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[Correcting the "Four Winds"] The Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection notified four typical spiritual problems that violated the eight requirements of the Central Committee

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New Year's Day and the Spring Festival are approaching in 2020. In order to further consolidate the achievements of the expansion of construction style, continue to make efforts to correct the "Four Winds" and ensure that the weather is clear during the festival. The four discipline inspection and supervision agencies at all levels in the city are now violating the eight central regulations. Typical mental problems are reported below.

1. Du Wenqing, director of the Xijie Village Village Committee of Chaoge Sub-district Office of Qi County, issued subsidies in violation of regulations. During the village committee re-election in 2014, Du Wenqing arbitrarily decided to give 7 village cadres, including himself, illegal work allowances totaling 8,400 yuan. In November 2019, Du Wenqing was instructed to talk and deal with, and the seven workers who received illegal work allowances have been returned to the village collective three-funded center account.

2. The post judge of the People's Court of Qibin District, Chang Wei, accepted the parties' banquets and accepted shopping cards. In 2013, while serving as the President of the Criminal Trial Division of the People's Court of Qibin District, Chang Wei accepted two banquets by the party Zhang and received a 2000 yuan hotel consumption card; before the Spring Festival in 2014, Zhang received a 1,000 yuan supermarket shopping card. In September 2019, Chang Wei was severely warned by the party and dismissed from government affairs, and the funds in violation of discipline were collected.

3. Dai Huiming, a member of the party group and deputy director of the Heshan District Emergency Management Bureau, received gifts in violation of regulations. In April 2014, Dai Huiming, then deputy director of the Heshan District Safety Supervision Bureau, notified the management service object Jiao Mou to participate in the wedding banquet, and received a gift of 5,000 yuan. In November 2019, Dai Huiming was severely warned by the party and the funds in violation of discipline were collected.

4. Li Yongjun, former captain of the municipal vehicle management team of the Urban Construction Management Office of the Haihe Road Office of the Development Zone, and the private member of Wang Shutang, a staff member. Since 2018, Li Yongjun used the official gas card to refuel private cars for a total of 4825.97 yuan; Wang Shutang used the official gas card to refuel private cars for a total of 829.22 yuan. In July 2019, Li Yongjun was punished by administrative records and dismissed from the post of captain of the municipal vehicle management team. Wang Shutang was dealt with by exhortations, and the funds for the disciplinary violations of the two have been turned in.

The above reported cases profoundly show that the construction of work style is always on the way. The "four winds" issue cannot be ignored. The word "strict" must be persisted for a long time, and the spirit of self-revolution must be maintained. The majority of party members and cadres, especially leading cadres, must learn from their lessons, stay vigilant at all times, and truly put discipline and rules in the forefront. At the above rate, they must be stricter than self-discipline, take the lead in turning style, managing crooked wind, and establishing a new wind.

Party organizations at all levels in the city should take the construction of work style as a long-term political task, earnestly assume the political responsibility of governing the party, adhere to important time points, carefully arrange deployment, conduct pressure at all levels, and resolutely prevent the bad atmosphere from rebounding. Disciplinary inspection and supervision organs at all levels must conscientiously perform their supervisory responsibilities, innovate supervision methods and methods, conduct in-depth investigations and secret visits around key parts, key areas, and weak links, and quickly investigate and report on the "four winds" during the festival. Continuously promote the construction of action style to develop in depth, and constantly purify the festival atmosphere. (Party style, political style, and supervision room)

(Source: Qingfeng Hebi)

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