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What is your need for marriage? There are answers after completing ten questions

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1. As soon as you relax, you will feel that you have been abandoned by this world. Do you want to find someone to accompany yourself?

Yes, when I'm lonely, I have to pull someone to pad my back, otherwise no one will think better (3 points)

Fortunately, under normal circumstances, I will not bother others and slowly resolve loneliness myself (2 points)

No, I like to enjoy lonely time, I like being alone (1 point)

2. One day, you received a call from the dead party. During the call, she kept showing her happiness and told the date of marriage, which made you unbearable. Put down the phone and you find out?

The friends around me are all married, and I am the only one who is "solitary and rewarding" (3 points)

Fortunately, she and I have sympathy for each other. When is the marriage, this seems to be a difficult proposition (2 points).

Why did she want Zhang Luo to get married so early, and she was so embarrassed to tell me that she was really anxious to marry (1 point)

3. Ta is very good. If you can get married, would you like to have children with Ta?

Of course, no problem. Now I like to play with other children's kids the most. In the future, it will be better to play with my own children (3 points)

Maybe, I have to make a comprehensive plan. It ’s not a joke to have children, I have to think long (2 points)

Sorry, I do n’t want a little fart to disturb my life, Dink is my pursuit (1 point)

4. I feel that I am pretty idiot, it is easy to see one love one?

Yes, things that fall in love at first sight always happen to myself. Now I do n’t know what is love at first sight (3 points)

I'm a person who doesn't get emotional easily, but I still get emotional when I should be emotional (2 points)

How could it be that I couldn't get it right? Cupid's arrow missed hitting me (1 point)

5. Usually, when you go shopping, pass by wedding photography shop, you always do?

Stopped, stared at the furnishings inside, then dreamed (3 points)

Just glanced at it, and then left without a problem (2 points)

No difference from passing other stores (1 point)

6. Marriage is a lifetime thing. In the future, no matter whether you can get married, you will plan to buy personal real estate?

Yes, I think marriage and house are my personal destination (3 points)

If you have the ability to buy, of course it is the best, I do n’t think it ’s okay without it (2 points)

Do not plan to purchase real estate, the other party has a house is the first choice (1 point)

7. One day, you are really bored, and you just want to find someone to talk to, and talk about your depression, regardless of whether the other party and yourself agree.

I really like the feeling of looking for someone to chat with, and no matter how familiar the other person is with me, I'm familiar with it twice (3 points)

Occasionally I do this, but I do n’t talk for a long time, and the problem is not too deep. After all, I ’m not familiar with it (2 points)

Do n’t talk to people who do n’t agree, because they do n’t care what they say (1 point)

8. One day, you suddenly found clues about your lover's derailment, would you?

Propose a breakup right away and do n’t want to stay too long (3 points)

Just forgive Ta once (2 points)

Forgive up to two or three times (1 point)

9. If you divide a man / woman into A, B, and C, how do you think you are?

Best, believe that you are the best (3 points)

More than less than enough (2 points)

Feeling bad, why don't you leave the peach blossoms now (1 point)

10. Do you have a very strong desire for desire?

Of course, I think a lot of people need me. Without me, they would live a lifeless life (3 points)

In a way, I really like being needed, because it can reflect my value (2 points)

I feel that no one needs themselves, only one needs themselves (1 point)

26 to 30 minutes for you

You belong to marriage madness, marriage craving degree: ★★★

You have a particularly high demand for marriage. Romantic love and old-fashioned are good, but as long as someone who loves you is willing to guard you, you will soon be moved by the other person, and rely on the other person to gradually develop into wanting Together relationship.

Your desire for marriage comes not only from love, but also from your dependence on life. In terms of concept, you are also yearning for marriage and are easily affected by the environment. If the surrounding trends give you pressure, you will be eager to march to the marriage hall.

19 to 25 minutes for you

You belong to the demand type, the degree of desire for marriage:

Some "nervous" you are a person who needs to be appreciated very much. If the other person understands you and is similar to your scent, you will quickly deliver your sincerity. This is a spiritual need. Occasionally you feel insecure and hope to have someone who is always on your side like your family.

You don't think too much about marriage, and you don't think too much about it, just the emotional or spiritual needs of a certain period of time are enough to make you think "let's get married". Some impulsive marriage enthusiasts still have high thirst for marriage.

10 to 18 minutes for you

You are a casual type, the desire for marriage: ★

You are not a person who is troubled by marriage, you are not in a hurry to find someone to get married, but you will not reject it when a lover comes to propose. The marriage certificate is a piece of paper for you, and you don't care too much.

You are also a person who is hard to get addicted to in your relationship, but once you have this love, you will get 100 points, no impurity at all. It is for this reason that you care more about love than marriage.

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