support for the Elderly"

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——The establishment of mutual aid society in Liuchang Miao township of Qingzhen city to start a new model of “group retirement”

In today's society, there are groups to eat and camp, have you heard of group retirement? On December 22, the establishment meeting of the Villager Mutual Assistance Association was held in the villager's courtyard of the Shuangchong Group of Yangba Village, Liuchang Miao Township. At the meeting, the idea of "group support for the elderly" was proposed.

At 10 in the morning, the villagers in the group started to come to the courtyard one by one, and each took a stool and sat down. After the villagers sit down, the host Su Yuanjiang begins to explain the nature, purpose and scope of mutual aid. "We set up a mutual aid society to divide the three things, the government should do the big things, the small things should be done by the village, the private things should be done by ourselves!" After the regular mobilization, 21 members of the Supervisory Board and the Board of Governors of the first Mutual Aid were organized and co-ordinated to coordinate and carry out the work of the Mutual Aid.

(The picture shows the first board of supervisors and council of the voting election mutual aid society)

The establishment of a mutual aid society is a basic social governance model actively explored by villagers in the Shuangchong Group under the leadership of the township party committee and government. Mutual aid will implement villager autonomy to villager groups and implement, downsize, and downsize public cultural services. From passive to active, from what I want to do to what I want to do, as soon as the Mutual Aid Society is born, a passion is born.

After all the matters were arranged properly, everyone went to the meeting place of the group's elderly.

(The picture shows voluntary payment of membership dues)

Su Yuanbang, a supervisor of the Mutual Aid Society, introduced that this meeting place is the home of elderly He Shaoyu. The old man is nearly 80 years old. Because the girl is not around and the legs are inconvenient, the old people in the group chose the meeting place to take care of him.

Upon entering the house, the reporter saw 8 elderly people sitting around the hearth playing cards and playing cards. The 8 oldest people were 90 years old and the youngest were 72 years old. They were all villagers in the Shuangchong group of Yangba Village, of which 3 were living alone. Old man, Wu Wenxiu is one of them. She has only one son and works in Guiyang. It is rare to have time to go home for a month.

Members sent 300 pounds of rice, half a ton of coal, a kettle, and a soft-boiled glutinous rice dumpling to the old people. Elderly Wu Wenxiu said happily: "I basically come every day to speak and play cards with everyone. Now that you are here to care, the days will get better and better." The laughter inside the room continued.

(The picture shows the old man with a happy smile after receiving the gift)

As one of the sponsors, Su Yuanjiang told reporters that the mutual aid society implements a "double encouragement" mechanism that "encourages young people to go out to earn money" and "encourage the elderly to return to the village to provide for the elderly", that is, to allow the elderly to "group" for the elderly and become passive and active Not only does the child's loneliness be removed from the side, which enriches the entertainment life, but if someone has a big thing at home, others will do their best to help.

It is understood that there are 35 elderly in the Shuangchong Group of Yangba Village, 60 and 10 in the age of 75. The group has a total of 62 households and 270 people. All of them volunteered to join the mutual aid society. Today, 25 members volunteered to pay a total of 7,800 members. yuan. The Mutual Aid Society will organize members to carry out environmental sanitation from time to time, collect and coordinate solutions to important and difficult issues that the villagers care about, help each other, and regularly organize elderly people to carry out recreational activities. Regularly publicize bills every month, so that young people can work at ease and Old people get "spiritual consolation", which is not only pleasing to the body and mind, but also prolonging their lives, it can be said to do more than one thing.

(The picture shows a group photo of the Mutual Aid Society with the elderly over 75 years old)

"This is not an event, but a responsibility. Today the elderly is our tomorrow." Su Yuan said, "After the establishment of the mutual aid society, the whole group suddenly became more united. We want to teach the young people to thank the party, Return home. "

The hour hand ticked off at 1 o'clock. After visiting the elderly, everyone returned to the hospital ba to clean up the meeting place. They all breathed a sigh of excitement, waiting for them was a more onerous and more challenging task.

(Contributed by Wenqi Liuchang Township)

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