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Thousands of delicious pasta dishes, I wonder if it's your love

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There are tens of thousands of foods developed on this land by human beings. Not only that, but also created different styles of eating. Not only does it look good, it is also delicious. The weather in the north is more dry and easier to grow. Cold-tolerant plants, such as corn and wheat, are the most common. Wheat and corn milled flour can make delicious food.

As the saying goes, slow work takes care of work. But the noodles can be regarded as an exception, it is a "quick", it is delicious and tempting at the same time, which is also its beauty. Today, I will recommend a few delicious hand-made noodles. After making them, you can pair them with clear soup, cold dishes, or carbonated drinks according to your preferences. It is very refreshing.

1.Scallion noodles

A large onion, vermicelli, rice bowl with oil, rice bowl with soy sauce, 3 tablespoons sugar


Heat the pan, pour in oil, turn on low heat, pour onion slowly and fry, fry for 20 minutes patiently, until the onion is dry.

After frying, pour in soy sauce and sugar directly, cook for another minute, and cook just fine. Turn off the heat.

After frying the shallot oil, cook the noodles. When cooking the noodles, put two spoonfuls of shallot oil and shallots in the cooking bowl.

After the noodles are boiled, remove them and put them in the basin, and mix well quickly.

2. Mayonnaise with noodles

The top secret of this noodle is: the scene of slicing the egg, pouring out the egg liquid, and pouring into the noodles. After that, mix the noodles with hemp sauce and egg liquid, and then add a few chives. The aromas of hemp sauce and egg yolk are wonderfully and closely matched. The chives have a refreshing texture to eliminate the slight greasiness of hemp sauce ...


Wet noodles 2, two, hemp sauce, one egg, green onion


Take out an appropriate amount of hemp sauce and mix with sesame oil and plain water. (Don't make it too thick, otherwise it won't work well)

In the prepared hemp sauce, add salt and soy sauce according to your taste, mix well and set aside.

Wash two chives and cut them into scallions.

Pour enough water for cooking noodles into the pot, and drop two drops of cooking oil in the water to prevent the noodles from sticking to each other during cooking.

Depending on the thickness of the noodles, the cooking time will be different. Add a small amount of cold water to continue cooking after opening the pan. When the noodles are large, taste them at any time, if there is no hard core.

Drain the cooked noodles and pour them out. Drop some sesame oil and mix well to prevent sticking.

Boil a boiled egg. Be careful not to cook it, but be careful (boil for about 2 minutes). Place on the noodles, add the prepared hemp sauce and chopped spring onion. Cut the eggs before eating, the egg liquid flows out, mix well with hemp sauce and noodles, and it is ready.

3. Fried noodles

The Beijing-style fried sauce noodle sauce has a strong flavor and is not at all ambiguous. The shredded cucumber makes it taste more refreshing.


Noodles, pork belly, cucumbers, star anise, peppercorns, onions, ginger, dried yellow sauce, rock sugar, bean sprouts, celery


After the oil in the pot is hot, add the star anise, peppercorns, green onions, and ginger to fry the scent.

Add pork belly and stir-fry until oily.

Dried yellow sauce will be diluted with an appropriate amount of water, poured into diced meat, stir fry evenly. Add the right amount of water to the diced meat. Cook over low heat and avoid sticking to the pan. Stir evenly in one direction after a while.

After boiling for an hour, add an appropriate amount of rock sugar, cook until the rock sugar melts, and the sauce is thick.

Bean sprouts are cooked in water, celery is cooked in water and diced, and cucumber is shredded.

After the noodles are cooked, put them in cold water, set a variety of dishes, and add the fried sauce and mix well.


This churros can be said to be essential for our northerners for breakfast. The churros with soy milk are a beautiful match.


300g of flour, 6g of table salt, 3g of yeast powder, cooking oil.

Pour 6g of common salt into 300g of flour and add 3g of yeast powder.

Prepare an appropriate amount of warm water, stir the flour while pouring, not too much water, stir until the flour becomes floc, knead the flour into a smooth dough, and cover the film to awake twice as large.

Sprinkle some dry flour on the chopping board to prevent sticking your hands. Put the dough that is twice as large as you put it on the chopping board. Here, you don't need to knead the air to directly flatten the dough by hand.

Cut the dough into a square shape, then cut it in half and stack them together.

Press down on the dough with chopsticks, and then, the fritters are just fine!

Put oil in the pan, and fry the fried dough sticks in the pan at about 60% oil temperature.

Hot fried dough stick embryos rise instantly, and then use the chopsticks to turn them from time to time.

After the fritters are fried to golden color, they can be taken out of the pan. Do not pick them up for too long, or they will be easily blacked out if there is room for temperature.

5, grab cake


400 grams of flour, 260 milliliters of cold water, 2 teaspoons of salt, 30 milliliters of edible oil, 1 teaspoon pepper powder, 1 teaspoon powder.


Add 1 tsp of salt to the flour. The kneaded dough is very malleable.

Pour the cold water into the flour several times and stir with chopsticks, stirring into a soft dough.

Add 30 ml of cooking oil.

Finish into a soft dough and let stand for 30 minutes.

Start making pastry. Put 2 tsp of flour in the bowl, add another spoonful of salt, 1 spoon of pepper powder, 1 spoon of allspice powder. After the oil is hot, stir into the flour and mix well, so that the pastry is fine.

After the dough is awake, do not knead the dough, organize the dough into long strips, divide it into fists with large fists, take a dough, flatten it with your hands and stretch it into thin pieces, and smear it with pastry.

Fold the two sides toward the center, roll up one by one along the end, wind it into a spiral shape, flatten it by hand, set it aside, and continue to make other cakes.

All is done, and the cake blank is spread out into a round thin cake by hand. Brush the pan with oil, put in the large crust, and press the thin point with your hand. Burn until golden on both sides. Pay attention to medium and small fire slowly. The fire is easy to paste, and the taste is relatively hard.

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