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The "strongest perseverance emperor" in lol's history was born, it took 9 years to get liver gold. Netizens' comments are very true

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Time has passed, and the League of Legends game has been with us for 10 years. From the beginning of the unknown to the public, we have gradually become mature and stable from a young age. I still remember the first time I played a game with my friends. In a dormitory, it was black or Internet cafes were sitting in a row. The game brought us more than decadence. After so long the version changes, the map has undergone a thorough update, the familiar equipment has been deleted, and the gameplay that once led the wave is weakened. When one by one the familiar factors become past memories, many people complain that this is no longer It is the game that I am familiar with. There is nothing wrong with updating the version, and progress can only be made by innovation. How can a self-styled game have lasting vitality?

How do you keep yourself fresh in this familiar but constantly new game? You know that few people will always be obsessed with a game, especially as we get older, we go to various jobs, even more energy and interest to play games. Everyone has a unique feeling for the game, and this feeling is sometimes even irrelevant, just love a game purely. For example, players who only play human-machine are the representatives of this unique player. What we are going to introduce today is similar to this.

Lol claims to be the strongest perseverance in history is our protagonist today. This perseverance has spent nine years and thousands of hours and finally reached the golden stage for the first time. This player has already participated in the work and played two games after work. Originally, he did not have enough time, so it is understandable that he can't get up. He also expressed his opinion that the game is a pastime for himself and is used to relax, so there is no need to ask himself so harshly, and every time he learns something new, I am also very satisfied. This attitude is indeed something you can't meet. After all, everyone's mentality is different. Some people are competitive and others are open-minded. There is no distinction between good and bad. As long as there is no negative game, it is worth encouraging. .

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