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Many women always freeze their hands and feet in winter, what should I do? Open

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Original title: Many women always freeze their hands and feet in winter, what should I do? Open

It's so cold

Winter is really here

Dear friends, have you ever heard the term "summer disease and winter treatment"?

Can "Summer Disease" Really "Winter Treatment"?

How to keep healthy in winter?

Let's listen to the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangxi Medical University

Statement of Deputy Chief Physician Liu Qihua of Traditional Chinese Medicine

1. Is the concept of "summer disease and winter treatment" correct?

This statement makes sense. In the summer, more yang goes out, which is a process of exhaustion for the human body. In the eyes of the elderly, when they sweat, they feel flustered, physically weak, intolerant to heat, and easily heatstroke. Then, the best way to strengthen tolerance and reduce symptoms is to nurse in winter.

As the saying goes: "Tonic in winter, tiger in spring." In the winter, the essence of the human body is built in. The characteristic of tonics is that the body's essence is built in. If you can adapt to the trend of solar terms, the tonic effect in winter will be better.

Therefore, in winter, it is necessary to pay close attention to health care, especially for patients who are intolerant in summer, relatively weak, and sweating a lot. It is necessary to use a little tonic appropriately.

2. In the protection of the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular of the elderly,

Any health tips in winter?

From the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, cardio-cerebral vascular disease is a build-up and decline. The most fundamental cause of build-up is lack of righteousness. Generally, it occurs more frequently in middle-aged and elderly people. Attention should be paid to essential energy storage.

In terms of work and rest, according to the "Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor", "sleep early and get up". To go to bed early is not to stay up all night, which is the most basic requirement; Yan Qi means to get up late, and wait for the sun to rise before getting up. This is possible for older people who are not at work. In addition, it is not recommended to do more exercise in the evening, and the best time for exercise is in the morning.

In terms of diet, you can eat foods with a relatively high protein content. For example, mutton has the effect of warming Yang Qi, with spices such as cinnamon sticks, star anise, and peppercorns, the effect of warming Yang Qi is better, and angelica can also be put in place to help Yang Qi grow.

Medication should be carried out under the guidance of a doctor.

3. How should female friends with cold hands and feet nurse in winter?

Cold hands and feet According to Chinese medicine, three main reasons are considered:

One is deficiency of qi and blood. Pay attention to nourishing qi and blood. The prescriptions for nourishing blood include Bazhen soup, Shiquan Dabu pills, etc. The food can be angelica lamb soup, adding cinnamon sticks, star anise, peppercorns, tannin, etc.

Second, the liver qi is stagnation, there will be cases of hands and feet not warm all year round, at this time it is necessary to clear the liver and stagnation, Chinese medicines such as Xiaoyao Pill, Chaihu Shugan powder, etc., can play a relief role.

Third, yang deficiency, such as heart, kidney yang deficiency, spleen, and kidney yang deficiency. The temperature of hands and feet is lower than that of ordinary people throughout the year, but it is characterized by thirst, white without luster, or dark, weak pulse. These are different from liver qi depression.

4. How to relieve winter rhinitis?

Traditional Chinese medicine says that the lungs open the nose to the nose, so the nose is the outside of the lungs. The relationship between the nose and the lungs is very close. The disease of the nose is considered from the lungs, and the root can only be grasped from the internal organs.

The onset of rhinitis is largely related to the lungs, such as deficiency of lung qi. Consider whether the diet is too cold. At this time, some drugs for warming the lungs can be used. Lizhong Pills can warm the spleen and yang, and also have the effect of warming the lungs, which can reduce the incidence of rhinitis. If the condition is not so serious, Yupingfeng can be used to warm the lungs and prevent recurrent rhinitis and colds.

Liu Qihua

Deputy Chief Physician of the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangxi Medical University, Young Member of the Eighth Education Working Committee of the Chinese Society of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine, Executive Director of the Encephalopathy Branch of the Chinese Society of Chinese Medical Information, Vice Chairman of the Geriatrics Professional Committee of the Guangxi Chinese Medical Association, Combined with the members of the society, the member of the Guangxi Luoluo Disease Committee, chaired 2 department-level projects, participated in 1 National Natural Science Foundation project, 6 provincial-level project, and published more than 30 papers.

Content source: Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Guangxi Radio 910

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