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Analysis of the clinical application of aconite from Wu Peiheng's clinical experience

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Wu Yunmin
("##) graduate student of Yunnan College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Kunming, Yunnan 43 #" ## "
Guan Jianci: Wu Peiheng; clinical experience; aconite; compatibility; dosage; processing
Aconite is a processed product of the aconite root of Ranunculaceae
The root is aconite. Mainly produced in Sichuan, Shaanxi, Yunnan, its Weixin, Gan, hot, toxic,
Through the Twelve Classics, the Master enters the heart and the Spleen and Kidney Classics. First seen in "Dragon's Materia Medica", Zhang of the Han Dynasty
Zhong Jing's "Treatment of Typhoid and Miscellaneous Diseases" has detailed records in compatibility, measurement and decoction. The Compendium of Materia Medica contains 262 prescriptions citing aconite.
Modern pharmacological studies have shown that the main chemical constituents of aconite are various alkaloids.
Aconitine, hypoconitine, and aconitine are the main species in China. Sichuan and Yunnan producers contain aconite
Alkali, lactone alkaloid, has strong toxicity, is not easily soluble in water, can be decomposed by heat, and heated
After hydrolysis, it can be changed into aconitine alkaloid, and its toxicity is only one thousandth of the original.
Heat, water can hydrolyze and detoxify. The following is an example of Wu Peiheng's usage of clinical license.
# Ephedra Fuzi Asarum Soup
The main prescription commonly used by Wu's comes from Zhong Jing's Treatise on Febrile Diseases.
On the basis of the two senses of yin, plus and minus changes have expanded the scope of application for the treatment of yin
Headache, sore throat, eye pain, breast crests, Danshen syndrome and multiple abscesses. Wu believes that
The body is weak, and the endowment is insufficient. Once a cold, most of them are Shaoyin syndrome, and it is easy to change from Shaoyin to coldness.
Weak, weak, apathetic, chills, body pain, cold hands and feet, or headache like splitting, unbearable,
The moss is slippery and not thirsty. Yimahuang Aconite Asarum Decoction. Aconite dosage according to age, body
Weak quality 60g to 100g. Wen Fuyang Qi was turned over to the head, and ephedra and Asarum were added to relieve cold and evil.
In the sun, it changes from the bladder.
For the treatment of sore throat, general sore throat, non-thirsty drink, white fur, or both
See chills and fever, this is due to Shaoyin Deficiency, stagnation of meridians, ephedra aconite
Asarum soup is treated with ginger, cinnamon and bellflower. If misuse of bitter cold heat medicine causes evil
When the cold water is forced to rise, the virtual fire rises, and the danger symptoms of Shaoyin sore throat often appear. Although the throat is red
Swollen and swollen, but not thirsty, white tongue coating, thin and tight pulse, add large dose of Sini Decoction
Cinnamon Fuyang dispels cold and induces Yang to return.
It is used for redness, swelling and pain in the eyes.
The moss is white and slippery, does not drink thirsty, and the pulse is sinking. It usually starts from exogenous wind and cold, the meridians are blocked, and the stagnation is not
Tong, using flavored ephedra fuzi Xixin decoction to release Wentong meridian, wind and cold solution, eye pain is
! Bai Tong Soup
It is used for palate, mumps, swelling and pain, but pale and pale,
The veins are thin and weak, the tongue is blue, and the moss is white.
Blood gas is consumed, Zhengxu is weak and anti-evil goes out.
Swelling, loosening, 150g in tablets, 15g in dried ginger, 10g in chuanxiong, 15g in angelica, Chinese bellflower
10g, soap thorn 9g, red chrysanthemum 10g, 6g of grass, 6g of asarum, 12g of atractylodes, 3 stalks of white onion. Another
Nasal congestion, due to wind and cold, seeing dizziness and clearing nose, not thirsty, use this prescription and ephedra attached
Zi Xixin Decoction has a significant effect on warming and dispersing cold through Tongyang.
) Qianyang Fengsui Dan
It is used for toothache with virtual head, which is caused by feeling cold, or taking cooling agent by mistake.
Forehead, continuous endless, swollen gums, floating tooth roots, pulse count, red tongue tip, thin white and moist fur.
This is caused by the fact that the cold evil persists, stagnates the meridians, Li Yang is injured, the phase fire is not submerged, and the virtual sun rises. Therefore
Xuansan meridian condense cold, ignite the fire and return to the source, Nayang return to the kidney to cure it, Fangzhong attached tablets 5g, turtle turtle plate 9g, Shang
Cinnamon 9g, Amomum villosum 9g, Asarum 5g, Cork 9g, Paeonia lactiflora 9g, Apiaceae 6g, Artillery Black Ginger 12g, Licorice 9g.
It is used for bleeding gums, mainly due to the rising of the virtual sun, the loss of yin and blood, and the overflow of the veins.
See also atrophy of gingival flesh, loose teeth, weak pulses, pale tongue, white fur, and not thirsty. square
Zhongfuzi and cinnamon warm up the Jiao Mingmen real fire, helping Shaohuo to get angry, and Amomum to the kidney,
Turtle board, cork converge Yin Qianyang, black ginger, licorice to warm the spleen in the middle, and the roots of each other, and can
Quoting blood to the classics, Wu used it, so repeated treatment repeated effects.
* Sini Soup
The Sini Decoction is derived from "Treatise on Febrile Diseases" and is named after its treatment of cold limbs. Aconite Daxin
Hot and warm yang, dispelling cold evil as the main medicine, supplemented by dry ginger and warming the cold, helping
Aconite strengthens the power of returning to the sun, supplementing it with licorice and sweeteners to nourish the yang qi, achieving a total of returning to the sun
Work. "Su asked. "True Truth" "Cold indulgence in the inside, the treatment of Gan heat." Sini Soup
The main point, this is Wu's main prescription for yang-yin-cold-cold syndrome.
Gong, which is resurrected from death, is as easy as grasping the palm. It is actually the first party who supplements the tinder. It is used properly.
Due to disease addition and subtraction, the application is infinite, and it is intended to outline outlines and can be used to treat internal medicine, such as: Yin
Salvage under syndrome, typhoid fever and yin and cold syndrome, typhoid fever and cathode-like yang syndrome, typhoid fever and yin and yin
Shenggeyang syndrome, dysmenorrhea, Yin syndrome, liver edema, chest pain, heartache, cold and stomachache, abdominal cramps
Pain, deficiency of cold stomachache, qi deficiency, constipation, abdominal cramps with dysfunction, phlegm drink, cough, phlegm, cough and qi deficiency
Constipation, asthma, exhausted throat cough, nephrotic edema, stone shower, juvenile dystrophy, cold shut, wind
Wet joint pain. Gynecology such as: amenorrhea, menstrual bleeding and bleeding from the nose and nose, the beginning of pregnancy
Leakage, premature blood collapse, postpartum blood loss, lactation, etc. Pediatrics such as: dangerous measles, typhoid in children
With intestinal bleeding danger syndrome, slow convulsions, the child was stunned. Surgery, such as: gangrene of gangrene, Dan syndrome
Abscess, pain in lower limb stasis and blood block. In summary, the clinical application of aconite
It is used for the deficiency of yang qi, the cold and cold inside, the true yang weakening, the limbs cold, the cold chill down, and the fatigue
Desire to stagnate, clear the valley, cold pain in the abdomen, light mouth and not thirsty, pale tongue and white fur, slight pulse embolism.
'' Fully grasp the dynamic changes of Fuzi's "toxicity"
Wu Peiheng's use of aconite really has great courage, and the clinical evidence has obtained good treatment.
Effective, the dosage is as small as 10g, as much as 450g (of which white attached tablets) 300g, raw salt aconite
150g), pay special attention to whether the aconite is cooked through, not cooked through, and must be cooked to the point of no numbness,
Don't eat cold after taking, avoid wind and rain. According to the "medical case" pregnant women with asthma with aconite
More than 30 doses of the main medicine, using aconite as much as 6kg, fully grasp the "poison of aconite"
"Sex" is just right in the dynamic changes of the disease. "The Case"
Pregnancy, Wu, Fu, Pinellia are all banned, in fact, it is not
Toxic, you ca n’t take it, as long as you cook the decoction to get rid of the toxicity.
Women's clothing is not hindered. The woman is pregnant. She is entangled with disease and easily hurts her fetus.
"Because the Cube used the medicine, make sure that the evil is gone."
"Nei Jing" "Women are so heavy, why is there poison? There is no reason, and there is no evil." This is
If there is evidence, use the medicine, that is, if there is a disease, the disease will be treated. Therefore, the pregnant woman has no babies, and the fetus has no babies. "
Traditional Chinese medicine believes that yang disease is easy to treat and yin disease is difficult to treat. Yin disease is not only common but also easy to fail.
And turned into danger. "Su Wen's Theory on Anger and Loss" "
Life is lost but not Yang. "Yang Qi foot can transform fluid, qi and blood. Zhang Zhongjing" Treatise on Febrile Diseases "
For the deficiency of cold syndrome, it is advisable to use "warm and boost yang qi" as the Dafa.
Aconite is the main medicine. Throughout Wu's "Medical Case", always grasping the congenital heart-kidney-yang
One major link, Yang Fu is Yin Yin, Fu Yang Qu Han, temperature should not rise, temperature is Qi and blood flow
Pass, when danger is in danger, turn danger into danger. "Materia Medica Justice" "The aconite was originally a warm year,
Its nature is good, so it is the medicine of pure yang through the twelve classics, but the skin is scalp and the skin is removed.
It ’s cold, it ’s up to the top, and it ’s warm and painful. It ’s inside and outside.
If there is a real cold, there is no cure "." Compendium of Materia Medica "Aconite, spicy temperature, fast fire
Hair, everything, so it is the first medicine of Huiyang salvation. "In short, aconite is the best in medicine.
Sacred medicine, the hot product of Xingan, the great heat, has the effect of returning to the temperature and the temperature;
It has the functions of divergence and warming up. It is used by all doctors in ancient and modern times.
It is used for chronic stubborn diseases, and it can also sink into the beard, but it must be treated according to the syndrome. Wu's cold is the general outline, or Yin syndrome, Yang deficiency, Li cold, or deficiency heat are all accurate.
It is a toxic product, and its aconitine is extremely toxic.
Law, reasonable compatibility and precautions can be applied boldly.

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