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Top 10 Food in Singapore
Ten Foods in Singapore NO.1 Hainan Chicken Rice. Simple and delicious, Hainanese Chicken Rice is worthy of one of Singapore's most popular dishes, and it is another must-try dish in Singapore. The famous Singapore Curry Fish Head is the crystallization of the fusion of Indian, Chinese and Malay cultures, which is why it is one of the hottest, most tempting and favorite dishes in Singapore. Kaya toast is a traditional snack of Singaporeans and you will love it once you taste it. Chili crab is new ...
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Shanghai specialty fried buns
Shanghai-style fried dumplings with special snacks from various countries are on the list. Ceviche in Peru: A chef is making ceviche in Peru's coastal town of Mancora (pictured is blood clam). Ceviche is a variety of raw fish and seafood marinated and blended in orange juice. Grilled chicken intestines in Thailand: Street vendors in the Philippines call this snack isis manok, also known as grilled chicken intestines. Indian seafood snack. Seafood snacks in India: Beach tourists usually taste this kind of delicacies when they go on holiday in Goa, India ...
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From hot dry noodles to crayfish, Wuhan snacks blend worldly flavors
From hot dry noodles to crayfish, Wuhan snacks are mundane. Wuhan cuisine implies the temperament of Wuhan people: plain, lively, full of worldly fireworks. Wuhan has a large number of food streets, such as the well-known Jiqing Street, the fashionable Wuhan Xintiandi, and Chuhe Han Street, which is the first to see the scale, mostly concentrated in Hankou. Here are a variety of folk native dishes, with a strong flavor, fried catfish bullfrog and fried shrimp balls are the most grass-roots delicious in Wuhan. The food in Wuhan ranks the steamed shrimp restaurants scattered throughout Wuhan every year. Its ...
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"Dog pours urine": Qinghai's well-known delicious snacks
"Dog pouring urine": Qinghai's well-known delicious snacks. The origin of the name "dog pouring urine" is said to be related to the past pancake method. In the past, the stove in Qinghai's kitchen was very high. When women pancake, they must use a small ceramic teapot filled with oil to pour the cake over and over. Due to the high stove, the women leaned forward, and one leg could not help but stilt up. In addition, the clear oil poured out of the oiler was also a thin stream, which looked like a dog urinating, so the Qinghai people took this Kind of good ...
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Chinese Famous Special Snacks (Part 2)
Chinese Famous Special Snacks (Part 2)
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Chinese famous special snacks (on)
Chinese famous special snacks (on)
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Meat-loving Dragon Boat Dumplings: Pork Ribs Burning Dumplings
The meat-loving people enjoy the Dragon Boat Festival dumplings: ribs and burnt dumplings. Today, I will introduce a kind of meat dumplings that love meat lovers: ribs and burnt rice dumplings. Add fried rice dumplings to braised pork ribs. The aroma of pork ribs and soft glutinous rice dumplings complement each other. The ribs infiltrate the fragrance of glutinous rice and coriander leaves. Bring unexpected surprises to your Dragon Boat Festival table. How easy is it for me to have a Dragon Boat Festival? Light zongzi has three flavors: ham, pork belly, lye ...
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Dragon Boat Festival, teach you how to pack dumplings
Seasoning: 1 teaspoon of spiced powder, 1 teaspoon of oyster sauce, 1 teaspoon of pepper, 1 teaspoon of sesame oil, 1 teaspoon of soy sauce, 1 teaspoon of wine, half teaspoon of sunbathing, half teaspoon of chicken essence, half teaspoon of sugar, and 1 teaspoon of salt. Method: Wash the glutinous rice and soak for 3 hours. Wash the reed leaves and reins, take 2 reed leaves, fold it into a funnel shape in one third, put half of the glutinous rice in the funnel, add pork and shiitake mushrooms. Fillings such as salted egg yolk, and glutinous rice, then fold back the extra loquat leaves to cover the funnel and wrap it with a rope at the loincloth ...
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Enjoy Taiwan's popular group food without leaving the city
Eat Taiwan's popular group food without leaving the city. I watched a Taiwanese food program that day and introduced a popular Taiwanese group-purchased gourmet "golden puff." At that time, I was particularly attracted to it. I felt very creative. The puff was wrapped in a layer of meringue. Alluring, the crispy meringue on the outside is definitely delicious. 1. As shown in Figure (1), I use ready-made meringues. This is very convenient. I do n’t have to make meringues myself. My own meringues are also available, or ready-made.
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Xi'an Liangpi completely cracked version
俺 It was chicken freezing yesterday. Today it was chicken freezing. The very unpromising chicken was frozen for two days. You must come up and let everyone share this bowl of happy Shaanxi Liangpi with tadpoles and vinegar. Mix noodles and wash gluten, and stuff the face wash into the refrigerator at around 11pm. Finally, I added that Liangpi is actually a collective term for Shaanxi snacks. The genre is divided into noodles, rice, halal stuffed, Qishan noodles, etc. (excluding flour, jelly, and fern root flour). What I tested today is Normal dough ...
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10 minutes leftover rice turns into a happy breakfast cake—milk rice cake
10 minutes leftover rice turns into a happy breakfast cake-milk-flavored rice cake. Today I will teach you how to turn leftover rice into a happy breakfast cake, which can not only solve the leftover rice in the refrigerator, but also the headache breakfast, and it takes a short time. The whole process is 10 minutes. Use butter to fry rice cakes. The fragrant rice cakes have a faint milk flavor. The cooked rice cakes can also be drawn with small, pleasing symbols in tomato sauce. Happiness is passed to your family through your fingertips, watching the mouth rising. Happiness pervades the entire space ... will weigh ...
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Assorted snacks in Xi'an
Assorted snacks in Xi'an. Bion Bion noodles (Bion reads a word for biang, and it is estimated that the word biang biang noodles can be typed after 10 years, but it is difficult to write) Honey-cold brown (the best food for summer Hui people) Soup soup buns (Xi'an famous Hui snacks) Lamb in lamb (mutton soup with a few slices of lamb and simmered in it to eat without lamb soaked and enjoyable) Steaming bowl (bubble yellow chicken and ribs with fish Xiaosu meat elbow overtime at night Go back to the bowl and do n’t want to cook one ...
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Beijing traditional snacks
Beijing Traditional Snacks Beijing Traditional Snacks 1. Ai Wo Wo. In this regard, "Beijing Traditional Culture Handbook" records: Aiwowo is "a halal snack in Beijing. It is white, spherical, soft and sticky, sweet and fragrant. Because it was eaten by the empress in the Ming Dynasty, it was named" Yuwowo ". Later it was introduced into the folk and evolved into 'Aiwowo.' The second argument is that Aiwowo originated from the Uygur ethnic group, and there is also a legend of Aiwowo and Xiangfei. Bean juice is a popular winter and spring snack in Beijing with unique flavor ...
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[精] Hebei traditional snacks
Hebei traditional snacks Hebei traditional snacks 1, Baoding Fu three treasures. According to "Wai'an County Chronicle", "Chaigou Bacon is very good, and it is well-known outside the province. It is a gift to relatives and friends, and it is praised." It is said that when the Eight Kingdoms entered Beijing, the Empress Dowager Cixi and Emperor Guangxu fled, Having dinner in Chaigou Fort, he praised the bacon in Chaigou Fort. To make Chaigoubao bacon, code the selected meat into the pot, pour into the many-year-old soup, and add a certain proportion of peppercorns, aniseed, cinnamon, cloves, Yinxiang, amomum, poor meat ...
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Hainan traditional snacks
Hainan traditional snacks Hainan traditional snacks 1, Hainan four treasure crab tongs. It became famous in Lingshan Town, Qiongshan City. Its flour is thicker than Hainan flour. Its production process is slightly different from Hainan flour. Its food method is "salted", but its characteristics are smooth and smooth. The marinade focuses on seafood ingredients. , Highlighting a "seafood flavor". Hainan coconut boat, also known as "Pearl Willow Seed Boat", is a traditional folk snack in Qionghai and Wenchang areas of Hainan. In order to put the medicine in the rice, the Hainanese made the "chicken feces rattan rotten", which is to put ...
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[Fine] Guangxi traditional snacks
Guangxi traditional snack Guangxi traditional snack 1. Zhuang five-colored sticky rice. The method is to put the field snails bought or retrieved from the field in clean water for several days to live and let the field snails drain the sludge and dirt. Wash the field snail shell before cooking, and then chop it off with a knife. Tail end, and peel off the screw cap, so that the head and tail of the screw body can communicate with each other, so that oil, salt and ingredients enter the screw belly, and it is easy to suck out the meat when eating. There are many types of Guilin rice noodles, including lettuce powder, burdock powder, three fresh powder, raw soup powder, stewed vegetable powder, hot and sour powder, ...
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Sichuan and Chongqing traditional snacks
Shou Shou is a famous snack in Chengdu, Sichuan. A complete series of beef dishes has become a major feature of Zigong cuisine: boiled beef, hot beef, beef, cold beef, braised beef, cold beef, beef soup, beef belly hot pot, etc. Among them, hot beef Boiled beef is famous all over the world. Every year around the winter solstice, Jianyang holds the Jianyang Mutton Soup Festival. Jianyang Mutton Soup stores are located throughout the city. The well-known mutton soup restaurants are: Baita Road Houde Lamb Soup, Old City Wall Lamb Soup, Baita Road Liao's Lamb Soup and Ravioli. ..
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Guizhou traditional snacks
Guizhou traditional snacks Guizhou traditional snacks 2011-12-23 00:08. Such as angelica mutton soup, wolfberry mutton soup, astragalus mutton soup, mutton radish soup, mutton tofu soup, trotter mutton soup belong to this category. Flavor characteristics: The surface is delicate and smooth, the soup is salty and fresh and sour. Grind the rice into a rice slurry and spread it in a steamed pan brushed with cooked oil. After cooling, change to a knife and cut into 2 cm wide strips. Put it in the dish, blanch it with boiling water, add half a spoon of cold boiling water and 氽Cook the green mung bean sprouts, then put the kohlrabi, salted vegetables, crispy soybeans, spring onions ...
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Yunnan traditional snacks
Yunnan Traditional Snacks Yunnan Traditional Snacks 2011-12-20 00:04 1. Cross the bridge noodles. The bridge noodles consist of soup, slices, rice noodles, and seasonings. Adding "Sanqi", Gastrodia, Cordyceps and other valuable medicinal materials to cooking, it will become "Sanqi" steam pot chicken, Gastrodia steam pot chicken, Cordyceps steam pot chicken, which is a nourishing famous dish with unique flavor in Yunnan. This dish has its origins. In the history of Jingpo people, there is a custom of killing chickens and sacrificing ghosts. "Ghost chicken" is used for sacrificing ghosts. Jingpo people cool the cooked chicken ...
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Zhejiang traditional snacks
Zhejiang Traditional Snacks Zhejiang Traditional Snacks 2011-12-16 00:00 1. Hangzhou Laoya Pot. In ancient times, some people ate this dish, and the poem flourished. They wrote a poem on the wall of the restaurant: "The skirts were bought drunk, and the upper deck in the green sun shadow, how many lake cruises in front of the door, half from Santan Yinyuehui. Why return Looking for Zhang Hanhai (the West Lake vinegar fish is better than the delicious and delicious Songjiang sea bass), the fish flavor is said to be the West Lake, and the loser has this reconciliation hand, and knows Song Songwu. "The last sentence of the poem refers to & quo .. .
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Jiangxi traditional snacks
Jiangxi Traditional Snacks Jiangxi Traditional Snacks 2011-12-14 00:03 1. Fried Bacon with Artemisia annua. The rice is ground into a slurry, the pan is scalded into thin slices, the knife is cut into shreds, and the soup is cooked. Cut the tofu into the size of the beans, pour it into a hot pot with broth, add the seasonings for a few minutes, then pour cooked lard, add shrimp, cilantro, shiitake mushrooms, and bamboo shoot tips, stir with one hand, and sprinkle rice with one hand, Add crushed parsley, wet starch and lard, scoop into a plate, top with sesame oil, sprinkle with pepper and green onion. Soil and water nourishment in Liyang ...
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[精] Henan traditional snacks
The method of simmering noodles is basically the same: put fresh lamb in the pot with fungus, stir fry with golden needles, and add lamb bone soup. When the soup is burned, pull the noodles that have already been coded into 3 cm wide thin noodles and throw them into the pot. , Noodles are cooked, put onion scallion, add chili peppers burned with mutton. Yixing Jiangyao chicken is cooked and separated from the bones, with good color and taste, good quality and low price. The original name is the same as Daokou Yixing Zhangyao chicken. Today, Yixing Jiangyao chicken still ranks first in the county. 29. Mutton soup. Xuchang is located in the Central Plains. It is not a place for mass sheep production, but Xuchang people love to eat sheep ...
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[Fine] Hunan traditional snacks
Hunan Traditional Snacks Hunan Traditional Snacks 2011-12-09 00:00 1. Liu Defang Dumpling. 11, Changde rice noodles. "Tuojia Dou" also includes tempeh chili, tempeh chili, and meat tempeh. 24. Rucheng rice noodles. Rucheng has a long history of producing rice noodles. As early as the Qing Dynasty in Guangxu, Rucheng had a shop that produced rice noodles, and the rice noodles produced were thin and long. The reason why Rucheng rice noodles are so popular is that one is white, round and slender, shaped like a dragon's whisker, symbolizing auspiciousness. Both rice noodles are easy to eat and economical ...
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Hubei traditional snacks
Hubei traditional snacks Hubei traditional snacks 2011-12-07 00:00 1. Hot dry noodles. This soup bag has the characteristics of Wuhan flavor with thin skin, many soups, tender fillings and delicious flavors. There are shrimp soup bag, shiitake mushroom soup bag, crab soup soup bag, chicken soup bag, assorted soup bag and other new varieties. unique. Fish cake meatballs are a unique flavor in Jingzhou area. Fish is not seen when eating fish. The fish has meaty flavor, the meat has fishy flavor, and the fragrance is smooth and tender. Fish cake meatballs are a unique flavor in Jingzhou area to eat fish ...
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Gansu traditional snacks
Secondly, to see if the soup of beef ramen is clear, soup turbidity is not authentic. Now the soup donation may have been omitted! 38. Broken sheep. People who are afraid of miscellaneous odors will first scoop the washed lamb chopped pan, throw the soup away, steam the chopped off chopped chopped meat, refill the pan with water, add the seasoning, and cook it in a bowl. Broken broth. " Street and lane shops, stations, and stalls are often filled with new jumbles, and they are constantly added to a large pot. A pot of soup is often not changed with the fire, even the pot operator ...
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Qinghai traditional snacks
Qinghai traditional snacks Qinghai traditional snacks 2011-12-04 00:04 1. Pull the bar. Pull bar is the best in Qinghai local recipes, especially pasta. Guests who have been to the Qinghai Plateau, when they talk about Qinghai, the most unforgettable are the noodles and noodles. Naturally, they are recognized as a representative of Qinghai flavor. People of all ethnic groups in Qinghai agricultural and semi-agricultural areas often eat different kinds of rice, such as flower rolls, oil rolls, oil cakes, Qulian, oil incense, stoves, and steamed buns .. .
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[Fine] Ningxia traditional snacks
Ningxia Traditional Snacks 2011-12-03 00:07 1. Ten bowls of Hui people's feasts. Lamb stew: fresh soup and rotten meat; after eating the top ten bowls of rural Hui people, you will also experience the dietary characteristics of rural Hui people in Ningxia. Ningxia's green halal food, which has been identified as a "Chinese snack" by the country, has been inherited for decades from old hair. Lamb has the characteristics of freshness, tenderness, and aroma, and is not greasy, mellow and delicious. Features, mutton, mutton neck, mutton soup are still good for ...
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[Fine] Xinjiang traditional snacks
Xinjiang traditional snacks Xinjiang traditional snacks 2011-12-01 00:03 1. Xinjiang pilaf. 2. Lamb pilaf. Eating slivers requires delicious side dishes. Most people in Xinjiang like to use oiled meat, fried lamb with red spicy seeds, scrambled eggs with tomatoes, fried cabbage with shredded cabbage, or risotto with spicy vegetables, eggplant, tomatoes, onions and mutton, and sour Spicy potato shreds, sauerkraut fried meat, celery fried meat, cowpea fried meat, etc. The color of the parmum is golden and pleasing, and the skin is crispy and tender, and the skin of the bun is like melting in the tender meat ...
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[Fine] Traditional Shaanxi snacks
Sour soup dumplings, as the name suggests, are expensive in sour soup. Add scallion, ginger and garlic shabu-shabu before serving, add sautéed water, boil, boil, and mix with other condiments after fragrant, or fish in a bowl and pour slushy water (preferably hot slushy water), Add an appropriate amount of refined salt, pepper oil, and chili oil and serve immediately. Pay attention here: in hot weather, add an appropriate amount of goat's belly oil to the sheep's tail oil. Because of the solidifying property of the goat's belly oil, it will not melt out of the surface heat; soup...
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[Fine] Liaoning traditional snacks
Liaoning Traditional Snacks Liaoning Traditional Snacks 2011-11-28 00:07 1. The white meat and blood sausage was first created by the Manchu Na Family, and it was made with pork ribs and white water sauce. Sheep soup is both whole sheep soup. 28. Jinzhou Barbecue. Jinzhou Goubangzi stuffed buns are well known in Jinzhou for their unique texture, oily but not greasy feel. In Jinzhou, "Gou Bangzi Water Filled Buns" are the most popular signboards. The main foods are rich in variety, including the main daily food of the Manchus, jujubes, boiled ravioli ...
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[Fine] Jilin traditional snacks
Jilin Traditional Snacks Jilin Traditional Snacks 2011-11-27 00:06 1. Huibaozhen Dumplings Huibaozhen Dumplings are Hui food. 12, North Korea cold. Therefore, Koreans not only love cold noodles in the hot summer, but also cold noodles in the cold winter months. In the past, Koreans had cold noodles on the fourth day of the first month of the first month, or on their birthdays. According to folklore, if they slender cold noodles on this day, they would live a hundred years and have a great life. surface". Koreans used to ...
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[Fine] Heilongjiang traditional snacks
Heilongjiang Traditional Snacks 2011-11-26 00:06 1. The meat in the pot is golden in color, crispy on the outside, tender on the outside, sweet and sour. This dish is very much enjoyed by Russian guests, and it is always ordered every time you come to eat. At that time, people had no conditions to pay attention to any ingredients and seasonings. They just chopped the freshly killed pork into large pots, added water, put salt, and then cut sauerkraut while cooking. Wait until the meat is cooked. , Then pour the filled blood sausage into the pot and cook. ...
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Anhui traditional snacks
Anhui Traditional Snacks Anhui Traditional Snacks 2011-11-24 00:15 1. Huizhou Wraps. The folk specialties of Shexian County, on the eighth day of the lunar month on the eve of the Spring Festival, every family has to tofu, and this kind of tofu is called "baba tofu" by the people. "Cao Cao Chicken" is a famous traditional dish in Hefei, Anhui, which was founded in the Three Kingdoms period. 34. Fried green tofu. Under normal circumstances, the top layer is braised pork slices, which are large and fat, not greasy, surrounded by neatly arranged meatballs, and deep-fried beans ...
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Shandong traditional snacks
19. Zhoucun sesame cake. According to historical records, in the middle of the Ming Dynasty, merchants and merchants of Zhoucun gathered, and a variety of snacks emerged from time to time. The "waffle stove" used for pastry baking was introduced into Zhoucun. The characteristics of thin, fragrant, and crispy were improved to create the popular large crispy biscuits, which is the embryonic form of Zhoucun biscuits today. In order to grow onions, sowing in spring, in the summer onions grow thick as fingers, they need to be transplanted once, row by row, so that as the onions grow with soil ...
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Inner Mongolia traditional snacks
Inner Mongolia traditional snacks Inner Mongolia traditional snacks 2011-11-21 00:06 1. Hada cake. It is a commonly used drink in Mongolian folk midsummer. There are two types of this drink: one is fermented yogurt and the other is fermented yogurt. Fermented yogurt is put fresh milk or fresh goat's milk, horse's milk, and camel milk in a jar, the temperature is maintained at about 18 degrees Celsius, and after two days, it will ferment into pieces with a sour taste. This is the fermented yogurt . According to legend, Genghis Khan once passed through the Ordos region of Mongolia on his way to the battle. God gave him three ...
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[Fine] Jiangsu traditional snacks
Jiangsu Traditional Snacks Jiangsu Traditional Snacks 2011-11-20 00:04 1. Dongtai Fish Noodle Soup Dongtai Fish Noodle Soup has a history of nearly 200 years. According to legend, it was made by an imperial chef who was driven out of the palace. 4. Wuxi oil gluten. Not long after, the old lady in Wuxi City, who was sitting at the Buddha ’s night, felt that the oil gluten tasted extraordinary, so she learned how to do it. Oil gluten has entered millions of households, and the smart Jiangnan chefs are even more proficient. Using oil gluten as the material, cook many traditional Wuxi famous dishes, oil noodles ...
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Tianjin traditional snacks
Tianjin Traditional Snacks Tianjin Traditional Snacks 2011-11-18 00:01 There are countless Tianjin-style snacks. 3, Tianjin snack three must-fried ears and eyes. 5, rice cracker dishes. The pancakes were refreshing, and the clear soup was smooth. Qianlong pointed at the soup and asked, "What's your name?" Sister Guo thought she asked her name, and then she answered, "Guo Ba ..." Qianlong heard, "The pot is reasonable, but the pot's gaba." ! If you add another dish word, called Guo Ba Cai, the best place is dry food. It's better. "The next day, Qianlong's guard came ...
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Shanxi traditional snacks
This kind of scar cake is usually 26 cm to 33 cm in diameter. The cake is thin and crisp. The face of the cake is made of pebble and has unevenness, so it is called "scar cake". Said Seng Yuanren's "Records of Visiting the Tang Dynasty for Practicing Acts" (Vol. 3): "On the 6th day of the 6th year of the lunar New Year, in the beginning of the spring, the life was given to Hu Biao Temple Congee. "With Yang Huizhou": "Flax cakes are like Kyoto, and the noodles are crispy and oily. They are sent to the hunger ambassador Yang, and it looks like they are flourishing."
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[Fine] Guangdong traditional snacks
Guangdong Traditional Snacks Guangdong Traditional Snacks 2011-11-14 23:24 1. Puff pastry lotus seed buns. Later, the porridge noodle shop also changed the congee porridge cooked by the pig's internal organs from "pork miscellaneous porridge" to "hedi porridge," also known as "Sanyuan and congee." There are two main types of Guangdong sausage powder: one is bran sausage, and the other is drawer-like sausage powder. Due to different manufacturing tools, the resulting sausage powder is different. Filling-based (most of the intestine powder paste is made of sticky rice flour and then added noodles, corn flour ...
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[Fine] Hong Kong traditional snacks
Hong Kong traditional snacks Hong Kong traditional snacks 2011-11-08 00:14 1. Taipa cake. Maltose biscuits are a simple and easy-to-make nostalgic snack. The sweet maltose and salty soda biscuits have an endless aftertaste. The crystal clear egg is a popular snack in Hong Kong. Especially in summer, eating a cold dish, from the throat to the heart, can make people really relax. For five yuan and three pieces, the "Fried Sambo" is one of the most popular street snacks in Hong Kong. The "Fried Sambo" is ...
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Shanghai traditional snacks
Shanghai traditional snacks Shanghai traditional snacks 2011-11-04 00:18 1. Crab shell yellow. There are two methods of making this snack in Shanghai, represented by Shuguang Restaurant (formerly known as Xiao Changzhou, known as Rib King) and Xiandelai Dim Sum Shop, both of which are famous for their ribs and rice cakes, but they have different production methods and tastes. They are very different and have their own characteristics. They became famous in Shanghai in the early 1930s. Open onion noodles is a specialty snack of Shanghai Hubin Dim Sum Shop and one of the famous snacks of Chenghuang Temple. 14, Chenghuang Temple pear cream sugar. 10 ...
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Gourmet capital: endless taste of Xi'an
Jinkang Road Liangpi Shop Address: Jinkang Road Honghua Lane Yun Lao Si Liangpi Shop Address: Jinkang Road Honghua Lane Zhang Jun rolling noodle skin Address: Xiaozhai Harbor City, there are many branches Jertai Liangpi Street Address: Xianning East Road Shengmi Liangpi, next to Laomi's House Address: Xuejia Mipi, Qin Town, West Exit of Dapiyuan Address: Behind Mipi Street, Qin Town. Xi'an Roulade is sold all over the country, and many are opened by Xi'an Xiangdang, but it only looks like the real delicious Roulade ...
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10 small snacks I did n’t have
So I have never dared to make my own cheesecake. I accidentally eat fat! 3 Mix the low-gluten flour with corn starch and sieve into the cheese paste and mix well with a rubber spatula; 6 Dig 1/3 of the protein into the cheese paste and use the rubber spatula to cut and mix the protein and cheese paste well; 7 Then pour Return to the egg white bowl and continue to mix the egg white and cheese paste with a rubber spatula; 8 Pour the mixed cake paste into a small cake mold; 10 Put the cake mold into a baking dish (directly in water) and bake Place the dish in a 150 degree preheated oven ...
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Old Beijing famous snacks
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Snack Recipes
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Snacks-The practice of gourmet snacks in the world | Flavored Snacks | Teach you to make snacks
Shaanxi snacks have experienced more than a thousand years of development. They have collected the essence of various places, combined with the flavor of national diets, and excavated and inherited the skills of court snacks of all ages. They are famous for their wide variety and different flavors. Cantonese snacks have the same origin as dim sum, and Qu Dajun's "Guangdong Xinyu" contains a variety of folk cuisines, such as powder fruit, Shaweng, zongzi, and crispy, which have been flourishing for a long time. Wuhan has been a land and water wharf since ancient times. The Beijing-Guangzhou Railway and the Yangtze River Hanshui bring dishes from all over the country to Wuhan. North and South flavors come together here, ...
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Famous specialties and snacks from all over the country (Photos)
Famous specialties and snacks from all over the country (Photos) Chinese food culture has a long history, not to mention those expensive dishes, but snacks and local specialties are enough for those foreigners with knife and fork to eat raw meat. Come to Beijing first: Beijing roast duck. Beijing Erguotou-also a specialty. Road pit meatball porridge. Hakka salted chicken in camphor. Grass root porridge of Qingxi. 010 Guancheng pig red porridge. 011 Shilong beancurd chicken. 018 Zunyi's Old Town Dou Hua Mian. 019 Zunyi mutton powder.
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Xi'an Food Snacks
Because there is a thick layer of chili oil on this soup, for the safety of your life and the comrades across the table, please swing your head slowly and blow out a vacuum zone like drinking tea. It is accurate, and you suddenly take a sip on the soup. (It's a bit like taking advantage of your girlfriend when you first fell in love). How does it taste? I'm right, at this time you can taste a noodle with a chopsticks. This side, called a tendon, a thin, do you know how to do it? This side is also called gudao noodle. Not all Northwesterners are Big Five ...
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76 Guizhou snacks (multiple pictures)
[Transfer] 76 Guizhou snack intestines flour noodles. Zunyi mutton powder. Huaxi Wangji Beef Noodles. Chicken dumplings. Sauerkraut bait pieces. Sour soup keel noodles. Slices of chicken flour. Kang Jia whistle. Soft whistle. Boiling water. Zunyi Beancurd Noodles. Four color sweet wine. Miaoxiang Sour Soup Fish Dumpling. Cake powder. Whistle Bijie dumplings. The cows rolled. Multicolored pearl soup. Sauerkraut ears. Umi mentions it. Pumpkin bun. Pumpkin fragrant rice. Guiyang chicken cutlets. Bracken Chicken Pie. Fortune pumpkin crisps. Zunyi Chicken Cake.
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Tianjin snacks
Tianjin snacks. Dogs ignore buns: one of the three best foods in Jinmen. Eighteenth Street Twist: One of the three best foods in Jinmen. Also known as "Gui Faxiang" assorted twists, because its original shop site was located on East Building Eighteenth Street, it was called "eighteenth Street Cannabis Flower". Tangyuan with fresh fruit filling: Tianjin-style snacks. Lama cake: Jinmen traditional snacks. Developed and produced by Tianjin Goubuli Steamed Bun Head Office using traditional sauce methods. Zhiwei Zhaishui burst belly: Tianjin-style snacks, founded in 1920. Du Chengqi Fire: Jinmen flavor ...
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