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Lexus fined, Passat double standard rollover, do Chinese consumers dare to have faith?

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Suddenly, the top performer was announced as a countdown, and when the habitual wayward children of the wealthy were suddenly overwhelmed, the contrast formed immediately. The instantaneous psychological drop was indeed unacceptable.

German and Japanese have always been favored in the Chinese market. Although the auto market has declined this year, it has not affected their outstanding performance. But just before the end of 2019, there were no small problems with the two benchmarking brands and models.

The top brand Passat of the B-class car market, in the C-IASI, A-pillar fracture occurred in a 25% bias collision, and only got a P (poor). In this regard, Passat is among all the vehicles participating in the crash test. the last one.

On the other hand, Lexus, whose sales and prices have risen against the trend this year, received a penalty of 87.613 million at the end of the year, mainly because it violated the Anti-Monopoly Law in car sales and was suspected of price monopoly.

One contempt for safety, one for manipulation of market prices, and two brands that are highly recognized by Chinese consumers, but it is really difficult to accept this trust as a tarpaulin in front of "not reliable".

Differentiated Chinese market

Take a look at the frontal 25% offset collision. This test was first promoted by the IIHS (American Highway Safety Insurance Association). According to research, in actual traffic accidents, 25% of biased collisions are the most likely to occur during daily high-speed driving. In the United States, the number of fatal accidents accounts for a quarter of frontal collisions, so IIHS was only in the collision. This item was added to the test.

In 2018, C-ISAI introduced the same testing process as the US IIHS. Each dimension is scored according to G (excellent), A (good), M (fair), and P (poor).

In this evaluation, Passat only got a P rating. The front part is severely deformed, the A-pillar has been broken, and vehicle tires have invaded the cockpit under the influence of external forces; the airbag has deviated from the normal head position and has touched the hard structure. Due to the serious damage to the vehicle, the safety threat factor to the driver and occupant was large, and the lowest score "P" for the project was finally obtained.

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