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Marketer's must-have lesson-Haha Loan to use the peace of mind loan master Li Lamei Haier e-wallet website Haifeng white text play away Zeng Rong Haixia tree Pirate King Lufei vs Hodi Pirate Witness History Pirate Han Zheyi Poet Han Zheyi Han Zheng Han Ji Eun Hairstyle

Marketer's must-have lesson-Haha Loan to use the peace of mind loan master Li Lamei Haier e-wallet website Haifeng white text play away Zeng Rong Haixia tree Pirate King Lufei vs Hodi Pirate Witness History Pirate Han Zheyi Poet Han Zheyi Han Zheng Han Ji Eun Hairstyle

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Essential lesson time marketing person's must-class marketing people: 2016-11-13 08:54 Source: Internet Author: How marketing outlets hit: Loading ... ha ha mortgage loans at ease to use Master Li Hai Deng bloom Haier Electronics Wallet Haifeng's White Letter Play Let Zeng Rong Haixia Tree One Piece Lufei vs Hodi One Piece Witness History One Piece Bard Han Zheyi Han Zheng Han Zhien Hairstyle

Some people think that as long as there are enough people who know my brand, everything is enough. But it's not enough: popularity is not everything. This is a matter of personality. The identity of each consumer is matched with the products they buy, just like the local tyrant wears a gold chain, the literary youth wears a floral skirt, I went to the counter, and I did n’t have to speak to indicate that I am with these tall brands Are echoing. The brand has a distinctive personality, and consumers have a like-minded identity, and will naturally take the initiative to show their relevance and show their hobbies and tastes. Contemporary people are reluctant to speak together directly, but tend to symbolize themselves with substantive items and label themselves, which is conducive to finding a large group or letting the large group find themselves. 3. Give the brand a proper positioning Perhaps you have invested a lot of advertising in the product cycle, thinking that the audience has put you in their minds, so the rest is reasonable. In fact, if you don't think about it, think of the southern black sesame paste. The brand that has come from the last century still has his ads regularly broadcast on traditional media today. When an old brand can only say "I want people to grow up eating our brand," it means that the brand is about to see you again. If the brand has not disappeared from the eyes of everyone, there will be no such drama as "thinking about the year". Pocket Push ’s understanding of the target user ’s psychology is still in the stage of observation and summary. Nothing can go wrong in each link to get real useful information, so that the target user can better understand us and reach better cooperation. According to the survey report of GroupM Think Tank, according to the information active and passive pursuit index, mobile internet index, word-of-mouth recommendation index, advertising bombing index and advertising attitude index, consumers are divided into nine categories-each of these groups also has the same or Different labels are difficult to adjust, but marketing needs to fully understand the needs of the public. Only one person wants the product. No matter how fine you make it, you can die in three days without a market. Therefore, the sample base must be large enough, and the user's psychological dynamics must be thoroughly understood. Not only predict what they need, but also consciously and creatively show the new trends and new trends in the new era, and let consumers follow the trends you create. This is the essence of marketing activities.

When laymen look at marketing, they think it is just a process of selling things. Understand what our consumers need, what they want now and in the future, if a little bit of prediction here is in the right direction, or if we provide consumers with a more convenient and faster lifestyle, any aspect can be. After ten years, you may become the next Jack Ma. Many times, your product doesn't mean it can be sold. Maybe you think that as long as the product has "hard power", it can definitely gain a place by word of mouth. So your goal is to let consumers subconsciously identify with your product, and "feel" that your product is good, or that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, and they are likely to pay for you. What all marketers are struggling with is the word "feel" implanted in the minds of consumers by their brands. But even a strong marketer cannot endorse a rotten product. A bad product can use a powerful marketing solution to obtain the most initial attention. After the problem is exposed, the strong attention leads to reverse marketing. Once the image is damaged, it will be difficult to restore any crisis public relations. This requires the attention of traditional advertisers. In the Internet era, consumers only stare at mobile phones every day, but you still miss the mountains and rivers that were laid down by TV ads; you are already shopping on the Internet, but you only know to strive for a good gold store location along the street or negotiate a supermarket, It seems that e-commerce has nothing to do with you in this life; everyone is using mobile payment, and your store insists that you can only use cash or credit card. In this way, you look rustic and stubborn in front of consumers. Because consumers have entered the era when they only need to bring mobile phones. 2. Keep up with the pace of consumers (Welcome to the official website: Learn more) The personality of the brand is formed over the years. Everything you do affects the experience that brands create in the minds of consumers, from naming, font design, packaging (or storefront) design, advertising, spokespersons, copywriting, graphic content, and even the appearance of a store staff ... … Are forming consumer judgments about the brand's personality and how much he likes the brand. More often, the formation of brand personality is a consumer's perceptual judgment, rather than a purely functional thinking. After all, this is still a psychological battle.

In the era of information explosion, consumers have to accept different information from all directions every day. If you do n’t show up for a day, consumers will have no time to think about you. With so many new tricks, you can lie in bed for a day with a mobile phone. , Will be shot dead on the beach. No one mentions you, it's hard to see where you are, it's a matter of time to be forgotten. 1. Do n’t disappear for more than half a year (0) 0% Step on (0) 0% Fei vs Hodi One Piece's Witness History One Piece's Bard Poet Han Zheyi Han Zheng Han Zhien Hairstyles Previous: Jubilee Liufu: Shop + E-commerce has become the mainstream of the jewelry industry Next: Golden Autumn October of bamboo wine, Huayao bamboo Liquor Franchise Store Qi Ying Opens Collection Collection Picks Recommended Printing Related Articles: Is Boost Box Marketing Planning Useful? It turned out to be the best planning team in 2020, Zunyi's corporate event planning quotation, Kaili Planning Event Co., Ltd., a pioneer and practitioner in China's brand integrated marketing planning field, Tianjin public welfare event planning company, Tianjin corporate brochure design plan, and Putuo District enterprise network promotion. Outsourcing precision planning online promotion platform Central Asia International Travel | Increasing the competitiveness of the industry Corporate event planning, Baiping education classic case entrepreneurship do not understand marketing planning? Bingduoduo brand fully escorts you! Good event planning can strengthen brand strength, "Queen Legend "Business case, corporate pavilion planning, design, creating change, list of columns, recommended articles, hot code 1 How can a company's conscience plan 2" Happy positions "are often marketing planning experiences 3 Haimeng Media is established to create Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai all-media 4 real estate WeChat marketing promotion activities planning Plan 5 reporter survey: "Internet +" on chemical station 6 Kunming Wu Binglin case involving national real estate 7 multi-faceted clients Su Daren starting from the bottom Zhihuayi.com Taobao internal coupons are pretty cheap Marketing Information Website Copyright More Quality Links Websites and Advertising Space Cooperation Please contact QQ: 288-943-2509 Large quantity can be discounted Disclaimer: Some resources on this site come from the Internet, if there is infringement, please contact us, we will Handle as soon as possible, thank you! .

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