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Where does the non-student lose?

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This New Year, cousin Qi Feng returned from Shenzhen.
Three years ago, when he lost his fourth job, he came to the conclusion that these small towns in the north were too closed and too backward, and he decided to venture into the larger world.
As soon as I heard that there was no news, my aunt was also confused when he mentioned him. The son was alone. Apart from taking care of his body and eating on time, it was harder for a senior to guide him.
After three years of mixing, Qi Feng finally returned to her hometown. Everyone filled in the expectations for the New Year's party, and wanted to see what the hairy boy had gone out in the past few years.
I don't have much expectation of him. I feel that nothing should change.
Sure enough, Qi Feng was 28 years old, and he had a mustache. He had drunk alcohol and learned to smoke. In addition, he didn't see any progress. It is said that the money was saved a little, but he could n’t make ends meet. Life is too stressful to return.
The banquet was about to disperse, he just poked his head out of the onlookers of the seven aunts and eight aunts. Drunk, he held up his glass to salute me, and said, cousin, I regret not studying as well as you!
This sentence surprised me.
A few years ago, he didn't say so. I remember clearly that he said at a family dinner that what is the use of learning, the students of Peking University sell pork. Now even graduate students may not be able to find a job. What time is it now? Fighting for dad's time!
The last sentence was exceptionally loud. I can still remember the embarrassment of several people at the table at the time. This cousin's sentence seemed objective and unintentional, but it sounded like a complaint.
The six cousins in the family were divided into two groups when they were in school. Those who studied well and those who did not study well reported the grades during the holidays. The former was proud and the latter was downcast.
But after graduating from college, these six people were divided into two groups, good job and bad job.
During the Chinese New Year, the former was raised with fat and big ears and brushed up to pick up New Year's goods at home, while the latter was riddled with reality, and had to work overtime during the New Year. However, it is not the same group of people who study well and work well, and cousin Qi Feng is unfortunately attributed to the latter two times.
The graduation certificate seemed to hit everyone back to the same starting line, and re-divided the starting point according to Dad's ability.
Qi Feng said that if he couldn't fight his father, he would desperately! When His Majesty made this sentence, no one would dare stop him when he went to Shenzhen. After all, I didn't give my son a little bit of confidence at the time.
But what can he mix up?
I have never been optimistic about him. It is not because he does n’t think he has any cards. Instead, I do n’t optimistic about people who do n’t know how to learn. My cousin came back this time. I guess he has n’t changed much. But this is no longer an era in which rivers and lakes can be mixed by virtue of rivers and lakes alone.
And my other classmate is different. Three years ago, he said that he would go to Shenzhen for development. I am full of admiration and worship. I am convinced that he will break new ground in the new environment. Today, he is already one of the top 500. An executive of an enterprise has an annual salary of more than 500,000 yuan.
It's the same with bare hands. Some people are still naked a few years later, and some people return home. I was thinking, what is the difference between this? What made me trust my classmates more than my cousins?
What I found was the experience of reading.
Maybe many people think that the diploma we got last is important. In fact, what is more important than the diploma is the attitude that a person has in his childhood reading experience.
Sooner or later the world will punish those who do n’t study, and those who have learned and those who do n’t learn will sooner or later have a clear difference in society, and those who do n’t read are not lost on diplomas.
First of all, they lose the initiative.
Children who do not like to read do not have much desire for new knowledge, are not curious about unknown things, do not want to try, and do not enjoy the inner thrill of getting a new skill.
Thinking aggressively, the external performance is to rank what you want to test, to be better than anyone else, and the internal performance is to make yourself satisfied.
I remember there was a classmate in the middle school class, who was not very serious in class and liked to draw villains on the corner of the book. The villain he painted was a simple animation. When he quickly flipped the corner of the book, he could see the villain move. He can draw a little animation for a long time, and sometimes it has surprised us so much that he is still not satisfied, and always has to remake it many times.
In junior high school, he was ranked in the middle of the class. In high school, I still had a school with him, but I saw that he suddenly rushed to the top ten of the grade. In fact, it is not surprising at all. A person who is willing to keep refreshing his own record, as long as he wants to do it, is only a matter of time.
A big heart is a good thing, and optimism is a manifestation of high emotional intelligence, but people who are blindly optimistic and too easy to satisfy will largely stand still.
As Zhou Guoping mentioned in the book: A person's spiritual crisis just shows that the person has a persistent spiritual pursuit and has the courage to reflect on himself. What is terrible is not crisis, but numbness.
When my cousin Qi Feng was a child, he was a kind of child who had headaches when he started studying. When he first started school, everyone liked to ask him about his grades. Later, he avoided them to avoid embarrassment.
Slowly, he also began to believe that he could not do it. He always said that his cousin was better at learning and better than him. When the brothers and sisters discussed the homework problem together, he looked away from it at a glance. Look.
It is more terrifying than willing to accept himself. He will live through and live through his life. A passable person, even if he has a new pursuit on the surface, will retreat in the face of difficulties, so to succeed, unless you rely on luck.
Many children who do not like reading have an obsessive enthusiasm for games, which is very different from their unthinking, aggressive and excessive learning. Why is that?
In fact, it's because the game can provide timely feedback. Any kind of game is accompanied by extra points, rankings, tasks, rewards and punishments, fighting monsters and upgrading. The game's feedback at any time will allow players to continue to gain a sense of accomplishment and continue the game. This is a psychological mechanism that almost everyone cannot escape.
Therefore, those who do not like to read still lose in quick successes. The benefits of reading are by no means realized overnight. The subtle influence of reading on a person may last for several years or even decades.
Why do some people have diplomas but don't have real talents to learn?
The reason is this. In this test environment of "three shorts, one short, one short, three shorts, one long, one long", many people have chosen to take shortcuts and find a way. They are also destined to be losers because they are also It belongs to the category of quick success and immediate benefit.
My cousin frequently changed jobs, and he was not satisfied with any of them. I have to say that it is a manifestation of his quick success. He thought that in a developed city like Shenzhen, he could be closer to success, but it determines the distance between us and success. It is never the geographical location, nor the shoulders of our father, but our own cultural heritage.
Besides, my other high school classmate, Xiao Sun, because he has a good family background, he doesn't pay much attention to schooling. His grades in the school are mediocre. He went to college to study finance and economics. When he graduated, he took over the hotel at home and became vice president.
At that time, many students were very hot. But in recent years, I heard that the hotel he runs has been losing money, and finally closed recently. Another classmate in the class, Jiang, started his own catering in recent years, and now he has opened a chain store.
To our outsiders, Xiao Sun's father was a businessman, and Xiao Sun should have been the best in training. However, Jiang, a poor student, can't compete with Xiao Sun in terms of vision or experience.
But reality tells us that opportunity, treatment, and family history are temporary. If you don't have the ability to control, time will definitely bring back those who have gained momentum back to the prototype.
Qi Feng went home this time and told me that he regretted not studying well. I feel very surprised!
Fortunately, he did not say that he was unscrupulous, that he was unlucky, that there were too few opportunities, or that his partners were not reliable.
As long as he is willing to find the cause from himself, his life will still have a turn for the better.
The process of reading is actually a process of deeply introspecting yourself, overthrowing your own ideas, constantly refreshing your three views, and thinking about appropriate solutions in the face of difficulties. The truly successful people in the future are the ones who can fall and climb on their own. Rising people instead of crying and complaining children lying on the ground.
The person who does not reflect on himself will lose. Every time he encounters difficulties in his future life, he has no strength to stand up!
When her husband was derailed, he was beaten up with Xiaosan on the street and photographed and posted to the Internet; the unit was in a downturn and his salary was not available, and he scolded the leader and scolded the social scolding system in the office all day. Needless to say, he must not read How many books have you had? That's why they are losing their grudges.
Where are the people who do n’t read?
It's not like losing a diploma without perfection! Instead, you lose in your own character.
One day, I saw a woman in the group criticize her ex-husband, saying that her ex-husband always thought that she had left him because he was poor, in fact, he couldn't see his indifference, vulgarity, gloom, low quality, unscrupulous ... In fact, it is these qualities that led to his poverty!
Isn't that true for reading? Some people say that diplomas are useless now! In fact, the diploma is just a result, and those who do not study simply lose it!

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