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Gu Silin's return to Beijing in "Crane House" was played with the emperor, which is the so-called private enemy

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Gu Silin returned to Beijing to play with the Emperor in the "Crane in the Pavilion", which is the so-called private enemy chief. The key is that the emperor wants to take over the family's military power. Even if Li Ming'an reported to Yang Sheng for his private enemies, they were all Gu's one. The party and the emperor's purpose was to prevent military power from being inherited in the Gu family, so he would also call Gu Fengen back. The key point of debunking was the word "private enemy". Li Ming'an's report was not available, but both Chen Jiusi and the prisoner's confession. If the emperor saw the private prisoner of war, why did he only think of calling Gu Fengen back, And did not think about why the Gu family wanted to release prisoners of war? Obviously these four words are the easiest to reveal.

From Gu Silin's motivation, since he decided to release the prisoner of war, this step should only be targeted precisely to the emperor and Li Ming'an. Getting Gu Fengen back is one of the things that Gu Silin must do after the release of prisoner of war, and he is likely to use it. The emperor's psychology made the emperor do this thing that hurts the emperor himself. For the emperor, the enemy's main force has been eliminated. Even if the bandits are still there, it takes time to recover. Regarding the family members in Beijing, even if the bandits return, Yang Sheng's army dare not really defeat the battle because there are two people left They are all in the capital. For the prince and the Gu family, Yang Sheng didn't dare to fail. What if the emperor hopes to use the time difference before the enemy rises again, to train other generals? Like using the Tianchang camp? Otherwise, the emperor struggled to drop Tianchangying past just to look at the Gu family is of little significance. Therefore, since Gu Silin returned to Beijing, the competition in Changzhou is still getting fiercer. No matter what, Gu Silin is trying to make a hide with Tiger.

The prince returned from the morning in the "Crane of the Crane", because he was late to ask for successors, he was fortunately not taught, and he did n’t know why he was holding his breath, and the words he said were particularly harsh. You are now a nameless person. Everyone can kill you in this embrace of the palace, and only follow me to survive; but there is a strong conflict with the action of applying medicine in the hands, which is obviously concerned, obviously distressed, and forgiving. She loves the heroine most and has always been very sane, thinking a little: What if Her Royal Highness enters the palace? Next, the Yuqian performing artist was asked, and started to look around, and stopped with the movements in his hands. Forget it, don't paint it, see through or pierce it. I just scare you, and finally put on Wenxi clothes. Medicine, then pill bottle on the table, all show the embarrassment into anger after the heart was exposed. This sentence is also a foreshadowing. His Highness really went into the palace behind, and can't come back.

The prince actually wanted others to confess to him and wanted to be sincere, but he still couldn't get it. Heroine, love me very much now why the heroine is being beaten and trampled here all the time, the line of revenge is so long! Now that I see the prince hitting the heroine, I feel very tired. For the sake of identity, one refuses to say, the other insists on asking, tossing for so long. I was relieved that the prince had let the heroine go. I thought that these two people could let go of each other quickly. As a result, one of them refused to leave, and the other stayed after a beat. This, this, this may be love.

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