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Deeper than the sea, higher than the mountains, my love for you cannot be deeper than this

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Deeper than the sea, higher than the mountains
I can't love you any deeper than this
It's almost 6 years.
He dived into the deep sea numerous times,
In the sea of darkness,
Looking for his missing wife.
How deep of love
To be so persistent for 6 years?
On March 11, 2011,
That day is friday,
Takamatsu Yasuo, like on peace day,
Driving wife Takamatsu Yuko to work,
Immediately afterwards, she was sent to the hospital for examination.
He just reached the door of the hospital,
A magnitude 9 earthquake struck without warning,
And it lasted a full 6 minutes.
Takamatsu Yasu immediately drove back,
Learn the disaster through the radio all the way,
A son from school sent a message of safety,
The daughter was also found in a refuge,
Only his wife could not be reached.
Until 3 pm,
Kang Fu received information from his wife:
'Are you safe, I want to go home. '
Because the road was completely blocked that day,
Kang Fu can't go to the bank where his wife works.
Early the next morning, he rushed to the shelter,
Witnesses told him that everyone climbed to the top of the building,
In just a few minutes, the sea swallowed the building,
Everyone was carried away by the tsunami waves.
'The moment I heard the news,
I can hardly stand on my own,
The tsunami took more than Yuko,
And all the strength in my body. '
Next, he went through all the evacuation points nearby,
No news about his wife.
Until a month later, in the bank ruins,
Kang Fu found his wife's cell phone,
There is also an unsent text message:
'The tsunami is terrible. '
'Are you safe, I want to go home. '
Whenever I see this text message from my wife,
Kang Fu's heart was in pain.
Especially when the corpses in the bank ruins,
After being dug up one after another,
Every 'death of others',
All drilled into his chest like an electric drill,
Stir the sorrow and despair inside.
He didn't dare to imagine if the next corpse,
Is how to face his wife.
Those days, he held back grief,
With infinite hope at the same time,
Walking across land, forests, coastlines,
Carpet search for all possible locations,
But his wife can't see anybody, no dead body.
When the two met,
Yuko is only 26 years old.
I am an employee of the Seventy-seven Bank of Japan.
Yuko was beautiful and gentle at that time,
Like classical music and watercolors,
The two haven't been in contact for long,
Kang Fu fell in love with her without reservation.
Over the years, the relationship between husband and wife has been very good,
Although I occasionally stir my mouth,
But in each other ’s lives,
I do not know how much comfort and support was given.
In the process of finding a wife,
Kang Fu occasionally recalls those years,
Then he looked at the vast sea and sighed:
'Yuko, if I didn't meet you,
How boring that life should be
Where would I know in this world,
There is such a happy moment. '
Whenever flipping out his wife's cell phone,
Seeing that unsent message,
The words 'tsunami is so scary' come into view
Kang Fu can deeply understand his wife's thoughts.
'She must have wanted to go home quickly,
Seeing my daughter and me, no matter what happened,
There must have been only one such wish. '
So Kangfu vowed to find his wife.
By chance, Conff saw,
Divers of the Japanese Maritime Guard,
Looking for the missing person, he thought,
'If I do the same,
Maybe I can take Yuko home '.
So he turned to the bottom of the sea.
In 2013, he was 56 years old.
Sign up and start learning to dive.
He contacted the diving instructor:
'I'm half a year old,
Not interested in diving,
Just hoping to find my wife. '
After 3 days of training with the coach,
He got a beginner diving license.
At sea, he tried to wear a mask,
Learn to judge buoyancy, practice using ropes ...
But everything is much more difficult than imagined,
Underwater is full of unknown danger,
There are many restricted areas and fishing areas.
Due to the fluidity of seawater,
Many areas need to be searched repeatedly.
Those complex waters,
You must ask a professional guard for help.
At first, he could only dive once a month,
Every time I dive into this sad sea,
Searching on the dimly lit ocean floor,
No one could understand the pain in Kang Fu's heart.
Every dive with infinite hope,
Every time the water comes out, we are exhausted and sad.
Over time, he dived deeper and deeper,
After one year, you can dive to 80 feet (about 24 meters).
The deepest record was 85 feet (about 25.9 meters).
At this depth, he can persist for 10 minutes.
To dive deeper,
He kept reading various dive manuals,
Obtained a National Dive Certificate in 2014,
Dive into the sea to clear the rubble,
Looking for his wife.
He learned to clean up wrecks at sea,
Learned how to save a drowning person on the sea floor,
He even learned how to retrieve the remains.
Every time he dives, he prays,
Even if I can find any one,
Things related to his wife are also good.
But this tiny wish never came true,
He can only go deep into the sea again and again,
Never give up, keep looking.
Every time you enter the ocean floor,
Kang Fu seems to have entered another world,
A gray area connected to death,
There he couldn't hear the whisper of the missing person,
It also seems to be able to sense the presence of his wife,
Approach her step by step.
During the search,
Kang Fu met Cheng Tianming,
Manager of a fish processing plant.
Zhengming is 57 years old, daughter Huimei,
And Kang Fu's wife is a bank colleague.
After the tsunami passed, her daughter's whereabouts are unknown,
He decided to dive into the sea with Kang Fu,
Look for the remains of a missing relative.
His wife was very upset about this,
Worried about her husband's accidents underwater.
But Narita Masaaki told his wife:
'Before finding Hyemi's body,
I firmly believe that my daughter is still alive, and if I leave,
Please sprinkle my ashes in the sea. '
The wife understood the husband very well:
'I appreciate my husband,
He never gave up looking for his daughter,
I know searching under the sea is difficult,
But with a little clue,
It's all hope for us.
She is my only child,
This year should be 31 years old.
Disaster is inevitable,
But Hyemi was not born,
You should sleep on the cold sea floor,
We should at least send her to a warm bed. '
She was reluctant to cancel her daughter's phone number,
This is her last connection with Hyemi,
Texting her daughter every day:
'I'm sorry, mom is sorry ...'
That's it, two old people,
One looking for a wife and one looking for a daughter,
The two dive into the deep sea twice a month,
As of the beginning of 2016,
Kang Fu has accumulated more than 110 dives.
New bodies are always found,
Seeing the sad look of the claiming family,
Kang Fu often cried alone in the distance.
More than once, a family member told him:
'It's good to find the remains.
But after finding the body, he still felt pain.
Before the body was found,
We have always been hopeful,
Only despair is left. '
Hope or hope,
Kang Fu doesn't want to think any more,
He just dived into the sea again and again,
It takes almost 50 minutes to go,
Not just searching for the remains, anything subtle,
Even a key, a bunch of jewelry,
He won't let go.
By now,
He and Zhengming are very clear,
People are no longer in this world,
But you have to keep thinking about what to find,
Only then can we continue to live.
'I know how difficult this is,'
Conff said, 'But this is the only thing I can do.
I have no choice but to keep looking.
I feel that when diving into the sea,
It was when I was closest to her. '
There is a French composer,
After hearing Takamatsu's story,
Wrote a song for him "Takamatsu Yuko",
A piano solo named after his wife.
Takamatsu often comes out and listens,
Whether it's surfing the internet, exercising, sleeping,
Let this melody surround the whole body.
Someone once asked Kang Fu:
'Are you listening to this song,
I will remember the old days. '
Conff replied: 'I didn't remember the past,
Because I never forget. '
When idle,
He would flip out his wife's phone,
When I saw the phrase "I want to go home",
The body will be full of courage and strength,
In any case, take your wife home.
When telling this story,
In my mind,
Kang Fu diving has been appearing.
What a lonely figure,
A man is wrapped in boundless, dim sea water,
But because of strong love and determination,
No matter how unpredictable the danger is on the ocean floor,
Still resolutely and constantly looking.
In fact, Kang Fu is pursuing hard,
More than the body of his wife,
More as a survivor,
Must find meaning in life.
As Kangfu himself said:
'I have no choice but to continue. '
Because if you do n’t keep looking,
The meaning of life is almost desolate.
Even if you know you might not find it for a lifetime,
Knowing that finding the body would be even more desperate,
Still have to dive into the deep sea with full courage,
Find your lover, time and time again ...
Every time it goes below the surface,
Follow more than love deeper than the sea,
It is also the motivation for moving forward.
Murakami once said:
'Everyone's life,
Are looking for something extremely precious,
Even if it suffered fatal damage,
Also try to find, otherwise,
The meaning of life no longer exists. '
Everyone, in the face of fickle life,
Have to have a posture like Kang Fu,
There is no choice but to keep searching.
On the way to search, go forward with love,
Achieve courage, strength and determination.
This is the best way to fight despair.

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