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Tencent's "News Brother" apologizes: Really "recognized wrong"?

Information source: MCwXqsmNx

——This article is the entry for the 5th National College Student Review Star Selection Trial

In the morning of December 23, Tencent's "News Brother" previously published an article "Chinese people do not deserve spiritual life! Unworthy!" Caused controversy. In this regard, the team issued a statement early this morning, saying that the article was seriously misunderstood, recognized the error and has been deleted.

The logic of the full-text scolding is this: if you want to see something, you need to spend more. If you don't want to spend more, you are greedy for cheap. China ’s video industry has suffered a huge loss. It ’s all about supporting ideals. You do n’t spend money to support our ideals. Chinese people like you do n’t deserve a spiritual life. The "greedy cheap consumer" accused, I do not agree.

Moreover, the current loss status of video websites is due to capital logic, and consumers should not be thrown away to the moral level or unwilling to pay for spiritual enjoyment.

This article by "News Brother" listed iQiyi's net loss of 7.801 billion in the first three quarters of 2019, and described a situation like this: the entire industry is struggling to survive, and development is even more precarious-the author implies that you will not pay Money, there may be no good things to watch in the future. But is that really the case? Here is a clear-cut concept: "Loss of money" under the current situation is equal to "miserable" and equal to "difficult development." This is obviously a fallacy in business logic. In the business world, "loss before profit" or "loss is for profit" is not uncommon.

Since the establishment of Meituan Review, the total net loss has exceeded 100 billion yuan, but relying on a variety of gradually increasing price increases, Meituan began to announce profits in 2018. The huge user base previously accumulated by "concession" began to truly exert its strength at this time. Mass effect. The founder of Didi Cheng Wei revealed that Didi had a loss of 39 billion yuan until its establishment in 2018, but until now, Didi can continue to survive and grow through rounds of capital blood transfusions-the temporary loss situation can't explain anything. Losing money now does not mean that there is no hope of making money in the future, and that savvy capital is invested in uninterruptedly. It is also a huge possibility of future profits. If the loss is really so serious, it would be better if the platform operator does not do the video, now it is out of the market! According to the development prospects presented by China's online video industry, there are several giants who have shown a monopoly trend. Who will be willing to really withdraw and make room for huge future profits?

While believing that the investment logic of “make a profit before losing” secures the market, at the same time, I also want to include the right to speak in the moral highlands, using the “current huge losses” as a reason, accusing consumers of “not enough to support China ’s content section” , So that it rises to the threat of "Chinese people do not deserve to have a spiritual life"-this kind of eating is really ugly, it is simply "I work so hard and looks so miserable, so you should buy more of my stuff" Abductions. To be honest, do business well to make good money. Don't confuse the logic of making money with the logic of morality. What really hurts the long-term development of the video industry is not those consumers who are unwilling to pay for VVIP, but the bargaining methods of platform vendors who occupy the land and ignore the consumer experience.

By Li Xiaoxuan (Shandong University)

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