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Emotional ranking in 12 constellation love

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Original Title: Emotional Ranking in 12 Constellation Love

12th Capricorn

Seriously, Capricorn is a constellation with very stable emotions, and it can be said that it is slick and uninteresting, but from another perspective, they act seriously and are responsible, always putting their emotions at the end, and they will not lose their tempers In others, although the mind is a bit unpredictable and difficult to understand, but doing things with you can be done smoothly, but I am afraid that your self-character will be too depressed and no one will know about internal injuries.

Eleventh Taurus

Taurus, as its name suggests, has the same personality as Niuer, and it is hard-working. Once you fix or get used to it, it is difficult to change. Although you have a bit of a temper, you always have a head and a tail. It is not your style to quit halfway, maybe because of this. A strong stubborn character makes you stable.

Tenth Virgo

Virgo is considered to be in the constellation of earth. It is easy to be carried away by emotions, but they have excellent self-control. They always press their emotions first, and take the overall situation as the first priority. Even if it is difficult to accept it, they cannot accept it. Becoming the next wrong Virgo himself is always challenging with self-spirit. His life is almost in pursuit of perfection!


If you say that someone will always face things rationally, of course, Aquarius will also be one of the famous on the list. You rarely see Aquarius handle things with emotions, not that they are indifferent, but that he can Looking at things with a more thorough attitude, it will not be like some constellations, and it will hurt and hurt yourself, and it is probably the same. Aquarius is always easy to become a master of guidance.

Eighth Sagittarius

Sagittarius' mood can also be said to change, but sometimes you do n’t insist on it, others follow you as soon as you drink it. Your personality is quite optimistic, and it will absorb almost all the unpleasant emotions by itself, and you do n’t want to let others Seeing your madness, you would rather live a life of nerves, rather than thinking about things all day long, looking for some troublesome things to noisy yourself, be happy and selfish, all happy!

Seventh place Leo

Coming to the seventh place, it is considered to be a sign with less obvious emotions. However, Leo is not a constellation with no personality. In many places, they have not changed much, but the temper is still difficult for many people to accept, but you Unlike ordinary people, when you encounter something, you will only be able to swallow your voice and flinch. Instead, you will create your own personality and dare to fight for yourself. This is the power that makes you particularly easy to glow than others.

Sixth place Aries

It ’s better to say that you ’re emotional. Aries cares about face issues. Once frustrated, they are always prone to anger. Failure is more painful than anything else. It ’s your own high demands. You always want to Do everything, but things are not satisfactory, and loss is a must-have phenomenon. It is recommended that you relax a little and take your time to look at it. Failure is not shameful. It just depends on whether you are willing to relax the standard.

Fifth place Libra

You can hardly see Libra's madness, and there are very few acts of improper derailment or any terrible hurting action. However, do n’t think that he has no personality. The outside and the inside are the best portrayal of Libra. He does n’t like to bump into other people. The most harmonious and balanced relationship is the most beautiful. They are not difficult to talk to, but you do n’t want to trample on him As a rule, an out-of-balance scale is difficult to parry.

Fourth place Scorpio

You like to enjoy your own quiet space. You hate someone intruding into your world somehow. You always draw a rule. You are required to follow your rules. Do n’t step into your area easily. Because you are afraid of being changed and you are seen through everything. You are eager to keep yourselves. You are not inaccessible, but you need to be respected. Once someone does n’t know how to break your protection wall, you will fight against him regardless of everything. It's no wonder that you will be so angry before the stipulation comes first and after the breach of contract.

Third place Gemini

Geminis, as their name implies, hide two souls under one mask, with innocence as cute as angels, or as terrifying as evil demons. However, because of this ever-changing nature, you have created such a unique and charming character. Everyone will unconsciously want to be close to you and be close to you. It can be lovable and affectionate, but can also be like a spoiled kitten. Love irritates you again!

Second place Pisces

If it is said that the emotions of Cancer are caused by the influence of others, the emotions of Pisces will be caused by the changes in the surrounding environment (or people or things). They have a poet's romantic temperament. Any small things can trigger their feelings. Tears are their best vent, and people will never know if they are made of water, but too much is too much. None of them should be, you may wish to turn your mood into text and fully show your creation!

First place Cancer

Cancer is sensitive and gentle. Emotions are always easily affected by the wind and grass of others. Although it does not occur immediately, under the seemingly restrained and shy appearance, it needs a lot of security to guard it, and lack of it will be hysterical. Hurt yourself and think about it carefully. Some things are not as scary as you think. As long as you are willing to face them bravely, the problem will no longer be a problem, but the best motivation to promote your growth!

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