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Information Tibet, Tibet added 669 formed villages to pass through the hardening road 2020-01-14 Spring Festival Tibet Civil Aviation increased 75 flights 2020-01-14 Tibet this year to ensure the pre-primary education gross enrollment rate of 85% 2020-01-14 Improve the information of school-age children Ensuring students to eat, live and study 2020-01-14 Lhasa's air quality rate reaches 99.7% 2020-01-14 Medog tea industry helps people increase their income: Anti-poverty tea has become a "golden leaf" 2020-01-14 Focus on 2020 Tibet Two Sessions Tibet In 2019, it is expected that tax reductions and fees will exceed 4.7 billion yuan. 424 grassroots Chinese and Tibetan medical museums in Tibet serve the people. 2020-01-14 The first unit of the largest hydropower station in Tibet is capped with concrete. The stable development of the district is in a good situation. 2020-01-14 The newly built Xicheng Railway passes through the Tibetan areas of Qinghai and Gansu provinces. 2020-01-14 Related Shandong Province and Tibet Xigaze Elementary and Secondary School Pairing Exchange Activity Successfully Ended. 2020-01-14 Tibetan Motor Driver Luo Songciren Spring Festival 2020-01-13 Tibetan girl Solang Quzhen takes Hada to the court 2020-01-13 The starting point of life in the Ice Age may be on the roof of the world

Villagers pay dividends

"As long as the new year's goods are prepared, the new year can be smooth and smooth."

Visit to Tibet Xiangtang Training Center

Newly rebuilt 43,000 kilometers of rural roads in Tibet in 5 years

The yak industry rich peasants are more illustrated. News Today Focus Xi Jinping delivered an important speech at the Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Commission for Discipline Inspection. 2020-01-14 Refuse to withdraw from the United States and threaten to freeze the account of the Iraqi central bank. National Standards Announces Winners of the Fourth "Tibetan in My Eyes" Collection of Original Works of the Website 2019-11-19 The Seventh Beijing International Conference on Tibetan Studies (First Round) 2019-11-08 The Legend of King Saal> Daquan is released to reproduce the charm of Chinese traditional culture

"Going Global" Visit Activities of China Tibetan Cultural Exchange Group

The 4th "Tibet in My Eyes" Competition

"Going Global" Tibet Delegation Visits

Hyun China · Foreign Students in Western China

"Read Poems With You" Poetry Reading Contest

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A picture to read | More than 90% of the recent college graduates in Lhasa have been employed

Lhasa, Tibet: 100 birds gather in wetlands

Crane Dance Lhasa Valley

Nagqu, Tibet: High Protoss in Winter

Crane Dance Lhasa

Today in Lalu Wetland Encyclopedia of Encyclopedia Today: January 14, 2004 Autonomous Region leaders put forward "ten musts" on propaganda and ideological work in the region 1958 Zhang Jingwu mobilized a report in Lhasa for rectification. Encyclopedia Classification · Natural Geography · Government Society · Economy · Religion · Science, Education, Culture and Sports · Divisions of Places · Relics and Archaeology · People · History · Other Recent Entries Tibetan macaques | Tibetan macaques are a genus of macaques that are diurnal, semi-terrestrial, and social animals. Huang Musong Enters Tibet | Huang Musong is the first member of the Central Government to send Tibetans since the founding of the Republic of China. Zhacang Tea Card | Inland salt lakes in Geji County, the salt deposits are comprehensive salt deposits dominated by boron salts. "Xuan" dance | is a Tibetan traditional lyrical song and dance with rich ancient charm and grace. Origin of the Micro-Tibetan Period | Listen to Nima Tsering's Story of the Palace (1) Eagle flute, a natural sound on the snowy plateaus Free Walking Route | Lu Jian Lhasa Ring Road & Jinzhu Road Free Walking Route | Lu Jian Lhasa Beijing Road Free Walking Route | Lu Jian's Barkhor Street Peach Blossom Tour | Those Peach Blossom Sites You Didn't Know Are Applicable to Shoot All Flowers | How to shoot Gesanghua? It's another year to enjoy the flowers | See the azaleas in Lebugou | Travel around Lhasa? This article guides you √ Library | Tibetan history, people and nature, plateau folklore

Ji Qiumei of Tibet: "Dr. Yak" on the snowy plateau "My Himalayan": loneliness, greatness, feeling a different pastoral area like a bunch of snowy Gesanghua travel Li Dengjian: the heart is in Gannan | Snowland Culture · Sacred Land Brigade · Archaeology

Tsering Yangji: Write a true sympathy of the world with a compassionate heart. "China's Non-heritage of the Year" 2019 Reveals Robust's List of Tibetan Medicine: The Pearl of the Snowy Plateau After 90s, Thangka Painters Draw Tibetan "Encyclopedia" In Memory Of Kong Fansen This land will always remember him | Academic theory · People of ancient and modern

Working hard to open up a new era of Tibet's literary and art undertakings and the work of the Federation of Literary and Art Federations. A new situation has grown into a plateau in the plateau. "I want to help more compatriots out of poverty." "The most beautiful builders" left Zhejiang mark for Tibet construction. Su Tao.

"Equality, Participation and Sharing: 70 Years of Protecting the Rights and Interests of People with Disabilities in New China" White Paper A Great Leap Forward: 60 Years of Democratic Reform in Tibet Li Yan: The 14th Dalai Lama is a faithful tool of international anti-China forces, and he is a religion in trouble The biggest obstacle to politicians hindering the establishment of normal order in Tibetan Buddhism

Towards the Light——To Commemorate the 60th Anniversary of Democratic Reform in Tibet Defend Everest's “Highness” with the Temperature of Civilization The First Tibetan Memorabilia 2018 Focusing on Sichuan's Large-scale Documentary "Shambhala" and "Bookstore" series make you the best in Tibet Reading

Trans Himalayan Ecology Books

A Preliminary Study on the Consolidation and Protection of the Tibetan Document Heritage in the Yushu Region. "The Book of Divinity and Magic": The Authentication and Authorization of Tibetan Spiritual Culture. The Chinese Version of "Transition in Tibet" was published. Chinese translation of "Tibet's Changes" published

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