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Changsha super hidden taste restaurant knows that more than half of them are ashes

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It's a meal anyway, why not let your mouth try these restaurants that are hidden in the city or do n’t have to wait long but are delicious? Small tricks told each other, knowing that more than half of the ashes are eating food, kneeling! ORZ
Nanlan Private Restaurant This is also a small and famous private restaurant spread by word of mouth. Recommended dishes: Abalone Roasted Chicken, Braised Yellow Duck, Stir-fried Fatty Sausage, Stewed Braised Beef. Abalone Roasted Chicken, almost all patrons will order one, the sauce is delicious, and the nutritional value is high. The yellow duck is cooked with teriyaki, which is full of flesh, tight meat, but very delicious.
Address: Nanzhujiayuan Residential District, Tianxin District (300 meters in the distance from BBK Supermarket Shuyuan South Road)
Phone: 1380841841
Arriving at the house is also a taste restaurant that you will miss if you are not careful. The menu is on the wall, but we usually ask the boss to recommend special dishes. Although the plates are not so delicate, the taste is surprisingly good. The recommendation is steamed beancurd, which is a kind of old-fashioned home-style taste, like the taste made when I was a kid. After mashing the bean curd, the soup was bibimbap. The taste was almost as good as the sizzling catfish.
Address: Just across from Jiarunduo in Labor Square (next to Mengjie Home Textiles), enter a small humble building on the second floor
Summer solstice garden Xiaoxiangcai Shaoshan South Road Carrefour Supermarket, a narrow alley, walk to the middle of the alley and turn right, only a corner of the courtyard and a row of fences are exposed. The courtyard is full of greenery, and there are three or five tables and chairs. Coffee bar, I did not know it turned out to be a delicate private Xiangxiang restaurant. Many local media have recommended it. Recommended dishes include: inspired fish head, fried egg with minced leek minced meat, instant yellow beef, and sauerkraut fried dumplings. You can eat it at 40 yuan per person. In addition, there is also a homemade bayberry wine in the store.
Address: Next to the Carrefour parking lot at Xiangsong International, Shaoshan South Road
Phone: 89705303
芣 苡 堂 私房菜 馆 芣 苡 (fú yǐ also as 芣 苢) is the plantain. I do n’t know why the owner has such a lonely shop name, and it is hidden in hard to find places. There are recommended dishes: the secret pork leg, the meat is stewed very soft, soft and delicious; raw fried beef, marinated after the oil is hot Add the beef piece by piece, and eat it when the meat is cooked. The beef is tender and delicious.
Address: Building A13, Six Pieces, Juyuan District, No. 89 Juyuan Road
Phone: 0731-88293363 18273171983
The best private dining room where the savory chef Shouji is going to eat, the place is very hard to find. Go on the South Station Road towards Chengnan Road, and get to Guihua Village Primary School. In addition to the signature "Ginger Spicy Snake" and "Ginger Spicy Phoenix Claws" and the "La-flavored Series" made in autumn, many home-made stir-fried dishes are very delicious. City owners like their fish tails. Chili and spring onion are fragrant.
Address: Room 101, Unit 1, Building 26, Guihua Second Village, South Station Road
Phone: 13878210207
Qiaoyu has opened a small restaurant for more than ten years. The boss is in charge and the boss is in charge of money. There are three magical tricks: braised beef with preserved eggs, braised pork with oil and tofu, and stinky catfish in a hot pot. The stink catfish is not marinated quickly with stinky tofu, but is naturally fermented and smells stinky and fragrant. In addition, the secret dish of oil-poached chicken has been shown on TV. If you want to eat it, you must book it in advance with the boss.
Address: Opposite to Huameiou Parking Lot, No. 117 Jiicaiyuan Road (near Wuyi Avenue), Furong District
Phone: 0731-84455922
Xixi Restaurant came here for the first time. The waiter guarded a card-type telephone that had not been seen for many years. The dishes here are well done. The owner told everyone in black and white that "the hot pot is a must, and the frying pan with fried beef is two." Next to it is the more famous Xiaoli-flavored chicken, which has the same taste as Changsha.
Address: No. 282, Jiefang Middle Road, Furong District (opposite to Yingang)
Phone: 0731-84443374
The Brave Zichuan Restaurant is located in the courtyard of the Coal Bureau. The name is Sichuan Restaurant, and actually Hunan cuisine is also made. The brave Sichuan cuisine is quite authentic, and the chef is a Sichuanese. Stir-fried hare, Sichuan-flavored tripe, Mapo tofu are the signatures. It is said that Mapo Tofu is not the important basis for evaluating the integrity of a Sichuan restaurant, so brave is a qualified Sichuan restaurant!
Address: Xinjun Road, Yuanjialing Commercial District, Furong District
Phone: 13786195911
Hui Fat has no obvious storefront in their house, it is on the first floor of a residential building. Just walk in from Nanyuan Community next to Xiaoxiang Morning Post. Special dishes include fried yellow leek with yellow leek (I'm sorry to go at night), yellow duck bark, meat fried meat, stewed burdock with radish and taro (it looks like the broth is full of appetite and it is really rich and mellow.) Wait. About 40-50 per capita. The above comes from a reporter from the Morning Post.
Address: Nanyuan District, Shaoshan South Road, the first floor of the residential building behind Nanyuan Building
Luge Hotel and the famous Juanjuan Restaurant and the world's tourists are also known as the "Three Treasures of the Triangle Garden". It has no environment, heavy taste, and small store. It is easy to go over in a wide alley. The price is close to the people, and the taste is good. Every dish is served with rice, fried egg with minced meat, fried squid with shredded pork, white pepper and potato puree, fried beef belly with pickled radish, stuffed enoki mushrooms, plum and green pepper button meat, and tofu brain soup. Recommended dishes.
Address: 10 meters left in the alley of the old world next to the triangle garden of Zhongshan Pavilion
Phone: 18974977025
Baoqing Noodle Shop said that Shaoyang's noodles are delicious. Friends of this Baoqing Noodle Shop said that Shaoyang's noodles were authentic, with red oil and sour soup as the base, covered with fat sausage, shredded pork and other shredded pork. Be sure to add some dried tofu. The round noodles are thick and tenacious. So much content makes a bowl of noodles eat a "3D three-dimensional effect".
Doliang Hotel has opened the "Chuanwei Restaurant" Doliang Hotel for eighteen years. It is by no means authentic and pretentious, but what a treat! The hot pot chicken is crispy and delicious. Eat the chicken first and then eat the potatoes below. The poached meat slices are also very good, and the spicy chili oil saliva can't stop. This small shop has a good reputation and reasonable prices. Take the bus and get off at the Tang Family House! Go uphill about fifty meters away! !!
Address: Near 74 Jingwan Road
Phone: (0731) 85595384
Every dish at Guosheng Wild Caviar House is so popular that he loves his stinky salmon. Every time he goes to Meixi Lake, he must go to his home to have a tooth festival. The special dried dried flavors are also great. They are steamed out with bacon. The rich bacon is fragrant, and the catfish is so tender, it is extremely delicious.
Address: East side of overpass, Meixihu Liaison Village, West Second Ring Road, Yuelu District, Changsha
Phone: 0731-88881650
Pharaoh's family kitchen eats authentic local dishes. A jar of incense makes me dreamy. In fact, it is a very simple chicken feet stewed pig's feet, but the taste is amazing. Even the bones are so thick. Ranxiang, sucking aftertaste, even after eating, even the soup will be packed and taken back. The next morning, cook the bowl of noodles or noodles in it. It definitely beats any other restaurant in minutes. In addition, I recommend Bu Yijian, and eat. good to eat!
Address: No. 229 Tianhua Road, Changsha County, opposite to Xingsha Landscape Furong Real Estate
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