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Revolution in Longevity (Part 3)

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Part 3 of Longevity's Revolution Heartbreak hurts the most. Keep your peace of mind to extend your life (1)
Chapter 9: Heartbreak hurts the most—Keep your peace of mind in order to extend your life
Why Sudden Bereavement Causes "Broken Liver"
Many illnesses stem from our uneasiness. The qi will rush up when angry, the qi will ease when over happy, the qi will dissipate when sad, the qi will be chaotic when frightened, and will be depressed when thinking.
The idiom "Hepatic and Intestine Broken" is almost universally known. It comes from a story in "The New Talks of the World", which tells you that the Temperate Warriors entered Sichuan. When they passed the Three Gorges, a subordinate caught a little monkey and wanted to Play on the road. The mother monkey Sier was eager, and wailed along the road following the direction of the boat. She ran for more than a hundred miles and refused to leave. Then she jumped onto the boat and was killed. When a soldier broke the belly of the mother monkey, his intestines were broken into inch-by-inch sections. When Wen Wen knew it, she was very angry and yelled, "Hurry off the boat and go, I don't want such subordinates."
Many people are puzzled. The mother monkey suddenly loses her child, and her sadness is certain, but why is her liver and bowel broken? Actually, it's not just monkeys, people are the same. Sudden emotional stimuli can indeed cause stress ulcers in the digestive tract, and the "inch" intestine is the extreme condition of peptic ulcers.
The Yellow Emperor's Canon of Internal Medicine states that: "A hundred diseases are born of qi, anger is angry, joy is slow, sorrow is angry, fear is angry, shock is angry, and thinking is qi." Means: Many diseases are caused by our unhappy mood. Qi is rushed when we are angry, it will be relieved when we are happy, it will be dissipated when we are sad, it will be chaotic when we are scared, and it will be depressed when we are worried.
Chinese medicine believes that people have seven emotions of joy, anger, worry, thought, sadness, terror, and shock, all of which are abnormal emotional expressions. What is more serious is that these emotions can be turned into heart fire because of the poor, affecting our health.
For example, when panic causes fire, we will experience upsets, restlessness, insomnia, and so on. In this case, you can use the appropriate amount of cinnabar anshen pills to press the mind that floats over because of the shock. If you find that the tongue of the frightened person is very red, especially on the tip of the tongue, it is very hot, and the situation is serious, you can eat Niuhuang Qingxin. If you are not so serious after being frightened, you can use 30 grams of lotus seeds (not lotus heart), 15 grams of gardenia (wrapped in gauze), add the right amount of rock sugar, fry in water, eat lotus seeds and soup, delicious and heart-warming.
In addition to Qingxin's proprietary Chinese medicine and lotus seed heart tea, you can also massage the Lao Gong acupoints of the pericardium (when fisting, the palm part directly under the middle fingertip), and the Shaofu points of the heart meridian (when fist, the position of the palm facing the little finger ), The Daling Acupoint of the Pericardial Sutra, and the Shenmen Acupoint of the Heart Sutra.
Don't let the "Desire-Strength" be reduced too much
When the thoughts (desires) in our hearts exceed our physical ability (strength), it is easy for people to get angry. Expressed by the formula is "desire-strength = get angry", the greater the subtraction, the greater our heart fire.
About heart fire, Chen Xiaoye, a professor of Chinese medicine, gave an interesting formula: desire-strength = get angry. The simple three items explain the factors that affect the heart fire accurately.
The so-called desire is what we think in our hearts and hope to achieve, such as wanting to get promoted, wanting to get rich, hope to become a child, hope to become a woman, and so on. The so-called strength is the ability that we can own and really have, such as someone's technical level, learning ability, practical ability, and so on.
Human strength is often limited, but human desire can be infinitely extended. When a person ’s desire is far beyond his own range of strength, to put it plainly is that he ca n’t achieve the ideals such as “ideal” and “wish” in his heart, and his heart will naturally be very painful and sorrowful. Of course, it is easy to get angry. . And the more this excess, the greater the anger.
We all know that human strength can't be improved instantly, so how to avoid heart fire? Judging from the above formula, it is definitely necessary to control desire. Let desire be reduced by a small amount, preferably equal to strength, so that all the "ideas" and "wishes" in the heart can be realized, and people will naturally not get angry.
The third part of the longevity revolution is the most heartbreaking. Keep the peace of mind to prolong life (2)
I used to know a young man who graduated from undergraduate school and felt that his job was not ideal and his treatment was not good, so I went to take a master's degree from a famous university. After being admitted for two years, he hesitated again when he got the offer letter. Because in the past two years, the job has been quite proficient, and the position has been promoted accordingly. Of course, the salary is much better than two years ago. If you choose to go to graduate school, you must give up your current job. It can be estimated according to the trend of today's society. After graduation, if you want to find a job that is both proficient and well-paying, you have little hope. He hesitated all day, hesitant to move, and his heart fired up.
Later, the young man came to me and complained to me, "Sometimes, when there is an opportunity, it is better not to have it, but not to be more meditation." Seeing his pain, I laughed: "This is not a matter of opportunity, it is The question of your desire? Don't look at the mountain high, it is best to find a position that suits your strength. "The young man listened to me and felt suddenly open. He called the school when he went back and said he decided Give up the opportunity to study. Now, he is still in the original company, but works smoothly and his income has increased significantly. Although he is busy, he is happy.
From a psychological point of view, there is a desire to cause desire. The more choices there are, the more desires. When desire exceeds one's own strength and cannot be achieved, it is easy to get angry and easy to suffer.
Although there are various ways of keeping in good health in ancient China, their purpose can often be grouped into one: reducing desire. For example, in Buddhism, "the four majors are all empty," meditation health must overcome the temptations of the outside world (color, sound, incense, taste, touch, and law) and the troubles of inner emotions and desires; Extremely, keep quiet, "health requires" less thinking, less reading, less desire, less things, less language, less laughter, less worry, less joy, less joy, less anger, less good, less
Evil "and so on.
Chinese medicine believes that the "heart" is the place where people hide their souls, the home of desire, the emotional leader of people, and the key to being a person. Therefore, the heart cannot keep moving, it is better to be quiet. Modern medical research also found that 70% of various diseases are physical and mental diseases, which are directly related to emotional psychology.
It can be seen that if we don't want to get angry, we must control our desires and achieve a peaceful state of mind. This is the real health.
Discharge bad emotions in time to dispel haze in your heart
In life, there are always some bad emotions that we cannot resolve ourselves. When "internalization" does not work, we must seek a method of "exposure" in order to dispel the inner haze and stay away from illness.
Each of us will have a bad mood. If we can't resolve ourselves in time, we must find a "leakage" method and find a suitable channel to let out bad emotions.
Traditional Chinese medicine believes that "there is depression", and the easiest way to eliminate bad emotions is to "vent". For example, when a person is distressed or grieved, he burst into tears and let the tears flow freely, making him feel more comfortable. Don't bury the bad emotions in your heart. Modern research has found that tears flowing out of emotional changes contain two kinds of nerve conduction substances. After these two kinds of conduction substances are discharged from the body with the tears, they can ease the tension of the sad person, reduce pain and eliminate anxiety, so crying for a bit longer than tears The stomach is much better.
However, many times, although we are emotionally depressed, due to time and place constraints, we should not release it at once. At this time, we can take the form of dispersal, mediation, and gradually venting. When a person encounters something unpleasant, is frustrated, and even suffers misfortune, such as frustration in love, the death of a family member or friend, a major change in life, unpleasant things at work, study, or at home. When anger starts from your heart, or if your heart is filled with sorrow, if you have no conditions to let go, you can first calm down and control your feelings, and then find your sincere and optimistic close friends, loved ones, or tell your loved ones, A friend wrote a letter telling him that he was distressed and upset. As the saying goes, "bystanders are clear," they receive strength and support from the guidance, counsel, sympathy, and comfort of relatives and friends, and the negative feelings of depression, worry, and anxiety will dissipate. Therefore, making good friends, expanding social contacts, and establishing good interpersonal relationships are good medicines for treating bad moods.
The third part of the longevity revolution is the most heartbreaking. Keep the peace of mind to prolong life (3)
In addition, when the mood is not good, you can write poems and essays to express your emotions, which is also an effective way to drain bad emotions.
People often say that smoking, drinking, and improper diet are serious harm to health, but in fact, bad mood has a greater impact on human health. According to statistics from relevant scholars, 20% of health and longevity come from genetic factors, 25% from the impact of the surrounding environment, 5% from medical conditions, and the remaining 50% are completely in their hands, which is their own mental state and choice of life Ways and habits.
Therefore, in order to self-regulate in a positive manner and get rid of the influence of bad mood, we can be healthy and happy in life.
Learn to "empathize" and let the sad heart breathe
Among the ways of emotional grooming, there is a method called emotional transfer, that is, through self-grooming, subjectively changing the meaning of the stimulus, thereby turning bad emotions into positive emotions.
I don't know if you have encountered such a situation: once you are upset and depressed, listen to music, dance, play basketball, swim, or watch a humorous crosstalk, mime, funny movie ... In short, According to your own interests and hobbies, you can transfer your worry to your favorite activities, and you can get out of your depression and become happy.
Many practices have proved that self-entertainment and self-entertainment activities can indeed relax the body, relieve sorrow and worry, and support the mind, which is beneficial to physical and mental health.
In ancient China, there was a saying "women hurt the spring, men sad autumn". There are two explanations for the original meaning of these two sentences. One is: "A woman sees the coming of spring, another year passes, and her youth passes with time. So it feels sad; while men see autumn is coming, they no longer feel the time, and their body is not as good as one year, so they feel sad. ”Another explanation is:“ Women see the fading flowers in spring, and sadness their looks over time. As you grow old, beauty is no longer; a man sees that autumn leaves are dying, and expresses his sorrow that he will not succeed, and that his life will end like a leaf in a short period of time. " , Such as Lin Daiyu, seeing the flowers and water flowing down and the trees dying will be sad.
From the point of view of Chinese medicine, the lungs are the main sorrows. Excessive sorrow can hurt the lungs, and emotional illness is difficult to cure with medicine. Therefore, the ancients adopted a life-governing approach. The man is sad for the autumn, so he recruits soldiers in the autumn and fights at the border to give the man a chance to build his career; In ancient times, the dowry was wrapped in white magpies and sent to the woman's house. Shooting the wild goose requires eyesight and strength, so the strength of the man's arms, lung, liver, and kidney are examined in this way. Engagement in the autumn dilutes the sadness of the man. In the winter, the happy event, the girl is almost pregnant the next spring, and the joy of being a mother will make the wounded spring disappear. In this way, the emotional illness of men and women is cured with the rule of life.
Nowadays, although the ancient cure method is not very applicable, it also inspired us that emotional disease does not necessarily require medication. It can be achieved by diverting the patient's attention.
Faced with the modern fast-paced and tense life, using music to relieve stress has become a popular health care and treatment method in the world. The correct approach is: choose music that "consistent" or "consistent" with the mood at the time, in order to promote the so-called "sound phenomenon". To deal with the general emotional stress, it is more effective to appreciate the soothing “sad music” than to enjoy light music. This therapy is generally a course of 30 days, 2 to 3 times a day, about one hour each time. At the same time, when listening to music, you should try to choose an elegant and quiet environment with good air circulation, and it is best to have colors and floral fragrances that regulate your psychology and mood. It is important to note that you should not listen to marches on an empty stomach, and you should not listen to rock music when angry.
Besides music, playing chess is also a great way to empathize. Many people suffer from chronic diseases, such as high blood pressure and heart disease, and are not suitable for intense physical activities. To play chess, you only need a table and a few stools. You can open and close in your spare time, calm and calm, and move with determination. Moreover, on the chessboard, although there are only a few people, it has infinite charm. The confrontation between the two armies is a contest of intelligence, and the formation of marching troops is a contest of thinking. Playing chess often can exercise thinking, maintain intelligence, and prevent the aging of brain cells. However, in the process of playing chess, don't care about winning or losing. If you overemphasize the outcome of the game, you will be worried about it, but it will lead to depressed mood, poor blood, and exhaustion. When playing games, avoid excessive consumption of energy, should be appropriate, or else it is not good for your body or mind. In addition, it is more jealous to use chess as a gamble, from small gambling to big gambling, it is uncontrollable.
The third part of the longevity revolution is the most heartbreaking. Keep the peace of mind to prolong life (4)
In addition, calligraphy, painting, sports, travel, etc. are also good empathy. Which method is more appropriate depends on your own situation.
Circulate the lung qi, help the heart to drive cold
In the internal organs of the human body, the heart is the main blood vessel, the lung is the main qi, and the qi is the blood line. The lung qi helps the heart to promote blood flow. If the lungs are inadequate, you will not be able to help your heart fire to dispel the cold, and you will get sick.
A friend's wife always sweated hot and cold at three or four in the morning in winter, but she was cold and cold during the day, and she still felt extremely cold when she was dressed seriously. Later, I went to see Chinese medicine, and was diagnosed with wind chills, and my heart was full of fire. It was a typical "ice pack fire." The doctor said that his wife's illness was mainly caused by lack of lungs, and he was unable to help the heart fire to dispel wind chills.
My friend and his wife didn't understand the doctor's diagnosis very well, so they found me. I hope I can explain them in detail. In fact, in my opinion, the doctor's diagnosis was very reasonable.
Chinese medicine believes that the lungs breathe, and the gas enters and exits from the nose. The so-called "lung opens the nose"; the gas passes through the throat and can make sounds, which is also related to the lungs. "Lung qi should be cleared down" means that the lungs need to be kept clear and free from phlegm and heat. The lung qi must be properly lowered. When the kidney qi is accepted and communicated up and down, breathing can be normal and the internal waterways can be unobstructed. At the same time, the lungs are mainly transfused with blood and water, the heart is the main blood vessels, the lungs are the main qi, and the qi is the blood line. The lung qi has the role of helping the heart to promote blood flow. When water enters the body, it is transported from the spleen to the lungs, and then from the lungs to the body.
Therefore, lung qi has a great relationship with human health. Cough, sputum, asthma, etc. are all symptoms of lung inversion. Hemoptysis is a manifestation of lung heat, lung (yin) deficiency, or injury to the lungs; nasal congestion, runny nose, nosebleeds, etc. should be considered from the lungs; itchy throat, hoarseness, or sore throats should also be considered from the lungs; eyelid or facial swelling, and limb swelling It may also be caused by the inability of the airways to pass through the airway. If the lung is inadequate, you will not be able to help your heart fire to dispel the cold, and you will get sick.
So how can we clear our lungs? There are two relatively simple methods, which are introduced below.
1. Larynx
Sit up, head up, straighten your neck, and massage your hands down your throat until you reach your chest. Alternate massage with both hands 30 times for 1 time, can be done 2 to 3 times continuously. This method can benefit the throat and have the effect of relieving cough and phlegm.
2. Rhinoplasty
Rub the outer sides of the thumbs of both hands against each other. After feeling hot, use the outer side of the thumb to massage up and down along the bridge of the nose and the sides of the nose about 60 times; then, massage the Yingxiang points on both sides of the nose 20 times (Yingxiang points are located at the junction of the nasolabial sulcus and the nose wings) Department), nose 1-2 times a day. Frequent nose rubbing can effectively prevent colds and colds, and is very effective for people with poor constitution and allergies to cold air.
First aid sambo to prevent heartburn
Beware of the ascending fire through the fire, it will cause inflammation of the fire, mostly manifested as sore tongue, oral erosion, upset and insomnia, red tongue, etc. For this, you can choose An Gong Niu Huang Wan, Zi Xue Dan or Zhi Bao Dan for emergency treatment according to the symptoms.
The "Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor" believes that the heart is the official of the monarch. The so-called deities here refer to human spirit, thinking, consciousness activities, and the wisdom and wisdom reflected in these activities. If the function of the main mind is normal, the spirit is healthy and clear; on the contrary, the mind is abnormal, and panic, forgetfulness, insomnia, madness, etc. can also cause other visceral dysfunction.
A heart attack is usually an emergency. If you fail to get first aid, you will be in danger, such as sudden cerebral hemorrhage and cerebral thrombosis. So how can we prevent this condition when it occurs?
From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, to deal with these emergencies, you can take "emergency three treasures", namely Angong Niuhuang Wan, Zixuedan and Zhibaodan.
1. An Gong Niuhuang Wan
An Gong Niuhuang Pill contains Chinese herbal medicines such as bezoar, musk, Coptis chinensis, cinnabar, pearl. It is suitable for patients with high fever and unconsciousness. Many patients with high fever and coma during the SARS period were rescued with An Gong Niu Huang Wan.
The third part of the longevity revolution is the most heartbreaking. Keep the peace of mind to prolong life (5)
2. Purple Snow Dan
Dan has a long history, and its medicinal properties are great cold. It is more common in pharmacies, and its modern name is "Zixuesan". Zixuedan is suitable for patients with convulsions, irritability, twitching hands and feet, and often making noises.
3. Arcana
This prescription is more suitable for patients with coma with fever and unconscious but silent, because there are many aromatic and dry medicines, and there is the disadvantage of consuming yin and robbery fluid. Those who suffer from stroke and fainting due to liver-yang hyperactivity are banned.
The above-mentioned "first aid three treasures" mainly used to treat infectious and infectious diseases. Generally, fever and coma appeared. Now they are also widely used for brain injury and accidental cerebrovascular injury, but there must be a clear thermal image, at least the tongue must be very red. 3. The tongue coating should be yellow. As long as it meets the criteria, it can be taken whether it is cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral thrombosis, or coma caused by gas poisoning and trauma. In addition, timely consumption of An Gong Niu Huang Wan can also inhibit cell death.
In addition, most people who are in high spirits will have insomnia. In this regard, it is recommended that these patients always have some soothing Chinese medicine at home, such as Niuhuang Qingxin Pill, Tianwang Buxin Dan, Jieyu Anshen Granules, etc.
1. Bezoar Qingxin Pill
This medicine is mainly for insomnia caused by heartburn. In addition to insomnia, people with dizziness, upset, dry stools, red tongue, and prominent thermal imaging can also choose.
2. Tian Wang Bu Xin Dan
Applicable to insomnia caused by low yin deficiency and blood. Because the heart and blood are consumed by fire, people not only suffer from insomnia, forgetfulness, panic in their hearts, but also have fever in their hands and feet, red tongue, and sore tongue. This medicine has a greater effect.
3. Jieyu Anshen Granules
Jieyu Anshen Granule is suitable for those who have difficulty falling asleep due to poor mood. This type of person has many dreams, and sleeps very lightly, it is easy to wake up with a little sound, and there may be symptoms of upset, forgetfulness, and chest tightness.
Relieving boredom and disheartening, bitter gourd is a good medicine
Because the heart is the official of the monarch, the heart fire is also called the monarch fire, and it directs the fire of other organs. If the fire is overwhelming, then the other fires of other organs will no longer obey the command, but will arbitrarily move, which will cause people's essence to be easily consumed and vulnerable to disease. To solve this problem, bitter gourd is the best food.
Because the heart is the official of the monarch, and the heart fire is also called the monarch fire, Zhu Danxi also mentioned in the "phase fire theory": "fire has monarch and phase."
The heart is to the human body, as the monarch is in the dominion of the kingdom, so is the heart fire, which rules the fire of other organs. If the heart fire stays within the normal range, the viscera will be smooth, and the human body will be yin and yang balanced and healthy. If the heart fire is too strong, then the phase fire will no longer obey the command, and it will falter, which will make people's essence easy. Consumption is vulnerable, and diseases will follow. Here, I recommend the bitter gourd as a good medicine to relieve boredom.
Bitter melon is easy to grow and can be found everywhere in the market, so it is also a common dish on the family table, especially the long-lived old people. Many of them like bitter melon.
"Suixiju diet profile" records: "The bitter gourd green is bitter cold, cleansing heat, eyesight, and refreshing heart. But the sauce can be marinated, when roasted, the meat is first simmered to remove the bitterness, although the gravy in summer can be condensed, and those who are cold should not eat. When cooked, it is red, sweet and flat, nourishing blood and nourishing spleen, and nourishing the spleen and kidney. "In other words, bitter gourd is not only rich in nutrition, but also has the effects of removing evil heat, exhausting fatigue, and clearing the mind. Regular consumption can relieve heart fire and enhance Human immunity.
Bitter gourd can be cooked into a variety of delicious dishes, which can be shredded, sliced, cut into pieces, used as a condiment, or cooked separately, and fried, stewed, steamed, and boiled to become dishes with different flavors. Such as bitter gourd cut into circles, stuffed with minced meat, cooked with garlic, tempeh, crispy and fragrant. There are many famous bitter gourds around China, such as green pepper fried bitter gourd, bitter gourd, dried bitter gourd, bitter gourd roasted meat, sour bitter gourd, bitter gourd beef stew, bitter gourd stewed yellow croaker, etc., delicious and fresh, refreshing and refreshing The role of fire.
In addition, Zhu Danxi said: "The cover fire is hidden in the liver and kidney yin points, the prince fire does not move arbitrarily, the phase fire only kills his guard, there is no burning flame, and the madness of flying away is also rampant!" Therefore, To prevent violent movements of the fire, we must also "sense the heart, close the heart, and raise the heart", and keep the spirit quiet and inner guard.
The third part of the longevity revolution is to keep up with health. The highest state of health is to respond to "time" (1)
Chapter 4—Oneness of Heaven and Man, Health Preservation to the Realm of Health—Healthcare goes along with time and can live with heaven and earth
The ancients said: "The sun goes down, the sky goes down." Man is a very small member of the heavens and the earth. Only when the sun is in sync with nature and in time, can he nurture the days and achieve long life. Conversely, if you do not follow the laws of nature and go against the sky, it will hurt the essence and shorten the life. Therefore, the key to raising life is to go with the sky and change with the seasons.
Chapter X Keeping Time-The highest state of health is to respond to the "time"
Seasons change, pay more attention to maintaining legs
Every time the season changes, people are prone to leg pain and cold, especially the elderly, and the poor physical performance is more obvious. Therefore, at this time, we must pay attention to maintaining our legs and feet.
Before I went to visit everybody in the country, a friend came to me in a hurry and said that his father had neither fallen nor been hit. But when the season changed, he felt cold, unable to move, and his back I also feel unwell. He asked me if his father had a problem with the nervous system and went to the hospital to check which department was better. I think my friends are really filial, but they seem to be overly nervous. In fact, the motherland medicine has long been about the seasons to pay attention to keep warm the back and maintain legs and feet.
The back of the human body has all the back points of the human body, as well as the reflection areas of various internal organs. It is the passage of the internal and external environment and the most vulnerable part to external invasion. Therefore, we must pay attention to the back to keep warm during the seasons. As for the method, it is very simple, just put on a close-fitting cotton or fur vest.
At this time, in addition to back discomfort, people are also prone to leg pain and cold, especially in the elderly, and poor physical performance is more obvious. In this regard, many historical doctors and modern experts have given some good ways to protect the legs and feet, here to share with you.
Regarding the maintenance of your legs and common problems such as "old cold legs", the following 4 methods are good choices:
1. Palm rubbing
Rotate and rub the calf with both palms tightly, rubbing 20-30 times on each side, exchanging the legs 6 times, which can clear the blood and strengthen the leg strength.
2. Dry cleaning legs
Hold both thighs tightly with both hands, and massage from the thighs down to the ankles, then rub back from the ankles to the thighs. Rub the other leg in the same way and repeat 10 to 20 times.
3. Rub one's feet
Rub the palms of your hands, then rub your palms with your palms 100 times each. It has good curative effect on numbness, edema and atrophy of the feet.
4. Kick in place
Hold the tree or the wall with one hand, first shake your calf forward to lift your toes forward, then shake it backwards, force your toes backward, your feet are stretched, and your legs are straight. Rotate both legs and shake, it is advisable to do 80 to 100 times.
When it comes to protecting your feet, here are three simple and effective ways:
1. Toes running in place
Use your toes to gently and alternately run on the spot in a rhythmic manner, preferably 140 to 170 times per minute. It can change your mood, focus your energy, and enhance your memory.
2. Hot feet and massage
Before going to bed every night, prepare a basin of hot water, with a water temperature of about 40 ° C. Wash your feet, cool the water, and add hot water to maintain the temperature. Wash for more than 20 minutes each time. After soaking your feet, rub the soles of your feet with your palms, then massage the insteps and pull each toe. This can not only eliminate fatigue, promote blood circulation, improve sleep quality, but also make the toe fascia stronger and stronger, preventing and treating diseases.
3. Retrograde
Whenever you are sedentary or tired, you can slowly walk down the floor or courtyard for tens of minutes. Can promote blood circulation in the Achilles tendon, foot and other parts, and is conducive to lumbar kidney health.
In addition, when the seasons change, because there will be more obvious environmental changes, we must also pay attention to psychological adjustment and maintain a healthy and peaceful mentality to prevent adverse emotional injuries.
Eat the right food to get the best nutrition
Traditional Chinese medicine pays attention to "the unity of heaven and man", and eating seasonal food is an important aspect of keeping in good health on time. No matter what food, only in its season can it grow the fullest and most nutritious. The out-of-season food obtained through some cultivation techniques has only its shape and no spirit.
The third part of the longevity revolution is to keep up with health. The highest state of health is to respond to the "time" (2)
Since ancient times, traditional Chinese medicine has emphasized "the unity of heaven and man". The choice of food varies not only depending on individual constitution, but also has a great correlation with the seasonal climate of nature. "Improving health with time" is not only an important principle of TCM health, but also an important principle for improving human immunity. As the "Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor" states: "The health of the wise must also avoid the heat and cold all the time."
Our diet must adapt to the natural changes of the four seasons in order to achieve the purpose of maintaining the body and maintaining good health. Dry weather tends to hurt the kidneys, hot weather tends to hurt the heart and lungs, windy and windy weather tends to hurt the liver, and cold or wet or hot weather tends to hurt the spleen and stomach. People's diet must be different under different weather and climate conditions. "Dining is about to eat" records: "Spring temperature, it is best to eat wheat to cool; summer air is hot, it is best to eat crickets to cold; autumn is cool, it is appropriate to eat hemp to moisturize its dryness; Heal its cold with heat. "It is about the principle of different food intake according to different seasons.
1. Spring: moist and warm foods to strengthen the spleen
Spring is blooming, Vientiane is renewed, the climate is pleasant, the relative humidity in the air is higher than 60%, and the temperature is between 20 ° C and 32 ° C. In this weather, the human body's metabolism is more active, and it is very suitable to eat onions, wheat, dates, peanuts and other foods. The ancients also believed that: spring diverges, acid should be eaten to converge, so pay attention to seasoning with acid in spring.
Foods that are lighter and milder and that support righteousness and vitality are the best choice for spring food supplements. If you are too weak, you can eat more spleen-enriching food, such as rice porridge, sweet potatoes, yam, potatoes, eggs, peanuts, sesame, jujube, chestnuts, honey, milk and so on. Those who prefer qi and yin can eat more foods that nourish qi and nourish yin, such as carrots, bean sprouts, tofu, lotus root, lotus root, lily, white fungus, mushrooms, etc. In addition, you should eat low-fat, high-vitamin, high-mineral foods in spring, such as fresh
Amaranth, rapeseed, celery, spinach, malantou, wolfberry, toon, etc. This pair of people who have eaten ointment in the winter and have a thick flavor and high heat caused by near fire can also play a role in clearing heat and detoxifying, cooling blood, Tongli second stool, spleen appetizer and other effects.
2. Summer: Light and nourishing negative foods to cope with high temperature and humidity
In the hot summer, the human body consumes a lot of energy. The relative humidity in the air is higher than 70%, and the temperature is higher than 32 ° C, so that people's appetite is generally reduced and their digestive ability is weakened. The diet should focus on nourishing yin, relieving summer heat, and changing food. The diet should be light and refreshing and can stimulate appetite. Pay attention to the coordination of food color, aroma, and taste to increase appetite. You can also eat a variety of cold vegetables and eat melon fruits, drink herbal tea, plum soup, etc., but do not eat cold foods, so as not to damage the spleen and stomach.
3. Autumn: Dry and cold foods
The autumn is high and airy, the relative humidity in the air is 40%, and the temperature is between 50 ° C and 20 ° C. The climate is pleasant. However, in the late autumn season, "Xie Xie" is apt to commit lung injury and cause dryness, dry nose, hoarseness, and astringent skin. "Dry is moist", eat less hot food such as pepper, shallot, white wine, etc., eat more moist and warm foods, such as sesame, glutinous rice, radish, lily, tofu, taro, white fungus, duck meat, pear, persimmon, Bananas, apples, etc., drink more honey water, light tea, vegetable soup, soy milk, lotus seed soup, etc. to moisturize the lungs, nourish the yin and dry. When tonic, follow the principles of "buying but not sharp" and "preventing dryness and not getting tired".
4. Winter: nourish positive foods to cope with dry and cold weather
Colds strike in winter, yin and yang fade, relative humidity in the air is 40%, and air temperature is below 5 ° C. The winter food supplement should be "three nine supplement one winter, no illness in the coming year", which will help promote the body's metabolism and improve the phenomenon of "chills". Should eat more high-calorie foods, pay attention to Yang Yang, "If the deficiency is to supplement it, cold is warm." "Qian Jin Yi Fang" records: "In the autumn and winter, warm the belly." In winter, eat more calorie-rich foods such as eggs, poultry, and meat. You must also pay attention to a balanced diet, eat more vegetables, and eat some "hot fruits" appropriately. , Such as citrus, litchi, hawthorn, and drink some medicinal wine, rice wine and so on.
The third part of the longevity revolution is to keep up with health. The highest state of health is to respond to the "time" (3)
Diet is an element of health, and seasonal climate is an element of diet. In order to win health, a reasonable diet is essential, and you can choose to eat and treat with the four seasons to protect your health.
Nourishing the liver in spring, protecting the heart in summer, nourishing the lungs in autumn, nourishing the kidneys in winter
To the ancients, spring, summer, autumn, and winter each had their corresponding organs. Spring belongs to wood, corresponding to liver; summer belongs to fire, corresponding to heart; autumn corresponds to lung; winter corresponds to kidney. To maintain health, we must know how to protect the corresponding organs in different seasons.
Nowadays, a healthy motto is popular: "Status is temporary, honor is past, money is out of body, and health is your own!" In fact, if you want to be healthy, you must pay attention to the relationship between seasons and viscera. We need to protect the corresponding organs in different seasons so that we can keep the disease out of the door and be safe every year.
1. Spring Liver
Corresponds to the liver in spring. The liver belongs to wood, and the citrullus corresponds to the yang phase of spring. Therefore, in the spring, health should be adapted to the natural characteristics of yang qi to rise smoothly, and the liver is the priority.
First of all, you should pay attention to mental adjustment, keep your mood comfortable, and avoid angry. The second is to pay attention to strengthening exercise, and get more fresh air outdoors. In terms of diet maintenance, it is advisable to eat more foods that supplement yang, for example, onions, garlic, and chives are good products for nourishing liver and nourishing yang; spinach is good for liver and blood, and should be eaten frequently; You can eat more in spring. In addition to protecting the liver in spring, you should also pay attention to adding trace element selenium, and eat more plants and animals rich in selenium, such as sea fish, sea shrimp, beef, quail eggs, sesame, almonds, medlars, daylily, etc. to improve the body's immunity Function, conducive to health.
Some people are prone to cramps and diarrhea in the spring. In the five elements, liver belongs to wood and spleen belongs to soil. The liver qi is too strong, and the qi and blood are poured into the liver meridian too much, and the spleen meridian will be relatively weak. The spleen main blood is responsible for transporting blood to irrigate the whole body. At this time, you can take red dates, yam barley porridge, etc. to strengthen the spleen and nourish blood, spleen and blood are sufficient, the liver and spleen will be peaceful and unbiased.
2. Summer Heart
The "Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor" records: "The heart of the life of the heart ... is the sun in the sun, and it should be in the summer air." In the four seasons of the year, summer is a fire, the fire is in the heart, the fire is Yang, and the sun is active. In addition, the heart is dirty and the two fires meet. Therefore, the mind is easily disturbed and disturbed, and it causes uneasiness and annoyance; upset will speed up the heartbeat, and it will increase the burden of the heart, which is not conducive to raising the heart. Therefore, in the summer, you must first be calm, "Calm is naturally cool", and static is born with yin, and yin and yang are coordinated to maintain the heart.
3. Fall lung
Among the five elements, the lungs are gold and flourish in autumn. Because the lungs like clearing and moisturizing, the main breath is connected to the atmosphere, the outer skin is fur, and it is similar to the large intestine.因此,秋季养生应注意护阴润燥,以养肺为先。
4. Winter kidney
其实,我哪里是说梦话,明明是说实话! do you know?凌晨1点到3点,即丑时,是肝经当令,也是肝脏排毒的最旺盛时期,此时若不让身体进入睡眠状态,肝脏就无法完成代谢废物的任务,健康、养生、长寿均无从谈起。

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