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Zhejiang Shiweikang Technology Group's 2019 Annual Conference Ceremony and the Foundation Ceremony of the Oxygen Bubble Project Successfully Ended

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On December 21-22, Zhejiang Shiweikang Technology Group Co., Ltd. successfully held the grand ceremony of the 2019 National Distributors Annual Meeting and the foundation ceremony of the oxygen bubble project.

Positioned as "clean", Zhejiang Shiweikang Technology Group Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise with a complete industrial chain based on social new retail and group production and sales. It is mainly engaged in environmentally friendly products (household cleaning products, personal care products, air purification and Environmental disinfection products) research and development. The company currently has more than 40 invention patents, 7 utility model patents, and has more than 100 registered trademarks, forming an advanced manufacturing system integrating research, development and production.

Start a natural and aerobic lifestyle

On the afternoon of December 22, the foundation stone laying ceremony of Zhejiang Shiweikang Technology Group Co., Ltd.'s oxygen bubble project was successfully held in Lanxi, Zhejiang. This marked the official launch of the first Chinese oxygen cleaning project in Lanxi.

The foundation stone laying ceremony of the oxygen bubble project invited Hu Zuotao, deputy mayor of Lanxi Municipal People's Government, secretary of the Party Working Committee of Lanxi Economic Development Zone, director Zhou Tong, deputy director of Lanxi Economic Development Zone, Zhao Wanchun, and chairman of Shiweikang Group Technology Co., Ltd. Yan Jinghua, general manager Chen Jin, and general manager of Shiweikang Biomedical Materials Co., Ltd. Wu Jianping attended the groundbreaking ceremony.

As a key investment project for Lanxi in 2019, a national high-tech oxygen bubble project with a total investment of 100 million yuan is planned to be put into production by the end of 2020. At that time, it will be able to produce 100,000 tons of environmentally-friendly clean and purified materials to promote environmental friendliness. development of.

In this regard, Zhou Tong, secretary of the Party Working Committee and director of Lanxi Economic Development Zone, spoke highly of the oxygen bubble project when he faced the media, saying that the project is a return project. Once the product is brought to the market, it will get a very high Schweiker has further expanded the market through the form of new retail, and has a bright future. Therefore, Lanxi Development Zone has set up a special service class to serve this project throughout the entire life cycle.

This initiative of laying the foundation for the oxygen bubble project has not only received great attention from the Lanxi Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, but also means that a more natural, healthy and environmentally friendly aerobic lifestyle will be perfectly presented in Zhejiang.

Annual party ceremony

On December 21st, Zhejiang Schweikang Technology Group Co., Ltd. held the grand ceremony of the 2019 National Distributors Annual Meeting with the theme of "Oxygen, Blue Sky, Miles, Flying High", held in Wanfeng Aviation Town, Xinchang City, Zhejiang Province. The company's leadership team , Distributors all over the country, and all employees gathered together for a grand event.

With a long-term perspective to develop its own advantages, as a "clean" enterprise, Zhejiang Schweikang Technology Group Co., Ltd. also attaches great importance to building a healthy corporate culture. In this annual conference ceremony, the theme games are an important part of the team, The form of the torch was officially opened. Obstacle fingerboards, five-six feet, collective Trojans, and other diverse and diverse fun sports events made the event very popular at the beginning. Players on the sports field struggled to win the championship. The audience screamed and cheered. The atmosphere was exciting.

At this moment, we recognize each other. The guests who checked in at the evening party saw their avatars as part of the "Oxygen Bubble" logo through the 3D screen. This move was not only a ritual, but also meant that the group company attached great importance to each guest, Recognition and need also provide a closer relationship between the company and its employees.

Thousands of people's theatre. The live band accompanied the crowd and showed their talents. The skits, dance and other programs were wonderful, and presented a visual feast for the guests.

Looking back, full of gains. The group's achievements are inseparable from the support and dedication of each dealer. The annual excellent dealer award ceremony was held during the party. Each outstanding dealer accepted his own glory at the award ceremony, and also won the first flight experience in life.

Leap 2019 Miracle 2020

Summarize the record of hard work in 2019 and look forward to the blueprint for development in 2020. Do not forget the original intention and go hand in hand. At the annual ceremony, Yan Jinghua, chairman of Zhejiang Schweikang Technology Group Co., Ltd., expressed his outlook on the development in 2020. In the coming year, Zhejiang Schweizer Technology Group Co., Ltd. is about to start the WeChat era, breaking through the market from the three dimensions of branding, youthfulness, and urbanization, building a platform for strength, B-side empowerment, and C-side fissioning multilateral interest community, and going social New retail, see the trend clearly, lay out the future, and in the new year, we will welcome a more brilliant tomorrow together.

Compete in the industry environment, make breakthroughs in market competition, do not forget the original intention, and forge ahead, Zhejiang Schweikang Technology Group Co., Ltd. will continue to sail in 2020 to build a dream future.

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