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To pay tribute to the most beautiful civil servants ④ | Zhang Xiangbin: Participated in the village's poverty alleviation twice to return the support and trust of the villagers

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"The desire of poor villagers to get rid of poverty is my motivation to do a good job in poverty alleviation in the village." In April 2019, Zhang Xiangbin once again joined the cause of poverty alleviation and returned enthusiastically to the resident village of Longhua Village, Tielong Town, Wengyuan County, Shaoguan City. To fulfill the original intention with actual actions and return the support and trust of the villagers.

Since entering the Civil Affairs Bureau in 2010, Zhang Xiangbin has undergone many job changes. Each time, he can obey the overall situation, change his role as soon as possible, and complete his work tasks. He said, "I am a retired soldier and a party member. No matter what position I am in, I will perform my duties, actively play my role, and contribute to the cause of civil affairs."

Zhang Xiangbin, an advanced worker in the province's civil affairs system

Residents in poverty alleviation twice

Determined to lead villagers out of poverty

In 2010, Zhang Xiangbin ended his 18-year military career, transferred to the Civil Affairs Bureau, and became a civil worker.

The sharpening of the troops cultivated Zhang Xiangbin's strong sense of responsibility. In April 2016, Zhang Xiangbin responded to the call of the Party Central Committee and provinces and cities, and took the initiative to sign up for targeted poverty alleviation in the village. He started poverty alleviation in Longhua Village, Tielong Town, Wengyuan County. After staying in the village, with the strong support of the Civil Affairs Bureau, the local party committee government and the people, he deeply studied the spirit of precision poverty reduction policy documents at all levels, and vigorously promoted accurate identification, preliminary research, project planning, and social assistance. "The desire of poor villagers to get rid of poverty is my motivation to do a good job in helping the poor in the village." Zhang Xiangbin said. In that year, he was appraised as "the most beautiful cadre in village" in Wengyuan County, and won the trust and affirmation of the villagers.

At that time, seeing the gradual launch of various projects, Zhang Xiangbin was full of passion and enthusiasm, but before he could see the project landed and achieved results, his work first ushered in adjustment. In April 2017, according to the decision of the Party Group of the Civil Affairs Bureau, Zhang Xiangbin returned to the Civil Affairs Bureau and temporarily served as the person in charge of the municipal rescue management station due to his work needs. But in Zhang Xiangbin's mind, he has been concerned about the progress of various projects in Longhua Village and the situation of the villagers' poverty alleviation.

Zhang Xiangbin said, "Before I joined the army, I studied agriculture for four years in secondary technical colleges, and poverty alleviation just happened to be useful. Moreover, I was born and raised in the countryside. I hope I can do something more specific for the grass-roots rural areas. The most important thing is that I am a veteran and a party member. Standing on the front line of poverty alleviation in the village is my dream! "In March 2019, after completing the transfer of the rescue management station, Zhang Xiangbin returned To work in the village. The villagers of Longhua Village found that the new cadres in the village turned out to be "old faces" three years ago, and greeted him kindly. Zhang Xiangbin sighed, "I did not expect to stay in the village again, the folks still trust and support me as always." He was determined to return to this time to eliminate interference and overcome difficulties, and to find ways to successfully complete the poverty alleviation task and lead the folks to work together to escape poverty. Well-off.

Post changes

The original intention of serving the people has always remained the same

In the past ten years, Zhang Xiangbin's position has changed several times. But every time, he was able to obey the overall needs, not only quickly adapted to the new role, but also achieved good results.

When he first served in the office of the Civil Affairs Bureau in 2014, he quickly invested in the new working environment, carefully studied the civil affairs policy documents, took the initiative to consult the bureau leaders and the department heads, and communicated with colleagues in the business department to continuously improve the comprehensive business ability. It has laid the foundation for completing various urgent, difficult and heavy tasks.

On the basis of completing the preparation of daily manuscripts, Zhang Xiangbin also worked hard to study the regulations and format regulations for the processing of official documents of party and government agencies, relying on his knowledge and skills accumulated in the office for long-term work in the army, strengthened the transmission, help, and belt, and carefully communicated with colleagues Document writing experience, work together to improve work efficiency, play a leading role in business backbone. At the same time, use the break time to summarize and refine the successful practices in Dongguan's main business areas, and actively write experience materials and information drafts. In 2015 and 2016, he was rated as "Excellent Correspondent" and "Advanced Individual" in civil affairs propaganda by China Social News.

In April 2017, from the poverty alleviation project, he was relocated to the municipal rescue management station as the person in charge, and Zhang Xiangbin once again changed his role. During the two years of working in the station, he practiced the people-centered development concept with practical actions. Under the guidance of the Civil Affairs Bureau, we should effectively strengthen the construction of rescue station work specifications, conduct in-depth investigations and studies, analyze the business work situation, find work shortcomings, clarify the work ideas, and urge the city's rescue work to a higher level.

In order to promote family search, Zhang Xiangbin led the organization and set up a family search service group, equipped with business backbones and post social workers, and mobilized and organized in-service and external personnel to participate in family search. Regular family-finding service meetings are held every week to summarize the progress of family-finding, exchange inquiry methods, consult special cases, research and improve measures, and improve family-finding skills. In addition, it has established a mechanism for population information query, DNA collection and comparison, and face recognition and family search with the public security department, and strives to develop new methods of family search. Actively use media methods to organize family-finding staff to establish and join dozens of voluntary family-finding WeChat groups, to sort out and summarize family-finding information on online platforms, to establish collaborative relationships with "Baby Home" volunteers, "The news client's accurate orientation and regional re-posting of the updated family search information further improved the family search results. During the two years, the organization staff successfully sought relatives for 483 unassisted recipients when they entered the station.

In order to enhance the initiative of rescue management services, Zhang Xiangbin also took the lead in expanding the service scope of street rescue social worker service projects to towns and streets in the city, and established results-based and effective evaluation indicators. Guided and supported the city of Dongguan to let home love charity organizations carry out street street rescue activities, and helped about 700 street beggars in Dongguan to reunite with their loved ones for two years. The city has promoted the formation of a new model of rescue for homeless beggars in the “station to find relatives” + “street assistance” + “social participation”, and the rescue management has shown a good situation of healthy development.

Hold on to see the character at the beginning, when the storm shows rainbow. In 2019, the Dongguan Civil Affairs Bureau was rated by the Guangdong Provincial Leading Group for Poverty Alleviation and Development as “Outstanding Contribution Collective of Guangdong Province's Poverty Alleviation in 2016-2018”. "Honor". In this regard, Zhang Xiangbin said, "This is the result of everyone's joint efforts, and it is a high recognition of all the civil servants who persist in their efforts in civil affairs."

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