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China's "Sawangna" Yuanjiang Winter Outdoor Carnival will start on December 28

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Kunming Information Hong Kong reporter Li Hongzheng On December 23, the reporter learned from the Publicity Department of the Yuanjiang County Party Committee that from December 28, 2019 to February 2020, Yuanjiang County will host China with the theme of "Binjiang Huaguo City's cold shelter". The “Sawangna” Yuanjiang Winter Outdoor Carnival series activities are designed to enhance the popularity of the Yuanjiang Winter Sports brand, display the image of Yuanjiang, promote the culture of Yuanjiang, expand the influence of “Binjiang Flower and Fruit City, Cold Health Resort”, and create a “healthy life destination” .

According to Xia Lixin, member of the Standing Committee of the Yuanjiang County Party Committee and Minister of Propaganda Department of the Communist Party of China, during the Winter Outdoor Carnival in Yuanjiang, eight events in three categories will be held: National Paragliding Invitational Tournament, National Solidarity Running, Walking, Tug of War and Fitness Gymnastics competition, the eighteenth "Sun City Cup" basketball game, national unity to welcome the new ascend fitness conference, the fifth "Yunhai Terrace Cup" mountain bike climbing competition, China "Savanna" Yuan Jiang Wenchuang Douyin photography essay activity . The series of activities is rich in content, strong in participation and attractive.

Yuanjiang is a minority autonomous county with Hani, Yi and Dai as its main ethnic group and multi-ethnic coexistence. The county has a total land area of 2,858 square kilometers, administers 5 townships, 2 towns and 3 sub-districts, with a total population of 224,500, and ethnic minorities account for 82% of the total population. The average annual temperature of the dam area is 24.2 ℃, and the average winter temperature is about 20 ℃. The lowest altitude is 327 meters, the highest altitude is 2,580 meters, and it is 220 kilometers away from the provincial capital Kunming. The national highway G8511, as well as the Yumo Railway and Yuanman Expressway under construction pass through it. It is an important hub for Yunnan to South Asia and Southeast Asia International Corridor. It enjoys the "Southern Yunnan Town", "Natural Greenhouse", "Tropical Fruit Hometown", "Hometown of Aloe Vera" and other reputations have won the titles of "National Cultural Model County", "National Sports Advanced County", "National Garden County", "Provincial Health County" and so on. It is Yunnan Province Low altitude sports training base.

According to Zheng Rong, deputy head of the People's Government of Yuanjiang County: Yuanjiang is warm and little rain, plenty of sunshine, no winter all year round, no frost year round, excellent air quality, average annual over 300 days, negative oxygen ion concentration is higher than 2380 / cubic centimeter, it is winter An ideal place for health and cold protection. Yuanjiang County put forward the development orientation of "Binjiang Huaguocheng, cold sheltered health resort, and passage economic zone", focusing on the five major industries of characteristic biological resources, clean energy, cultural tourism, modern logistics, and health, relying on "one river and two rivers" Surrounding the natural geographical advantages of the county seat, the theme of “green food brand” and “healthy life destination brand” is very suitable in accordance with the idea of “making great momentum in the river and creating leisure in the two rivers”.

At the same time, Zheng Rong also introduced the origin of Yuanjiang being called China's "Savanna". Due to the abundant sunshine in the Yuanjiang, less precipitation and concentrated, large amount of water evaporation, coupled with the valley topography is closed, the bottom is heated intensely, and the heat is not easy to cause. The dry and sultry climate in the valley area has formed the "foehn effect". It has more than 100 species of wild animal resources, 163 species of crop resources, 228 types of cash crop resources, 224 types of flower resources, 170 types of medicinal materials resources, and 2000 forest resources. I species. Therefore, the vegetation of the Yuanjiang dry and hot valley is called China's "Savanna".

In the snow and ice of most parts of the country, the Yuanjiang River was sunny, warm and full of greenery and vitality. Visitors walked into the "Sun City in the Red River Valley" and not only could enjoy the unique national cultural charm and beauty. You can also participate in green, multi-carbon, outdoor fitness activities, experience self-relaxation, and let your skin breathe naturally. The launch of the "Savanna" Yuanjiang Winter Outdoor Carnival series in China will make everyone understand Yuanjiang, know Yuanjiang, like Yuanjiang, and fall in love with Yuanjiang.

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