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Raymond called Ban Zhizhi, is the player's arrogance or the coach's kindness? Netizens screamed at howling

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On December 20th, a dramatic scene appeared in the Shanghai game against Bayi. Bayi team captain Raymond spit fragrance to Wang Zhi's mouth after the end of the game. Suspicious swear words were spoken. Fortunately, his teammates came to grab Raymond in time and cover him. Stopped Raymond's mouth. Because it was a live broadcast, the specific content of Raymond's clamor for Wang Zhizheng was unclear, but it must have been noisy against Dasao. Watching the fourth quarter of the replay, Raymond's defense in the midfield was tripped to the ground by an opponent's pick-and-roll. He originally thought that he would fall to the ground in pain, but he lay down again for a while. This suspected to be a fall. There are rumors. He said that during the timeout, he said that he did not immediately go to the defense and was really noisy. We are not going into the specific reasons. First look at the situation of these two protagonists.

Wang Zhizheng

Wang Zhiquan's friends who played basketball all know that China was the first basketball player to enter the NBA. At the NBA Draft in June 1999, Wang Zhiquan was selected by the Dallas Mavericks in the seventh round in the second round. At the time, Bayi and the Chinese team were unwilling to let go, so I won't go into details here. In 2016 Wang Zhizheng officially announced his retirement. In July 2018, Wang Zhizheng officially became the head coach of Bayi Nanchang team. Until now, it has been very difficult for him to be a coach for two years.


Raymond is a 95-year-old player. He also served as the captain of the Bayi team as a forward. The captain announced on October 19, 2019. This also shows that the pair of Raymonds is focused on training. Wang Zhizheng is also optimistic about this player. Yes, it was only two months before there was a dispute with the teacher on the field. Netizens were suspected to have spoken well during the dispute, which disappointed the majority of netizens. Although Raymond sent an apology letter the night after the incident, saying that he was heading for Wang Zhizheng because he wanted to win the game too much. He had a dispute with his teammates and sent an apology letter the next day to apologize again. But things have happened. As a player who has joined the team for 15 years, there should be no such irrational move.

Besides, the current situation of Bayi, as of December 20, 13 consecutive defeats, only won one of 19 games, as the head coach Wang Zhihuan I believe the team is also very difficult, such a record is not good. As a player, I believe that I also want to win the next victory to prove myself. Friends who have experienced the game should have a deep understanding. The only thing you want to do on the court is to win, no matter where you are in the team. Regarding the current situation, the outside world also has various voices. Some say that Wang Zhizheng is too kind, some say that the management of the team is problematic, and some say that the Bayi players are not good. In fact, I felt a little sighed when I heard these voices. After all, I had been watching CBA before, and also witnessed the strength of Bayi at that time.

Finally, to sum up, no matter whether Wang Zhizheng is now too kind to the players or not to respect him, or he needs to change the management method, the old saying is that kindness does not lead soldiers, righteousness does not support wealth, goodness is not official, and love is not justified. See Seeing Du Feng's guidance, he "scolds" the players every day and gives the grandma time to get better and better. As a player, I think it ’s important to win on the court, hard work, respect for teachers, and managing one ’s emotions is also important. Having time to be young cannot be an excuse for us to make mistakes. Everyone is young and wrong. Admit your mistakes and play your own style in the back to let the audience see their own strength. This is the most important thing. In fact, when I talked to my friends about this topic, I couldn't help but think of a sentence: a clever woman can't cook without rice. The Bayi team has no foreign aid. In contrast, the other teams ranked first are those with foreign aid. The key is that foreign aid is the main scorer, and even the unlimited shooting right. A score of 40 or more points is a normal thing. There is no local player who can stand alone in Bayi.

Although foreign aid has become the main scoring point and the key factor for the victory and defeat of most teams, the opening of our CBA is also to improve the overall strength of the national basketball team. I believe that under the leadership of Chairman Yao, the development of Chinese basketball will increase. For the better, this year's CBA believes that everyone also has intuitive feelings. The excitement of the game, all kinds of dunks, all kinds of lore, etc. let us applaud.

There is another question that I have not been able to understand: why has the Bayi team not introduced foreign aid?

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