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The multiple games between the two ministers of Sima Yan: the trust cannot be accumulated to reduce the cost of life

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Jia Chong was the confidant of the Sima family at the time of the Wei and Jin dynasties. When Sima Zhao launched the coup, he instructed people to kill Cao Fan, the emperor of Wei. After Sima Zhao, Sima Zhao's son, became emperor, he was especially fond of him, and he was awarded high positions by senior officials such as Lieutenant General, Shang Shu, and General Che Qi. Jia Chong offered a flattery and favor to those who shared the same stinks, and attacked and rejected those who refused to join him. The righteous people in the opposition and opposition all disliked him very much.

The attendant Ren Kai has the talents for governing the country, is well-organized, methodical, and loyal. He takes social responsibility as his duty, deeply respects and cares for the emperor, and meets the important affairs of the military state. The emperor often consults with him. He was very disgusted with Jia Chong, which made Jia Chong very disturbed, because the servant in the official position was a close minister to the emperor, and he could directly report to the emperor the good and evil of the minister, the gains and losses of the government. Jia Chong worried that Ren Kai would reveal his true face before the emperor, and he wanted to squeeze Ren Kai away from the emperor.

However, the emperor respected Ren Kai very much, and said that the emperor would not believe it. How could he not be like attacking Ren Kai, but also transfer him away from the emperor? Jia Chong contemplates, and finally finds a best of both worlds. He decided to recommend to Emperor Jin Wu Ren Kai to be a teacher for Prince Edward. According to the system of the feudal court, the teacher of the prince was not allowed to question the government of the court, and could only stay in the East Palace to accompany the prince to study. Moreover, the prince Sima was an idiot and could not receive education at all.

In this way, even if Ren Kai left the emperor, he would lose the emperor's trust because of educational failure. As a result, Jia Chong praised the emperor how Ren Kai was loyal and upright, and how he had learned. He was the best candidate to be a teacher for the Prince. Sima Yan accepted this suggestion, and appointed Ren Kai as the eldest prince, but the position of former junior middleman still remained unchanged. Jia Chong was troubled and annoyed.

Ren Kai naturally understood Jia Chong's plan, and he decided to follow suit and pay back to Jia Chong. Coincidentally, the Northwest minority attacked the border. Sima Yan was so anxious that he decided to send someone to resist. Ren Kai said: "This is a heavy task, and it should be calmed down by a prestigious, prestigious, and ingenious minister." Sima Yan asked, "Who can assume this role?" Ren Kai said: "Jia Chong . "Sima Yan agreed.

At this point, Jia Chong ’s fox-puppy party panicked. As soon as Jia Chong left, they lost their background and had no place in the court. Jia Cong was naturally reluctant to leave the court. Just before leaving for office, they were discussing the countermeasures at the banquet held at the sunset pavilion. Finally, they came up with an idea for Jia Chong to marry the emperor, and assigned his dark and ugly daughter Jia Nanfeng to the dumb and silly Prince Sima Zhong. In this way, Ren Kai's scheme not only failed to achieve, but left a misfortune in the history of the Western Jin Dynasty.

Jia Chong and Ren Kai both remained with the emperor, but Jia Chong refused to give up and his party members gave him an idea saying, "Let Ren Kai do the job of selecting officials. This is a heavy job. Frequent inspections throughout the country make it impossible to stay with the emperor, and the chosen person, three teachings and nine streams, mixed fish and dragons, is a difficult task, and it is easy to pick his fault. "So Jia Chong repeated his old skills, and again He once praised Ren Kai in the presence of the emperor for his impartiality and good manners, and it was most appropriate for him to preside over the selection of officials for the court. This time Sima Yan believed it and appointed Ren Kai as the official ministry.

Ren Kaigan was naturally fit for this job, but he had fewer opportunities to approach the emperor. So Jia Chongzhi launched a campaign to slander Ren Kai, which finally made Ren Kai lose his official post.

Jia Chong was indeed treacherous. He failed to make a living and played a repeated game with Ren Kai. In the first game, he first betrayed the rules of court ministers' mutual cooperation, and intended to transfer Ren Kai away from the emperor. If the emperor can transfer Ren Kai to Prince Fu, then he has achieved his game goal, and thus obtained the maximum benefits.

Unfortunately, this game failed because of the emperor. Next, it was Ren Kai's turn to take a move. Ren Kai's goal was to do the same and retaliate against Jia Chong's betrayal. Ren Kai's goal was to transfer Jia Chong to the border to resist the enemy. Relying on his cleverness and pampering in the presence of the emperor, Ren Kai almost realized his goal. Unfortunately, an unexpected change happened suddenly in the middle, and the game also failed.

The game didn't stop there, then Jia Chong launched another round of offense. This time he learned from the previous experience, found a better official position for Ren Kai, and let Ren Kai go to select officials. The errand work was heavy and easy to find. With this busy work, the emperor couldn't let Ren Kai take part-time job either, so Ren Kai left the emperor like this.

Of course, the game between Jia Chong and Ren Kai did not end, and there must be many more games going on in the future. Similarly, we find that anyone who betrays first is retaliated by his opponent. Ren Kai's revenge was very powerful. If there was no accident, his revenge would have been successful. This warns us not to betray easily in many games!

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