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Are Youku really better than Tencent Video Conscience?

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"Qing Yu Nian" storm has just passed, Tencent video was scolded and defeated, p's gold-pushing method is repulsive. Of course, Youku Video, a competitor, can't idle and quickly start the knife repair mode. Youku video quickly gained word-of-mouth by means of the Dongfeng of “Crane Pavilion”, and fans of “Crane Pavilion” shouted “Conscience”.

Youku Jiagen

In contrast, Youku doesn't have VIP in p and it also adds three more episodes for free, but it really can't afford the word conscience. As an annual member of Youku, I don't think it is much better than Tencent. The first is that members-only advertisements are extremely offensive. I always think that advertisements are a waste of people's time. Mr. Lu Xun said: Wasting other people's time is equal to killing money. In order to prevent people from threatening my life, I have developed the habit of opening a membership. However, I am still too naive. The exclusive advertisement is confusing, and it is tantamount to a knife tailored for you.

Watch ads popping up in "My Country and Me"

Just last weekend, Xiao Bian Zhai planned to find a few movies at home to spend this long-lost rest day, but found Youku another pit. I opened the "My Country and My Motherland" with great interest, and once again felt the glory of the motherland. I was surprised to find that an advertisement popped up slowly in the lower left corner. Could it be that the plot is related to the watch. The advertisement is also about the watch. My subconscious Looking for the close button, I found that it couldn't be closed at all. I just had to wait for it to disappear. Fortunately, it only disappeared after less than a minute. But as a Virgo, I was completely indifferent to watching the drama. I found another movie to test it. After a while, shopping ads popped up, no matter that Ali watched a movie to sell you products. Resolutely asked the customer service to understand the situation, and left contact information.

Chat screenshot

Chat screenshot

Chat screenshot

The next day, I received a call from Youku customer service. It is indeed a big company. The customer service attitude is quite polite, and I keep apologizing, saying that this is helpless. Youku ’s main income comes from advertising. Multiple sources can only add advertisements. In order to apologize for giving away three days of VIP, as an annual member, I decisively refused, not to care, but Youku is completely shirk responsibility. It is because I am advertising for your good. Without ads, you have so many movies to watch, and don't consider the feelings of our paying users at all. With a questioning attitude, I opened the Youku member promotion page and saw this passage:

Youku VIP members and You Meow VIP members automatically skip the player ’s pre-roll advertisement when watching movie and TV content. You can also manually close the player ’s pre-post content recommendation to save you time. Some film sources include but are not limited to TV series, movies, variety shows, live broadcasts, animation, sports events, etc. Due to the special requirements of the copyright owner, you may still recommend different types of advertising services to bring you a short and poor viewing experience. Please also understand.

I understand this passage (this point is only based on the literal meaning and does not add any emotional color): Youku members are free of pre-film ads, and exclusive ads can also be manually closed, but we ca n’t do anything about the ads that copyright owners require .

After reading this, I silently searched for the copyright owner of "I and My Motherland", Huaxia Film Distribution Co., Ltd. Could it be said that a movie of patriotism education is really worse than the money for selling watches?

Summary: Many people say that the Chinese have no sense of copyright, and piracy is rampant. Please ask yourself whether you have created a good consumer experience for our paying users. We paid, but the viewing experience is like watching piracy. If we are willing to Why not pay for the harassment of advertising.

ps: It's just that the sudden feeling is definitely not the navy of a certain news.

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