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200 Common Knowledge of Chinese Studies Recommended by Dong Qing (4)

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

151. Whose phrase is "Jinge Iron Horse, swallowing thousands of miles like a tiger?" (B)
A, Yue Fei
B, Xin Qiji
152. "Will be a top performer and see the mountains" is Du Fu's famous sentence. Which mountain on which the poet boarded made such a feeling? (B)
A. Huangshan
B. Tarzan
153. "Qi Min Yao Shu" is about: (B)
A. Books on how monarchs rule the country
B. Works on Agricultural Production and Farming Activities
154. Why did Confucius "I don't know the taste of meat in March"? (B)
A. Read a good book
B. Hear a good piece of music
155. What does "Peach Li" mean? (B)
A, friends
B. Students
156. In which dynasty was the Kangxi Dictionary written? (B)
A, Qin Dynasty, B, Qing Dynasty
157. What was the kite used for initially? (A)
A. Notification B. Entertainment and fitness
158. The original use of "Ding" was: (C)
A, Sacrificial Ritual B, Status Symbol C, Cooking Appliances
159. If you want to borrow fable books from the library, which of the following should you prefer? (C)
A, "Historical Records" B, "The Analects" C, "Zhuangzi"
160. What time does "three more" in "three nights" mean? (B)
A, 21:00 to 23:00
B, 23 am to 1 am
C, 1 to 3 am
161. During the Yongle period of the Ming Dynasty, Zheng He's fleet returned from the West brought back a Western exotic beast "Kirin", as we know now:
A. Lion
B. Leopard
C, Hippo
D. Giraffe
162. Which of the following ancient famous songs is a Pipa? (A)
A. Ambush on ten sides
B. Alpine flowing water
163. "Old man and old man" is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation. Who first proposed this sentence? (B)
A. Confucius
B. Mencius
164. The idioms "close" and "foot" are ancient units of measurement. Which of "close" and "foot" is longer? (B)
A. Close
B, ruler
165. Which of the four fonts of cursive, running, regular, and official script is the origin of the remaining three? (D)
A, cursive
B, running script
C, regular script
D. Lishu
166. The custom of eating rice cake is related to which of the following historical figures? (A)
A, Wu Zizhen
B, Fan Ye
C, Qu Yuan
167. "The sigh of Da Cai Xiao Yong, Guan Zhong, Xiao He Shi Liu Ya" is a famous poem by Lu You. Which of the following characters is described by "Da Cai Xiao Yong"? (B)
A, Han Yu
B, Xin Qiji
C, Pang Tong
D. Song Yu
168. On which object was Oracle first discovered? (B)
A. Bronze
B, medicinal materials
C. Tombstone
D. Bamboo tube
169. Which of the following idioms tells the story of Lu Bubao? (A)
A, a word of gold
B, Yinuoqianjin
C, one meal
D. Big money
170. Which of the following words does not include "black"? (D)
A, mysterious
B, soap
C, green
D, Cang
171. In the following four sentences, the meaning is different from the other three sentences: (D)
A. The wood of the embrace is born at the end
B. The nine-story platform starts from tired soil
C. The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step
D. A day trip is early in the morning
172. The story of Yu's "Single Pole Going to the Meeting" in "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms" does have a history of "Single Pole Going to the Meeting" in history. What went to the meeting is:
A, Zhao Yun
B. Zhang Fei
C, Zhou Yu
D. Lu Su
173. Which of the following women's names is used to name the crater in outer space? (D)
A, Ban Zhao
B. Cai Wenji
C, Wang Zhaojun
D, Li Qingzhao
174, Xiao Wangmo antique person wrote a word, and after writing, found that the text was exactly 100 words, what kind of word brand did he use? (C)
A. Man Tingfang
B, Yu Linling
C. Nian Nujiao
D. Water Dragon Yin
175. Who is the boss of the following historical figures at home? (C)
A. Confucius
B. Zhuge Liang
C, Ban Gu
D. Cheng Gu
176. "Double Spring" is our unique art of Qu Yi. It is named after: (A)
A. Both of the first performers are surnamed Huang
B. The instrument used by performers is called spring
C. Performers' tongues
177. On the headpiece of the Bai girl, there is a perfectly familiar word, which is: (B)
A. Overcast
B 、 Wind and snow
C. Plum Orchid
D. Spring, summer, autumn and winter
178, China has a long history of wearing wooden clogs. The shoes below are Xie Gongyun from Xie Lingyun during the Eastern Jin Dynasty. Its purpose at that time was: (C)
A 、 Dance shoes
B, facing shoes to wear
C, hiking shoes
179. Whose famous phrase is "Timely Encouragement and Time Not Treating People"? (B)
A. Su Shi
B. Tao Yuanming
180. Cao Zhi became a poem in seven steps. According to legend, there is another person who can become a poem in three steps in history. He is: (B)
A. Wang Anshi
B, Kou Zhun
181. In The Analects of Confucius: "B"
A. Loyalty
B, filial piety
182. "July fire, clothing in September", where "July fire" refers to: (B)
A. The weather is hot and hot
B. The weather is getting colder
C. Meteor anomaly
183. From which classics does the word "seeking truth from facts" come from? (D)
A. "Zuo Zhuan"
B. "Warring States Policy"
C. "Historical Records"
D. Han Book
184. "Which one is drunk to watch the sword while watching the sword, and dream back to blow the horns to camp" Whose work came from? (C)
A, Lu You
B. Yue Fei
C, Xin Qiji
D, Li Qingzhao
185. After Qin Shihuang unified China, which one of the following characters was unified? (B)
A. Regular script
B, Xiao
C, bird and insect text
D. Running a book.
186, "I hope that people will last for a long time, a total of thousands of miles, a total of Juanjuan", Su Dongpo used this word to express his feelings for whom? (B)
A, wife
B, brother
C, friends
D. Father
187, Xuan paper gets its name: (C)
A. Uses
B, material
C. Origin
D. Using the crowd
188. Which of the following is another name for Lunar May? (C)
A. Xingyue
B, Mochizuki
C, lunar month
D, lotus month
189. The following poems are from men: (C)
A. Seeing Zhu Chengbi think one after another, Xun Zhili is Yijun
B. The north wind is cold and cold, Hu Yan is moving while Ma Ming
C. If life is just like first sight, why is Qiufeng sad and sad?
D. Things are people and things go wrong, tears flow first
190. In ancient times, many surnames originated from official positions. What is Sima's function? (B)
A. Farming
B. Military and Political Affairs
C. Horse breeding
D. Water conservancy
191. Cheongsam is a female clothing with Chinese characteristics. The cheongsam is: (A)
A. Left placket presses right placket
B. Right placket presses left placket
192. In "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms", Liu Bei saw a couplet hanging from the Zhuge Liang family, writing:
A. Indifferent to Mingzhi, quiet and far away
B, bow down and die
193. The "Badashan people" in the Qing Dynasty refer to: (A)
A. A painter
B. Eight painters
194. Among the following plants, which should not appear in the "Three Friends of the Winter":
A, chrysanthemum
B, May
C, bamboo
195. Guqin originally had only five strings, representing gold, wood, water, fire, and earth. Later, two strings were added. These two strings represent: (D)
A, heaven, earth
B, South, North
C, Yin, Yang
D, Wen, Wu
196. Which of the following verses does not describe Guqin? (B)
A, want to pay Yao Qin
B. One string and one column
C, wave for me, such as listening to Wan Maosong
D. I ca n’t bear the hardships and play the sycamore for Jun
197. Which province is Chu River and Han World in today? (B)
A. Hubei
B, Henan
C, Hebei
D. Hunan
198. Are there idioms related to chess culture? (C)
A. Potential
B. Surprisingly winning
C. Attentive
D, distinct
199, Jun Li, Gu Jian Jin Jian, which character of calligrapher in history?
A. Wang Xizhi
B, Yan Zhenqing
C. Liu Gongquan
D. Wu Daozi
200. The earliest works of painting on paper are: (C)
A. "Qingming River Picture"
B. "Luo Shen Fu"
C. "Five Bulls"
D. "Pictures of Emperors"

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