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Traditional Chinese Medicine Beauty Training

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

National plant-Pueraria
The beauty of a woman who is familiar with pueraria should start with pueraria powder, because that's fine-breast enhancement! With this word, don't care what Pueraria looks like, it's not good.
In fact, the main component of pueraria is starch. In addition, it contains about 12% of flavonoids, and contains more than ten amino acids and more than ten trace elements needed by the human body. As for the health value of breast enhancement, isoflavone in Pueraria is currently a phytoestrogen that is most similar in molecular structure to the estrogen secreted by the human body. Therefore, it can be related to the surface of various body systems, organs and tissues The estrogen receptor binds and exerts effects. Compared with other drugs that regulate female endocrine, Pueraria isoflavones are unique in that they have the characteristics of preemptive binding and mild action to estrogen receptors in the body.
Estee Lauder Brightening Whitening Serum contains pueraria root extract and powerful anti-allergic enzymes. These powerful ingredients work together to effectively calm the skin and prevent excessive production of melanin.
Editor's Tip: For Gegen's internal administration, it is still better to follow the doctor's advice, which is not suitable for himself to think about. Common health and beauty products such as pueraria powder on the market are mostly processed and have been blended with other ingredients. They can be used appropriately under the premise of quality assurance.
"King of Medicine"-Licorice
The medicinal parts of licorice are roots and rhizomes, which can nourish the spleen and replenish qi, clear heat and detoxify, expectorant and cough, and relieve pain and anxiety. Licorice is the most cooperative spirit of China, and it is one of the most widely used drugs in Chinese medicine. It can reconcile various medicines, and its properties are gentle and silent, exerting its own effects silently. Like the big names in the industry, many prescriptions are "finalized" by it, showing their status.
I was a good student when I was in school. I remember doing experiments and using licorice. After a few experiments, I found that my hands turned white. I was thinking about it at the time. Could this thing be whitened? Now, my guess is confirmed! Many cleansing and skin care products now contain licorice. Our common "herbal formula" uses licorice as its soul ingredient. It has a significant whitening effect and can be used to soothe damaged and sensitive skin, while also improving the Self-healing ability, let the skin present the texture and touch of healthy skin from the inside out. Sisley Whitening and Moisturizing Milk contains licorice extract, which is soft and soothing, making skin fairer and brighter.
Editor's Tip: If you want to play with the whitening effect of licorice, you can take the licorice decoction internally or externally, and apply it after grinding into powder. However, it should be noted that it should not be used in combination with Euphorbia gigantea, Coriander flower, Gansui, and seaweed.
"Tongjing Huayu"-Saffron
According to the "Compendium of Materia Medica", saffron can "blood the blood, the heart is melancholy, and it can cure surprise." Saffron has a number of effects such as phlegm activation, stasis and stasis, stasis and opening of knots, swelling and pain relief, cooling blood and detoxification. Especially for those who are often "depressed", long-term adherence can calm people's mood and improve the overall immunity of the body.
Because saffron can treat diseases such as blood deficiency and physical deficiencies, irregular menstruation, etc., it is of great benefit to women's internal conditioning. It is healthy inside and naturally full of red light. Therefore, saffron has always been a hot spot for women's health care. Now it is not difficult to find such skin care products when you walk into the mall. The saffron's blood-blowing effect makes the skin healthy and rosy, instead of lethargic. The acne series adopts saffron to disperse depression and sparseness, and eliminate acne. Then take the top grade aloe to clear the heat and cool the power, from the fundamental inhibition of acne regeneration.
Editing tips: brew with a teaspoon of dried saffron and a cup of boiling water. After cooling, filter out the residue and add honey to mix well. Saffron can be used for making tea, but it should be used for single brewing and not suitable for other teas.
"King of Herbs"-Ginseng
Ginseng contains more than 100 active ingredients, mainly ginsenosides, ginseng activators, small amounts of volatile oils, various amino acids and ginseng polypeptides, glucose, fructose, pectin, and vitamins B1, B2, nicotinic acid, pantothenic acid, and so on. Among them, ginsenoside is the main active substance, which has the effects of anti-aging and anti-infection.
The exudate of ginseng does not have any adverse irritation to the skin, but also effectively resists cholesterol, helps metabolism, promotes skin blood circulation, enhances skin nutrition, prevents skin dehydration, hardening, and wrinkling, thereby maintaining the moisture in the stratum corneum of the skin and making the skin Tender and elastic. Ginseng also contains an enzyme (tyrosinase) that can strongly inhibit melanin deposition, which can whiten and freckle. Meiyina Duo EX EX Ganoderma Essence Beauty Cream contains rich ganoderma extract and ginseng essence, which quickly dissolve during use, fully affinity to the skin, and exert excellent beauty effects; effectively reduce the burden on the skin and improve the function of the skin, Leaves skin soft, smooth and elastic.
Editor's Tips: Those with spleen deficiency, loss of appetite, thin yellow muscles and fatigue, can be compatible with Atractylodes, Poria, Licorice, tonic. Ginseng should not be iron, you can't use iron pan or aluminum pan for frying; it should not be served with tea; you should take it in moderation (if you still remember the thirsty shopkeeper after swallowing a ginseng ...)
"Holy Medicine"-Angelica
This name is a bit scary, but a little common sense female friends must know the power of angelica.
In the history of medicine in China, angelica head, body, and tail are often used separately. It is believed that angelica head stops bleeding and angelica tail runs blood. Therefore, it is most suitable for facial beauty.
Angelica sinensis is usually used as a ground powder. It is a powder of Chinese herbal medicine with cosmeceutical and medical effects. It is warm in temperature, sweet in taste, and non-toxic. Applying it to the face can promote blood circulation, and the aqueous solution of Angelica sinensis has a strong inhibitory effect on tyrosinase activity. It is a "killer" for melasma and freckles, and can make the skin delicate and shiny. Therefore, Angelica sinensis can be used as a mask or a cream, and the therapeutic effect is quite good, it is a good product for beauty. Kose Sekkisei series skin care products will perfectly combine the coix seed extract, angelica extract, and paeony extract to enhance the skin's translucency, perfectly combine with Korean ginseng extract and Cordyceps sinensis extract to improve skin vitality, effectively stimulate skin vitality and maintain Skin health.
Editing tips:
1. Freckle removal: 50 grams of angelica tail, add 500 ml of water to cook, filter and set aside. After washing the face, dipped a little angelica solution with absorbent cotton and rubbed it on the pigmented area of the face to make the skin absorb the active ingredients in the angelica solution to achieve the effect of treating pigmented skin diseases. Angelica powder is added to any mask to have a whitening and spot removing effect.
2. Wrinkle Removal: Mix the same amount of Bai Zhi, Poria, Angelica, Bai Zhi, Almond, and Purple River Car into powder, add an appropriate amount of water to make a paste, add a little honey and mix well, wash the face with water for 20 minutes and wash it off . Pay attention to oily skin without honey.
3. Hair care: After shampooing, pour a little angelica liquid on your hands and rub your hair and head repeatedly, the hair will become soft and smooth.
"Whitening and losing weight"-Coix seed
Coix seed is commonly used in Chinese medicine. It is also a food that is often eaten, with a sweet and slightly cold nature, which is beneficial for water swelling, spleen and dampness, heat and pus elimination. In recent years, a large amount of scientific research and clinical practice have proved that indica is still an anticancer drug, and its cure rate for cancer can reach more than 35%.
Coix seed is the highest fiber in grains, low in fat and low in calories, and has edema in the lower body of the team. It is the best staple food for weight loss. More importantly, it is rich in protein, which can help eliminate shifts, have obvious effects on facial acne and rough skin, and can also prevent hair loss, and even have a thin face effect. Sounds amazing! Not only that, the extract of Coix Seed can be added to cosmetics to achieve sun protection and UV protection. It has a natural whitening effect and can improve skin metabolism and hydration.
The traditional Chinese medicinal ingredient of La Mer Aquamarine Whitening Essence is Coix Seed, which is used to strengthen the skin's moisture barrier and prevent future pigmentation.
Editing tips:
1. Coix kernel almond porridge: about 20 grams of coix kernel powder and 5 grams of almond flour are cooked each time. Wash with warm water. It can moisturize the skin, whiten and moisturize, refreshing qi and blood circulation, and regulate menstrual pain.
2. Slimming soup:
Boil the fresh milk and add 3-5 grams of coix kernel powder, just stir it. Moisturizes the skin, whitens and moisturizes qi, promotes blood circulation, regulates menstrual pain, and drains weight.
3, Coix seed powder mask:
Mix barley flour and mung bean flour at a ratio of 1: 1 (for example, 5 grams each), and then add appropriate water to stir them evenly. It is recommended to directly apply the material evenly on the face, then cover the mask and leave it on for about 15-20 minutes, then wash with water. Can also be blended with honey, pure milk, yogurt.
"Heat Relief"-Aloe
Aloe vera is a toxic heat-relief fire-fighting Chinese medicine. Aloe polysaccharides and vitamins have a lot of ingredients that have good nourishing and moisturizing effects on human skin and are less irritating. Eliminating acne has a good effect. The gelatin in aloe vera can shrink skin cells, protect moisture, restore elasticity, and eliminate wrinkles. Therefore, aloe cosmetics such as aloe cosmetic cream and aloe skin cream account for 80% of the European cosmetics market.
Skin care varieties often use aloe vera and other herbal extracts, which have a refreshing, smooth texture and gentle penetration. The powerful oil-absorbing substance can quickly decompose and absorb excess oil on the surface, effectively combat the phenomenon of facial shine, reduce the generation of acne, and the effect is long-lasting. Long-term use can even balance the sebum secretion of the facial skin. Both Keyan's Centella Asiatica Cream and Julie's Soothing Herbal Regenerating Essence contain aloe vera ingredients, which can increase the natural moisturizing factors in the skin, not only replenish the skin's moisture, but also adjust the water and oil balance, keeping the skin soft, smooth and elastic.
Editing tips:
Applying the fresh aloe juice directly to the face can play a good role in the beauty of aloe. However, it is worth noting that the fresh aloe leaf juice contains a certain amount of calcium oxalate and a variety of plant proteins. For people who are particularly sensitive to the skin, after topical application of fresh aloe leaves, the skin may have an itchy sensation or a small red rash Spots. In such cases, fresh aloe leaf juice can be diluted with cold water and applied.
"Xiancao" Lingzhi
In ancient China, Ganoderma lucidum was considered to have the effect of immortality and rebirth, and was regarded as fairy grass. It is hard to say whether Ganoderma can make people live forever, but the polysaccharides and peptides contained in Ganoderma have obvious anti-aging effects. Otherwise, there will not be as many officials who have lingered on Ganoderma since ancient times. Studies have shown that Ganoderma lucidum polysaccharide has significant pseudo-SOD activity, which can significantly remove free radicals generated by the body, prevent lipid body peroxidation, and protect cells, so it can effectively resist disease and prevent aging.
Ganoderma can also maintain and regulate skin moisture, restore skin elasticity, make the skin moist and delicate, and can inhibit the formation and precipitation of melanin in the skin, remove pigmentation, and increase the luster of hair. Beauty products have become the new upstart in skin care and beauty. If it can be used with oral administration, the specimen can be taken into account, which can moisturize and protect the whole body skin, make the whole body skin smooth and delicate, and effectively prevent bacteria from invading the skin. Perhaps this is where the "immortal spirit" of Ganoderma lucidum lies. Mei Yin Duo Fan EX Lingzhi Extract is rich in red ganoderma, anti-aging, repair genetic factors, promote cell division, stimulate skin vitality and energy.
Editing tips:
Ganoderma lucidum is cut to the size of soybeans, fried with water, heated and evaporated to concentrate, and directly applied to the skin pigmentation, it can achieve obvious spot removal effect. Lingzhi is mixed with honey, glycerin, and monoglyceride to exfoliate the skin, which nourishes the skin and makes the skin smooth. Hair care products based on Ganoderma Lucidum can accelerate hair growth and remove dandruff.
"Game Gold"-Rose
Roses are rich in vitamins A, C, B, E, and K, and tannic acid, which can improve the endocrine loss of silk, also help to eliminate fatigue and wound stasis, regulate blood, promote blood circulation, beauty and beauty.
Rose essential oil is the most expensive essential oil in the world and is called "after essential oils". Can adjust women's endocrine, nourish the uterus, relieve dysmenorrhea, improve sexual coldness and menopause discomfort. In particular, it has a very good skin care effect. It can internally and externally dilute spots, promote melanin decomposition, improve skin dryness, and restore skin elasticity. It is the most suitable aromatic essential oil for women's health. Long-term consumption of roses and the use of rose oil can not only make people have a fresh body fragrance, but also with blood, qi and liver, promote blood circulation, make the complexion rosy, beautiful, and have calming, soothing, anti-depressive effects on the emotional side. DHC red powder rose dual-purpose powder luxuriously added the natural Bulgarian rose essence to enhance the skin's transparency, gloss, and exude rose fragrance.
Editor's tip: When washing your face every morning, drop a drop of rose essential oil in warm water, and apply it on the face with a towel to delay aging and keep your skin healthy and beautiful. It can be brewed with boiling water for 5 minutes. It can be added with sugar or honey, which has the effects of regulating qi and blood, relieving liver and stagnation, reducing fat and weight, and nourishing skin and beauty. Especially for women with menstrual pain, irregular menstruation has a magical effect.

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