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Revisiting Knowing No Knowing: The happiest marriage is not Ming Lan, but her ...

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How can there be no grievances in this world?

Text: Arbor 01.

In the TV series "Do You Know?" Sheng has four sisters. The eldest sister, Sheng Hualan, is noble and elegant. She was raised under the old lady's lap at an early age. As the first niece of her parents, she was naturally loved.

Sheng Rulan was born to the eldest son in the main room of the Sheng family. Although she was a niece, because her father paid more attention to Lin Xiaonang's daughter Mo Lan, Ru Lan was basically ignored.

However, she developed her personality, innocent and cute, simple and straightforward, coquettish and willful. She is one of the four sisters in Sheng Family who lives the most heartless and heartless.

Compared with Moran's careful consideration to please his father, Minglan should be careful and live carefully, such as Lan's one of the most comfortable life.

In the family of the elder sister Hualan, because the mother did not wish to give birth, she was frequently bullied by her mother-in-law. This made the old lady very distressed. Rulan was in such ears and knew that the wealthy marriage was not happy. She was even more eager to get a carefree ordinary marriage. 02.

Ru Lan once felt that her sister Hua Lan married a good husband, but met an evil mother-in-law. Even after Hua Lan gave birth, her life was unsatisfactory, because her mother-in-law always blocked her.

Exhausted Moran, married to the Liang family as a wish, and became a wife of the main room, but finally got pregnant, but then again an accident. In particular, her husband knew that after Moran had used all means to marry him, it became more and more disgusting to see Moran, and he successively accepted several babies.

In the eyes of outsiders, Ru Lan sisters are married well, but their marriage is not happy and stable.


Ming Lan and the second uncle, although agreeing with each other, also suffered a lot. Mother-in-law is always playing tricks, especially for difficult Ming Lan, and even with Aunt Kang, let Ming Lan after marriage, life goes through twists and turns.

Ru Lan first admired the little grandfather, but the little grandfather liked Ming Lan, because the little grandfather's mother made a stalk from it, and the little grandfather did not marry the Sheng's daughter.

The tragedy of the marriage of several sisters, however, allowed her to see through it early. The truth of the marriage of the wealthy family, knew early on what kind of man he would marry in the future.

Ru Lan had no interest in his mother's favorite giants and men. Seeing the misfortunes of the luxuriant marriage, she would rather marry someone lower than her father's official rank. Her mother laughed at her for not being prosperous, and not giving herself up and fighting. If Lan said that her mother's family was mighty, she could walk side by side with her in-laws and no longer be bullied like her sister.

Her love began when she met Wen Yanjing. Wen Yanjing was born in Hanmen, but he was very motivated and talented. He is a pure scholar, and was judged as upright by Master Sheng and Sheng Changbai. Ru Lan doesn't love vanity, she only asks the other party to be sincere and loving in her relationship.

Ru Lan was married to love. After the marriage, the two moved to Quanzhou and left the troubled troubles of the grand gate compound. They lived happily.

It is not Minglan who is happier than everything that happened after going to Minglan and getting married, but Rulan. Because she never forgets, there must be an echo. The days after her marriage were the most calm, calm and comfortable, even Ming Lan couldn't compare.

I still remember that during her marriage with Wen Yanjing, when the dust settled, Ming Lan was afraid that Ru Lan, who had a low marriage, would be grossly wronged by Wen Yanjing's mother.

Ru Lan said transparently: How can there be no grievances in this world? Although Ru Lan had friction with her mother-in-law after marriage, Wen Yanjing knew how to mediate, and did not let Ru Lan be wronged. The relationship between mother-in-law and mother-in-law was harmonious. Ru Lan's marriage became the happiest of the four sisters.

Wen Yanjing's mother once gave him two small crickets. Ru Lan didn't quarrel and was too entangled, but cried in the rain. This trick made Wen Yanjing feel distressed to Ru Lan. I've never been satisfied in my life.

They all say, "Stupid people have stupid blessings." It is probably a life like Ru Lan.

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