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AC Milan loses

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I got up this morning and used to look at cell phone information habitually. A message popped out of the cell phone was AC Milan's 0: 5 loss to Atlanta. Set a record of losing since 1998. To be honest, I am almost a member of AC Milan and I ca n’t even name it. The AC Milan football team is more of a memory for me.

AC Milan's first glance started from the CCTV broadcast of football matches. I remember back then, a Serie A football match was broadcast every weekend. At that time, Huang Jianxiang had not yet started to explain football. The commentators at that time were Han Qiaosheng, Zhang Lu, and Zhang Huide. Zhang Lu Zhang was a goalkeeper and a guy who just retired at the time. He is still active in the football commentary industry and should be regarded as a big bowl commentator. It may now be more about explaining the Premier League Champions League with Zhan Jun. Many people may not be familiar with Zhang Huide, because Zhang Huide was already a certain number of years old. At the time, before every game, Zhang Huide would broadcast some gossip news in front of Italy, such as which player was injured, the team ’s press conference before the game Content, what contradictions between players and coaches, wait, it was a sports gossip of that era. Later Zhang Huide passed away. At that time, when she heard the news, she felt a little sigh.

There is no other reason to like AC Milan, because AC Milan's results were the best when it was first broadcast in China. At the time AC Milan had the Dutch Three Musketeers, Basten, Gullit, and Rijkaard. Of these three, Basten actually played the shortest time, because of injuries, he ended his sports career very early. Gullit and Rijkaard are both black, and the iconic feature is that they have a small pigtail, which now looks similar to a dirty pigtail. I remember Zhang Huide's gossip about Goulite was made by his wife. Later, both men have also been coaches and have had good records in Barcelona and Chelsea. And Basten also had coaching experience, but the results were average.

In addition to the famous Three Musketeers, on the back line are the scavenger Baresi, as well as the young and handsome Maldini, and Albertini. Maldini is a typical Italian handsome player, but also from AC Milan, can be said to be Milan's iconic character. Speaking of AC Milan, the team owner at the time was also the prime minister of Italy at the time, Berlusconi was regarded as a situation figure, and various gossip and scandals continued. At that time, he was young and had an idea that the owners of the team were all prime ministers and they still couldn't win. Throughout the 1990s, Serie A was known as the Little World Cup, with the best players in the world playing here. At that time, only three foreign aid were allowed in Serie A. Most of the team were local players. Maradona came to Naples a few years ago and became a pricey player for the transfer. At that time, Lazio had Siguniori. The purple lily of Florence came only after Barty, but unfortunately has not led Florence to win the championship.

In that year, the highest honor of the World Club was the Toyota Cup championship. That is, the European Champions Cup and South American Liberator Cup kicked a Toyota Cup in Japan. It is a matter of course to think that Japanese football can have today's results. How will the future development of football in Japan host the Toyota Cup? I remember AC Milan has entered the Toyota Cup two or three times, and once it should have won the Sao Paulo team in Brazil and won the Toyota Cup championship. After that, AC Milan also had many people, such as Baggio, Via, and so on. It seems that some time ago we heard that Viah was going to elect the President of Liberia. After that, Kaka joined AC Milan, because Kaka was my age and had a handsome appearance, which added a lot of energy to the old AC Milan. Since Kaka left Milan, he has rarely paid much attention to AC Milan, because the subsequent broadcast of Serie A matches is becoming less and less, and Milan ’s results are getting worse. The player I can remember is Shevchenko , Ambrosini, Seedorf, Ronaldinho, and several other players, of course, like Ronaldo also briefly visited AC Milan.

AC Milan can be said to be the first dynasty I witnessed after watching the ball since my sensible. I remember that throughout the 1990s, I remembered that Sampdoria had won the championship for a year. At that time, there was a bald forward Viali who was very powerful. The next championship is basically divided by AC Milan and Juventus. Inter Milan dominated for years after Juventus downgraded.

This year is the 120th anniversary of the establishment of AC Milan Club. For such a century-old club, it is actually very cruel. On the one hand, it is the economic level of the entire country that makes Serie A no longer a small World Cup in the past. On the other hand, the club's clubs are also poorly managed and they cannot introduce high-level foreign aid and well-known coaches. Although the Milanese twins have Chinese capital, AC Milan's capital injection is more like a show. Now the whole of Serie A, that is, Juventus can compete with the Premier League La Liga in the European War, but it is basically the level of the quarterfinals, not to mention AC Milan can not even enter the European War places.

In fact, I miss AC Milan of that era, and more of my life in that era. You can watch a Serie A game every weekend, when England's top league was not yet called the Premier League. At around 9pm every weekend, watching a football match in front of the TV is more of a sense of ceremony. And now, there are too many matches to see, and when there is no more tendency to a match, even if the match is played very excitingly, it can't beat the spirit. Just like that day after I repeatedly watched Sun Xing's "One-stop" seven or eight times, I wouldn't want to go to a Spurs game. At most, I would be satisfied with the goals.

Again, I was surprised at seeing such a score today, but that's all. Because for so many years, Milan's performance has been hovering at this level, unable to enter the Champions League, the European War is the level of being eliminated halfway. There are no star players, no big coaches, and no tactics. I remember when the old Milan's defensive counterattack was really a drop of mercury, now it feels that AC Milan plays like the national football, the ball is like a hot foot.

In short, see a piece of news, write down your feelings, and record the past. Hope Milan can cheer up, at least don't lose too badly this season.

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