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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

If you grow old ...
Maybe only our shadow can witness the constant love in the years, all the vows, all the promises, how much true? How long waited, the vicissitudes of time have become a regret in the years. On the stalk of memory, too many dreams have been planted, and too many cruelty have been harvested. What kind of liver and bowel has been hidden by the years? Let those flying feathers that memorize the time of sleeping gently, let the hostility be like a cloud of smoke, let the passing years flow ... When did the years shatter the mountain alliance oath? Love is like life. Through the gloomy years ...
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Feel as you want and feel you
Feel as you want, as you want. Some people say that everything must be done with your own heart, but the reality does not make you happy, and always makes a lot of troubles disturb your beautiful life. Is this why we can't do whatever we want? Leave everything behind, and enjoy a holiday with your own heart. Although this wonderful time is short, because life is still going on, you must work hard. Only in this way can you be in society. Stand on your heels! Feel free to ...
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We warm each other
I gently returned to my room, where my husband was waiting for me. I sighed with satisfaction and looked at you softly to myself: Husband, it's so warm! You kiss gently between my foreheads, and the voice gently tells me that I make you feel warm. I love this petty bourgeoisie, I love this warm life, I love this romantic tone, and I love the warmth of being alone with my husband. I told my husband how I feel, you cast me a positive look. Quiet with her husband ...
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Who pales your face in the world
Who on earth has paled your face. Who paled your face, and who broke your heart, is it wind, rain, or fallen leaves? You can't go back to the old look, the thick makeup can't cover up your inner helplessness, you can't help it. I no longer think about the reason to live, only a lonely and indifferent soul wanders between the earth. If there is a future life, you are willing to be a bird, flying over mountains and rivers just to wash the souls of previous lives. After years of blowing the old look, the red candle wet the coat, the pair of migratory birds that day ...
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No one loves you more than me
No one loves you more than I do.
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Right now?
Forgive me for not having the courage to see that you have been happy forever, because I will break my heart, no, I have no heart at all, how can I break my heart. People like me have no heart at all, and I can never appreciate the pain you endure. Do you know how afraid I am of the sun? I ’m scared, I ’m really scared. The sun is leaving me like you. Many times, I will hide alone in the corner and see the sun in front of me, but I ’m afraid to reach out and grab it. It turns out that the sun does not belong to me for a moment, let alone ...
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Long silence
In fact, it is not so terrible. It is still the same as the life in the past, eating alone, going home alone, and awake in the middle of the night.
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You are not me, don't say you understand me
So, my friend, you are not me, how do you understand me? Friend, you haven't entered that door, how can you feel that you know me deeply? My friend, do you know that I stopped and flowed for a stream of water? Friends, "Everyone has a wound, deep or shallow, covered with a cloth, thinking it does not exist." Has your deep scar been forgotten by your own choice, so if you forget, I will be like you, There is a scar that is unwilling to show people, it is in my heart, but you are not me, so you ...
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Happiness is living a life with someone you love
Happiness is living a life with someone you love. When he was by your side, you did n’t know that you really loved him so much that you even thought that the love you deserved was deserved, and rarely realized his importance, sometimes With his waywardness and his temper, he sometimes feels tired and sometimes lacks passion, but when you do n’t have him by your side anymore, no one cares about you, no one cares about your illness, you suddenly find that you lose Now, the one that he has always loved the most. Not in the face of suffering ...
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Hongchen has a dream, turning is the scenery
Hongchen has a dream, and turning is the scenery. I am a cloud in the sky. In that very old age, a poet wrote such a poem and used his passion to interpret the splendor of the fireworks on earth. Such a mood created a legend. Yunshui Zenxin, feeling the wind and chanting the moon, listening to a song, amplifying the volume, wandering the ferry again, leaping forward, the red dust, the bodhi lamp, and the fingertips proclaim that the hope is always on the other end. But I know this is an illusory, carefully distinguishing between myself and him, oh, I was ...
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My valentine
After careful calculation, my husband and I have realized that it has been more than ten years, and I have never received a rose for so many years. Sometimes it is inevitable to blame her husband for being a romantic person. Quietly think about it, my husband ’s love for me is everywhere: my husband ’s love is toothpaste squeezed in the morning and well-washed face wash; just as I was immersed in my happy memories, the ringtone of my cell phone rang. It ’s the message from my husband: Wife, Valentine ’s Day is here, and I promise that I will always hold the "love you unchanged" Wei ...
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The cause and the cause of death are only for you
Oh, I'm such a big idiot, idiot, idiot. Only an idiot will believe that you will return. I should have slapped you so hard in front of your bride. I looked at you with a smile. The next moment, I slapped you slap hard and said: This slap you owe me. Second slap: This is to tell you that there is no longer any relationship between us, you don't need to worry that I will haunt you. Third slap: This is to tell you that I would be fine without you. The moment I walked out of the auditorium, I felt really good, and the slap in the face seemed to be good.
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Destiny when fate comes, bless when fate comes
That fragile soul will hold your heart by mistake, sometimes you ca n’t dominate it yourself; immerse in your tender heart, unable to choose, looking forward to your present and present life, and finally know that it is only a flash in the pan; your heart ca n’t help yourself ; Ask why the world is holding the wrong hand to play the last debt! Write this feeling with my love for you, count all your good, even those buzzers are so warm, there is too much of your state of mind, that is the adjunct of love; remember, no matter how time changes, I heart of...
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When the snow dance is red, wait for the king to return to the snow
When the snow dance is red, wait for Jun to return to the snow. Outside the window, the snow was flying, swaying in the wind full of thoughts, thinking of you, smiling a little, in the dusk where you have n’t left earlier, and I ’m not one step behind, you came from Tsing Yi and took the wind. As the snow stepped down, in the picturesque time in which the western Yangtze River lay down, they met each other, devoted themselves, and wrote a gorgeous chapter of emotion. The stranded thoughts are lost in the time of the passing years, and I am deeply in love with you, just a short distance away from the world; this life is red, and you will be at ease. Flowers bloom for ...
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If there is a future life
If there is a future life, I would like to turn it into a towering high mountain, sincere heart shelters the earth from the wind and rain, with a warm heart, waiting for the warm sunshine, when it passes here, shines on every tree, every flower, Every grass, let them have the vitality of life, let the sun's fiery mood, brilliant flowers color, flowers and plants surround me, always so peaceful, so peaceful!
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Valentine's Day without Valentine
Valentine's Day without Valentine. Without feeling, calmly repeating the traces of yesterday, opening the computer page, the words of the lover came bursting out, it seemed that the blossoming roses suddenly bloomed overnight, each one was intoxicating, and each one was tender and affectionate. The feeling is like a dandelion, the film is exciting, and the wonderful ink film is greedy. This is the Valentine's day on Valentine's Day, and the roses bring the fragrance film. I like to be busy just to wash away the emotional and emotional days, like to drink is to make myself drunk in rose color, like to condense ...
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I can't forget your smile
I can't forget your smile. But on that hot summer day, your smirk became my only coolness ... I vaguely remembered that when I was at a loss, that smirk was always my greatest motivation, and made me believe in myself, the corner of my mouth was slightly Raise up, form a beautiful radian. It seems that in my memory, there is only your smile. You say that you want to print your beautiful self into my mind. You say that we will always be good friends who will never be separated. , You said, will make the same choice as me ... in the genus ...
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Missing the Rain
Wrong, God wo n’t open a door and window for you at the same time. The road is chosen by you. Even if it ’s hard, you have to keep going. Time is so hurried. Now I look back and see , I used to make people hate, respect, and make people yearn for and pursue.
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Never forget
You don't understand my thoughts, how can you understand my sadness. Just like the sadness under my heart. Love and sorrow always coexist. I like Rao Xueman's "I Want Us Together", the heroine guards her love hard and bravely, and carefully handles the capricious male leader. The heroine's young age is so reckless about love, so brave makes me feel ashamed. In fact, the mind of the male lead is also easy to understand: I have nothing, I am downcast, my survival is still difficult, and my steps are difficult.
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Leaving today, there is no return date
Leave today without a return date. Time is speechless, counting the past little by little, faint sorrow disturbs my heart. How will I let go of the past full of love and pain? Thinking about the painful past, is it remembered or forgotten? There is a kind of love that hurts when you think, and a kind of feeling that makes you unconscious. Flowers bloom and fall, love is gone. Flowers bloom when they bloom, no matter how deep love can't stand the time to explore. That lingering past has come to an end and there are no more sequels.
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Clear words write heart, light ink
Clear words write heart, shallow ink. Over the years, between my fingers, countless lovesickness and red papers, deep smiles, fragrant fragrance, a touch of keyboard playing acacia, words like spring, Jun Ke once understood, playing horse red dust, willing to be like a heart of water Listen to the voice of miss and wish to warm the loneliness in the bustling with the love of your fingertips. The words are written in clear words and painted in shallow ink. No matter what kind of heart language is, I always think that the miss is the sound of flowers, early morning in spring, dew in summer, evening in autumn, and snowy night in winter. To ...
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Have you this winter
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Miss you
Red dust is full of charm and beauty, after all, it is a cloud of smoke. Time turns a ray of blue silk into a white spot, and the frosty white moon collects the verdant years, and the yellowed poems have the graceful figure or the warmth that they can't let go. Passionate book about the red leaf of He Lao, there is no need for Mingyue to send a ray. The reincarnation of years quietly, in the misty red dust, who hurriedly flowed, who stayed for whom? Shocked by the ripples in the sea of heart, awakened the melody of the thousand years of immortality. Write the truest heart, word by word, one ...
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Acacia on the left, waiting on the right
A heart of incense accompanies me through the golden years of the primeval dynasty; the prime years are like brocades, and you send your thoughts in the distance, warming the memories of this life with true love, the golden ages are like jade, and finally a trail of acacia quietly climbs into the eyebrows, dancing lightly sad. Weak fingertips, tapping on the keyboard, the curtain of autumn dreams, walking on the footprints of memory, walking through the red dust, not asking who is right or wrong in this life, just one sentence miss you, wait for you, miss you, love each other, If Chen Xi dreams, hope to meet, to meet eventually, love in this life, tenderness of previous lives. Thousands of Baidu, I am in the midst of the lights ...
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Love is a romantic love song
Love is a romantic love song. In the passing years, everyone will hold a person with you for a lifetime. Countless days of light and light clouds pass by alone, a encounter, doomed to a lifetime of doom. A journey through the mountains, a journey through the water, you and I who have walked through the days of red dust, know how to meet shallowly, know each other deeply, hold the hand of the child, and the meaning of the old, and the love that blends into each other ’s life is a romantic love song There are only two people in love in this world, singing together with the sound of the deepest voice in the heart!
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Miss someone
Miss someone. Missing a person is so happy and hard, and so sweet and helpless. At night with love, I ca n’t tell if I am alone or lonely, I just feel empty, but very fulfilling. A heart, a person, has long been its captive. The thoughts lingered in pain, and the tears fell silently, reflecting a makeup washed up with water, the eyelids were lowered, and I could not see how a sad person wandered alone in the middle of the night, I think Pity, holding you in your arms, is my accident ...
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Most romantic in winter
The most romantic in winter. There is a kind of inseparable lover, a kind of life and death relationship called a wife, a happy marriage is in progress, a blank marriage is boiled, a wrong marriage is a misfortune, from shallow to profound marriage life, relying on love The emotional foundation and the mutual tolerance of the two hearts resonate with the heart. Love lies in fascination, appreciation and looking up in the feeling, and the best marriage arrangement is not equal to the best marriage status. A happy marriage is responsibility plus emotion. Marriage is an eternal regret, ...
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You are in my heart
The empty world is still cold, and the age is a little deep, I am afraid that we have not had time to say love, we are in that old time, and we are losing ground .... I missed the flowering period, but I ca n’t hide an obsessed heart. Passion for the time gone, perhaps it is also an integral part of love. The thick walls of time easily separated the past from the bottom of the memory. We were persevering, waved goodbye for a period of exquisite years, and were sealed in our hearts. Inextricable ...
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When we get old
When we get old. When we are old, we are lingering. At that time, perhaps what we are most eager for is someone who can accompany you along the way, standing by your side, and never tire of listening to stories you have never told in your life. When we are old, we are no longer focusing on people, but on nature. Each cycle of life is a process of blooming and blooming. When blooming, it blooms in full bloom. When flowers are thankful, there will be a colorful place and a youth without regret.
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Sunshine lover
My soul began to peel away from the body, slowly rose, and swayed away from you, seemingly nostalgic for this mundane body, absolutely like him. The air began to clear, the river began to clarify, the sky became blue, and the world was as pure as it was when it was born. You finally succeed. Not only do you have my body, you also have my soul, and most importantly, you also have the world you want. Thank you, sunshine lover, seems to deprive me of everything, but gave me the whole world.
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Meet in the deepest red dust
Meet in the deepest red dust. Throughout the years, Jinghong covered a period of time that was not old, and his mind was folded in silence. Thank you all the way, and sing and sing, I use awkward words to write down the confidant who accompanied me. Hongchen rises and falls, and I always maintain a pure and pure heart, taste life and the depth of Hongchen with a gentle poem. Years through the seasons of thin tulle, with sweetness and crickets passing through the curtain, I just guard myself, using the fiber of cricket ...
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Encounter is a song
Encounter is a song. The flowers are in bloom, people are drunk, and the moon is full. "Every meeting is a song, eyes are the sea of spring, youth is a green river ---" listening to the song, my thoughts flutter, my thoughts ... Walking, not taking away a cloud, but always leaving unlimited hope, let us blend into the beauty of the song, to taste every bit of life, happiness and happiness, freshness and intoxication "Meeting is a song, eyes It's the sea of spring, and youth is the green river --- "Listening to the song, my thoughts fly, such as ...
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Treasure me is your best feedback
Cherish to me is your best feedback. But this does not mean that you can squander my affection for you unbridled, what you want to give back is your cherishment to me! I said, I just need your cherishment, that's the best feedback you give me. Cherish you is the most sincere feedback I give you!
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Pain in my heart
Pain in my heart. Walking alone on the road, the cold wind was blowing from his side, and his body pain was still faint. Although I said forgiveness, the sad heart can't forgive myself, and can't take everything from memory at once. With the pain brought by the heart, the distance between the heart will be further and further, and the trust again and again will also be on the long journey of life. It's colder. Laughter, cheers, the atmosphere was hot, but the heart was cold.
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long time no see
Maybe it is the deep acacia engraving that goes with you all the way, so there is every sensational loneliness about you. Carrying with your soul and going through the journey of your heart is not a person's loneliness. I am very warm with you. Thinking of your night, I walked weakly between the lines, listening to a euphemism, and listening stupidly until tears shed. Maybe my heart is not so confused anymore, and I am dazed every day towards the inexplicable loneliness, and the hurt in my heart cannot be shared with you. If missing is a disease, then I am still sick ...
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The passing years are still, the bustling is no longer
The fleeting years remain, and prosperity is no longer. Suddenly I started to be sentimental like this, and I can't seem to find any reason, but I am used to, and used to, these days, I am used to burying everything about sentiment in my heart, and I will let time bury them deeply. Can't help but start to think about the footsteps of old age, whether it always goes in such a hurry. The fragrance that blooms in the night is permeated with fragrant fragrance. After listening to the singing of the passing years, it seems that everything has never been far away. I always thought that time was ruthless, and it turned out to be prosperous and careless. ...
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[Fine] love in the bottom of my heart
Love in the heart. I think love is the communication between heart and heart. What else can a person have besides a heart? Gently asked: "Are you okay? Is everything okay? A faint word, a strong affection. Hidden the care and thoughts deeply in my heart, so that you will not see my loneliness and heart Hurt. When you are upset, let me sorrow for you, and when you are upset, let me send you happiness. Everyone has a spiritual world that others do not know, and everyone is eager to have an understanding of themselves, understand from...
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A dream, a joy, a few times
Times have changed, and the monsoon of years has long blurred the face of youth, and it has gradually lost its former chicness. Maybe it still stays in that cardamom age, in the age of wonderful ages, and still remembers the youthful face. Looking at the sad face, hidden in the lights, suddenly blurred the appearance of youth. The tree-shadow screamed, rustling, and the wind was blowing, I was like a ghost in the dark, shuttled at lightning speed in every corner of the world forgotten, with a violent sound of breaking wind, glowing with green light and shadow, No ...
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the taste of happiness
the taste of happiness. Thank you for being by my side, let me be your lover, and let me go with you. Thank you for giving a beautiful home, thank you for giving me a happy sailing, let me carry a dream, thank you for loving me and guarding me. Thank you for your perseverance towards me, and thank you for accompanying me through the lowest days of my life and for taking me to the avenue of sunshine. Because only you can give me the happiness I want, and only you are the best fate of my life. I hope everyone can find luck ...
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I wish this life and keep you for thousands of years
Grab a handful of snowflakes and throw away lonely thoughts and memories. Whose breath is quiet? From a distance overlooking the mountains, if there are scattered clouds, who knows whether it is clouds or fireworks? Will the distant scenery come closer? The crystal snowflakes grow a light past, white clouds at your fingertips, and a lonely breeze. I haven't seen you for a few days, and the memories in my heart are gradually growing, and the quietly slanging among the flowers and grass tips wets the original lost landscape. I want to take an elegant breeze, cross thousands of clouds, cross lakes and mountains, and arrive ...
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It was just a fruitless encounter
It was just a fruitless encounter. The hands kept stirring the coffee in the cup, the hot coffee, adding warmth to my winter. In the end, I am afraid that this encounter will be fruitless, heart, and nowhere to rest. Leaning alone in the night, looking sadly at the street lights on both sides, the restless minds of the past, lonely scattered in the yellow street lights, flowing over the mud slightly peeling off, and falling into the blurred street lights. After the wind, the leaves under the feet are raised, and the leaves are dancing, a yellowish dry leaf falls on the shoulder, and gently twists and fades ...
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The affection of once love has drifted with the wind
The affection of once love has drifted with the wind. Today, the wind is cold and the wind is cold, the westerly winds sparse the curtains, and the night is deep in winter. A snowflake falls between the eyebrows and looks into the distance. The past flows into the picture with the wind. There are thousands of points, the night is deep in the horizon, Xiaoyue is crippled, and the dream returns to the hometown, leaning against the fence, dim and drowsy, looking beyond the horizon, the sound is long, the raindrops break through the three, and every year , Snow and rain lingering, acacia falling cold smoke endlessly, seductive, light moon crooked, stepping on snow ...
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Love in your smile
For all ages, in the years with souls and dreams, I leaned on the fence of your heart, read your clear eyes like clear water, the flickering meaning is deep, and your tenderness is filled with the sound of smoke and rain of joy of years, In my lingering lingering, hug your dazzling eyebrows. If you can, I would like to wait in your life for the rest of my life, shake the sculls of love for you, and watch the leisurely time in the sea of microwave waves Our side flows quietly, watching my warm and dancing in your tenderness, slow ...
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You reap my dream
From then on, we stand by this sadness. I am the young hawk who fell on the cliff. Only to see the most beautiful rainbow after the storm. I am a cocoon. I spit out the softest filament in the night for you. I wear it. The mussel of the heart just grinds out the brightest pearl in the long river for you. This autumn we walked through the city, the countryside and the fields. I harvested your heart. You harvested my dream. [Text: Ah Ju // Edit: chwm1. ..
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In those years, you were my most beautiful time
In those years, you were my most beautiful time. Time has settled and the plum blossoms have washed away. I go to the left and you go to the right. Who are you, you are the most beautiful time I can't forget.
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Love can actually wait for a lifetime
"I hope you can apply for the same high school as me!" The boy was a little surprised, "Why? I don't understand." The girl was silent for a while, "Because ... because ... I like you!" The girl's face was very red, and the boy was very unwilling Sorry, "I'm not good, I'm not handsome, you should find a boy who is better than me." Actually, boys like girls very much, but he thinks he doesn't deserve girls, so he just said so. While girls are in college, boys start to work and send money to girls every month, ...
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You and me in red dust
You and me in the red dust. Go hand in hand with the person you love through the holy red carpet, picturesque and romantic, whether you think of it means that from then on you take on a responsibility to your family, your lover, and your children Trivia, you are often overwhelmed with breath. Maybe tomorrow night and evening, the prince and the stranger, neither matter nor person, there is separation in the red dust. How many laughter and tears are filled with this earthly world for decades, how much love and unchanging sincere vows, how much disappointment and ...
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I'm waiting for you
Although half of his head had been buried in the scarf, he stood still shivering in the cold. A car passed by in front of me, the door opened and closed, and the person beside me walked in and came back, but I was still standing in this noisy station. I am waiting for someone. Wait for me to calm down, people have already gone far, leaving a faint trace of heat in the air. Time has really passed like a white horse. Babies fourteen years ago are now just a set. Time, I waited and waited to pass, while sighing for you while flying away and wasting you. Time ...
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I met you in the rainy Jiangnan
I'll meet you in the rainy Jiangnan. I met you in the rainy Jiangnan, the loneliness of an oil umbrella, accompanied by the sorrow of playing bananas in the rain, strolling, in the ancient ferry without people. Qingshiqiao heard your footsteps, and I saw that in the past life reincarnation was inadvertently waiting in front of me. Count down this rainy Jiangnan. It is a dream, and it stirs the string from the heart. This Jiangnan, the storm of the city, invites me to dream. Meet you in the smoky rain of a river. The painting boat is long gone, just like Jiangnan on that day,
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Eternal love
The girl came to the new city with her parents. Soon after, the girl's parent trustee introduced the girl to a good-looking man who got married. Although her husband was busy doing business and always went out to entertain, the material life was quite abundant and the girl still forgot Ca n’t drop the boy, she often sobbed secretly, and always kept a puppet for the boy in her heart. Time has passed like a few years. Once, the girl met a neighbor in the town and asked about the situation of the boy. I heard that the boy has never been in love since the girl left.
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