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Zhang Yining, 37, has been making the right choice, and the genius world is truly extraordinary

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The name Zhang Yining is a household name in China. At its peak (as if it had been the peak of his career until he retired), he was known as the "Demon King" and was a sports superstar who could compare with table tennis predecessor Deng Yaping. Regarding how powerful Zhang Yining is, how prestigious the match is, how much the opponent is afraid of him, I believe many friends know very well. As for the story behind Zhang Yining, why is she always a cold face, and why the flash marriage of a nearly 50-year-old rich man, Xiaobian wants to talk to everyone.

Since childhood, the guys love to use their swords and guns, and won the first crown of their careers by crying.

Zhang Yining was originally called "Zhang Ning". Unlike most girls, she likes to play with boys and is chasing and chasing. Many boys are afraid of her because she loves moving swords and guns. wind. Later, my mother discovered that there was a girl named Zhang Ning in the class, so she added a word Yi. The 6-year-old Zhang Yining first came into contact with table tennis, and suddenly found a game that she loved to play, as if it were a magical thing, but unexpectedly, she won the first open championship in her career, but she was very interesting.

At the age of 9, Zhang Yining became the "General Changsheng" in the urban area. For the first time, she participated in the competition on behalf of Dongcheng District, and entered the final together with a small partner who usually played. The three-game two-win system was a one-to-one draw. When Zhang Yining fell behind at 13:15 in the third game, she suddenly requested a timeout and was very panicked because she had never lost to the other side before. Seeing I was about to take the championship away and wept all of a sudden and wept a lot of tears. She cried before the game was over, which made the girl on the opposite side panic, and she didn't know how to play the next ball. Zhang Yining finally defeated and won the first more important championship in her career.

A 20-year-old husband is a financial genius who has successfully made 10 million US dollars in entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley!

Most of them only know that Zhang Yining married a 20-year-old "Diamond King Five". In fact, his husband was a financial genius. He founded a high-tech company in Silicon Valley in 1989 and sold it in 1994. In just five years, he has made tens of millions of dollars, and has since moved to the financial industry. However, Xu Wei was not married until he met Zhang Yining at the age of 48. In other words, this genius only fancyed Zhang Yining for so many years.

Today, after the two people are married, they have one child and one daughter. The daughter is 7 years old. The youngest son has just been born and is very happy. Regarding why she wanted a second child, Zhang Yining once publicly said, “A young man is too lonely, it is good to have a companion!” The 56-year-old husband was also very powerful, so that 36-year-old Zhang Yining was pregnant with a second child.

About the reason why Zhang Yining had a flash marriage with the rich who hadn't known each other for less than 100 days. From the experience of the two people above, we can judge that they are both genius-level characters. Although they have different understandings, they have the same ranks. If you want to conquer a "General Changsheng" like Zhang Yining, a man without handsome talent is definitely not good. Xu Wei, who is 20 years old, is such a character.

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