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The Legend of Koala

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Oh my god! What is she doing!
The little guy seemed to hear the heartbreak,
"Don't understand me, eat me!"
For hundreds of years, the bun was no longer a snack, but it was regarded as a staple. We call the lovely garden-faced person "Baozi Face" the most famous female star, even Chen Yanxi's male star Yue Yunpeng. The buns are inseparable from our lives, and people love buns.
The key to buns is noodles. How to make noodles well?
1. Take 250 grams of flour, pour it into a container, add 120 ml of cold water, and stir well with chopsticks.
2. Knead the dough into a dough, arrange the shape slightly, put it in a container, seal it with plastic wrap or cover it with a damp cloth for about 10 minutes.
3. Remove the cling film, take out the dough that has been awakened, put it on the panel, press the dough with the palm of your hand, push it outwards vigorously, spread the dough apart and stack it again and again until the dough is smooth and moist.
4. Cut a piece of smooth and moist dough with a knife and knead it into round strips of uniform thickness.
5. Cut the long strips into small dough with a weight of 10 grams, sprinkle a small amount of flour, and mix the small dough.
6, with the dough cut facing up, press flat with the palm down.
7, roll the dough into a diameter of about 7 cm in the middle thick, thin round skin around.
The filling needs to have juice to taste, but it will be difficult to wrap the filling with water. After mixing, put it in the refrigerator for a while to allow the oil and water to solidify before wrapping. The steamed xiaolongbao will taste very good. Already.
The process of making xiaolongbao
Cut the pork into slices first.
. Chop into pieces.
Soak the water with onion and ginger
Add onion and ginger water to the meat and stir well.
Add salt, soy sauce, monosodium glutamate, and sesame oil and stir well.
Add the minced minced pork jelly and mix together to make a meat filling.
Put the flour in a clean basin.
Pour in half the hot water and stir, add half the cold water and dough, and simmer for 10 minutes.
Put it on the panel and knead it, cut and rub it into long strips.
Cut into evenly sized tablets and flatten them.
Roll into a slightly thicker skin in the middle.
Add the meat.
Fold the leather along the edges (fold about 13 每 each).
Leave a small sip in the middle, and you can see the filling heart (some are pinched).
Wrap it and put it on the panel for a while.
Cooking Tips
1. Make the xiaolongbao juicy, and make it hot when filling. If the filling feels too wet and not good, you can put it in the refrigerator and freeze it.
2. If the skin of Xiaolongbao is thin enough, kneading the dough is very important. Be sure to knead it for a while. I have more than 20 minutes until I feel that the dough is malleable. Fresh meat Xiaolongbao practice steps. Slightly put into a plate and serve. There is a secret to achieving a thin skin. When making the skin, you need to boil it with boiling water to make the skin slippery. If you use raw flour, it will be too dry.
Ingredients: 110 grams of flour, 52 grams of cold water, minced pork (pre-filled is better), 150 grams of skin jelly, 150 grams of salt and monosodium glutamate, 1 / 4T (2-3g), a little ginger water
Stir fresh meat + seasoning + ginger water. How much ginger water should I put? Put it until it can't be put. Because water can also turn into soup. Put the seasoning first, mix the ginger with water, mix it a little bit, don't pour it in a lot. Finally add sesame oil.
Stir in the meat and add the chopped mince. Stir well.
Open the flour, and put cold water in the middle. Note that it must be cold water.
With the group, remember to knead more, smooth until the three light knows how to cut, face light, pot light, hand light. Then cover the dough with a plastic wrap or something, let it stand for 10-15 minutes, and wake up. Because gluten needs to relax a bit, otherwise the next step will be more difficult to operate.
Knead it into strips. This strip is about as thick as the fingers.
There is a trick for this, but you ca n’t see it. Forget it, it ’s nothing more than a piece of cake.
Put some powder and squash. 7g each, 8g at most, otherwise the skin is thick and unsuitable to my taste.
Roll into skins, about 7cm in diameter is suitable. The double lever was used here, but later it was found that it was better to roll it single, because it had to be thick in the middle and thin around.
Put meat, about 15g-20g meat per core
It's hard to make this bag, and it's more than 15 pleats. The tip of the pleats should be small, otherwise the top of the xiaolongbao will be so big.
The size of the wrapped xiaolongbao is about the size of a one-dollar coin. It should not be too big, because it will become much larger after steaming.
Great fire, steam on boiling water, 7 minutes
Colorful, woody, and appetizing? !!
Today we are going to introduce the colorful xiaolong!
You read that right, a hundred-year-old Nanxiang Xiaolong
Introduced a colorful cage!
From this week, the Nanxiang Ancient Gion Garden Restaurant is officially available ~
All five colors are made of pure natural fruit and vegetable juice
The brain is wide open, let's guess what juice to use first?
At first glance, the most attractive thing is definitely black
What's so dark? Is any juice black?
Actually, this man's ... juice
Is the xiaolongbao with flour of cuttlefish juice delicious?
Even worse
The skin of this cuttlefish juice is
French black truffle stuffing
So how does it taste?
The first batch of "eating crab" foodies described this!
The evaluation of each food is actually different
I can't bear it anymore
Come and use my golden tongue to tell what the hell is going on?
Take a bite and you can see the stuffing with black truffle
The soup is also light black, mixed with the unique flavor of black truffle
The new xiaolong tastes more delicious than the original
Especially in this soup
Although mixed with cuttlefish skin
But it does n’t smell fishy at all ~
Red Spit Dragon Juice for Red Spicy Cage
Yellow egg yolk fresh meat in a small cage with pumpkin juice
Spinach Juice for Green Mushrooms
You can summon divine beasts by eating colorful buns!
Sweet fruit juice, fragrant vegetable juice
What is the magical taste of the salty small cage?
Seeing the food eaters are eating fast
Can't you help it?
What's the price?
As premium goods in Xiaolongbao
Of course the price is also beautiful
Otherwise black truffles will be wronged
88 yuan 10 per cage, 5 flavors per cage!
In fact, this is not the first time Nanxiang Xiaolong has a new taste
From egg yolks to fresh meat, scallops, and mushrooms
Until now colorful family portrait Xiaolong
One hundred years of traditional cuisine is constantly changing the pattern ~
Nanxiang Xiaolong was originally an improved and innovative product
It was originally called "Nanxiang Big Meat Bun"
Huang Mingxian, the owner of Rihuaxuan Pastry Shop, pioneered in the Tongzhi period of the Qing Dynasty
After the improvement of "heavy stuffing and thin skin, with big changes and small changes"
Nanxiang Xiaolong was officially launched
Times are changing, and Xiaolong's taste is constantly innovating
Today's Xiaolongbao can be regarded as a big name in Shanghai snacks. The "Nanxiang Xiaolong" is named after it originated from Nanxiang Town in Shanghai. It was founded in Nanxiang in the 26th year of Guangxu (1900). The steamed bun shop is famous for its opening in Yuyuan Mall.
Today's Yuyuan Nanxiang Steamed Bread Store has the flavor of “looking up at the window of Jiuqu Bridge” and the flavor of “lower head dipped in vinegar and tasting Xiaolongbao”, as well as the “village” taste and exquisiteness of the village in the city The "Feng Ya" style, intertwined with the taste of Shanghai snack Xiaolongbao.
"Shanghai snacks are numbered in Xiaolong, and Yuyuan Gardens are number one." When the steaming steamer came to the table, Xiao Long Bao suddenly jumped into the eye: exquisite and clear, color and luster, mini meat bag, shapely, shaped like a pagoda, no less than 16 pleats at the mouth; delicious on the tip of the tongue, even The belt stuffing is seductive, a small cage, the juice can overflow a spoonful, and the mouth feels fresh and full. Although "Nanxiang Xiaolong" is just a snack, it is irresistible after eating.
There is a customary rule for eating small cages in the restaurant. "Lift gently, move slowly, open the window first, then suck the soup, dip it in vinegar, finely, and burn it carefully." This small process reflects People in Shanghai also have a tone of eating Xiaolong, and have a taste of slow life. However, eating Xiaolong must be accompanied by a saucer of ginger and a bowl of egg-skin spring onion soup. This is the best way to eat "Nanxiang Xiaolong" in Yuyuan. Dip Xiaolong in soaked ginger vinegar with sweet balsamic vinegar. With a bite of egg skin onion soup processed with duck eggs, you can have a real taste of Shanghai.
"Nanxiang Xiaolong" has been rated as a Shanghai-level intangible cultural heritage-the "living treasure" of Shanghai's gourmet culture after 100 years. It is passed on in a living way, allowing people to enjoy "thin skin, rich filling, Juicy "flavor, experience the authentic Shanghai Xiaolong with its original flavor, no compound seasoning, elastic meat, and the most authentic taste.
"Nanxiang Xiaolong" innovates in service, and distributes the goods for one cent at one price, showing the characteristics of Xiaolong. Among them, there is a fresh meat Xiaolong on the ground floor, which costs 15 yuan / 16 (from 10 am to 11 o'clock), a cage of crab meal 22 yuan / 12 (from 11 am to 8:30 pm), an average of 1,000 cages a day; on the second floor (7 am to 9 am), a cage of crab meal 22 yuan / 12, daily sales of 100 cages; after 9pm to 8pm, crab cages cost 25 yuan / 8 cages, daily sales of 1,000 cages; third floor crab yellow (fresh meat) cages 55 yuan / 6 cages, A cage of fresh meat is 35 yuan / 6 pieces. Of course, the fresh-cooked meat cages on the ground floor are the most cost-effective, and there are endless queues. The characteristic cages on the second and third floors have the highest quality, thinner skins, more juicy juices, more delicate meats, and more refreshing eating.
"Nanxiang Xiaolong" is also innovating in varieties. Based on the traditional fresh meat Xiaolong, it has innovated 13 kinds of Xiaolongbao including crab yellow, shrimp, wild vegetables, matsutake, and spicy. Crab yellow and crab paste small cages form new features, and are also used for click-through rate at the end of the elimination system to ensure that the varieties are sold all year round and continue to innovate and supplement the varieties. At the same time, it launched the “Nanxiang Dim Sum Feast”, featuring 15 kinds of cold dishes and stir-fried dishes as the appetizers, and more than 10 kinds of small cages as main dishes. .
"Nanxiang Xiaolong" innovated in channels, went abroad and opened chain stores overseas, including two in Hong Kong, two in Japan, and one each in Canada, Singapore, and Indonesia.
You Yumin, the inheritor of making craftsmanship of Nanxiang Xiaolong Steamed Bread, Shanghai Intangible Cultural Heritage
You Yumin, the sixth-generation descendant of Nanxiang Xiaolong Heritage, and the deputy manager of Yuyuan Store of Shanghai Yuyuan Nanxiang Steamed Bread Co., Ltd., said: Taste, while the new products on the second and third floors have a more fashionable taste based on non-hereditary heritage, and are more refined, delicate and exciting.
Good dumplings, actually poached the essence of the soup → drained → drained ((⊙o⊙) ... what else do you want to eat?)
Wuxi's steamed buns are famous for their thin skin and juicy juice. Fine flour preparation, fine selection of ingredients, steamed in a small cage.
Xiao Shang feels that only small steamed buns that are not peeled, turned over without leaking, full of juice, and not greasy are qualified ~
First bite a small bite on the skin, suck a full mouthful of soup, and then eat a bite of meat filled with vinegar sauce. "Xiao Long" that delicious is completely irresistible ~
Wuxi Xiaolong Soup Bag
"Lift the transparent lantern and drop the pleated chrysanthemum"
This is Xiao Long Tang Bao.
What a good xiaolongbao pays attention to is
Don't stick drawers, don't leak soup.
Traditionally, bun skins are not fermented
Therefore, the skin is thin and not broken after steaming, it is very chewy
Lightly dip in vinegar according to taste
Xiao Long Bao is particular about eating hot
But eager eating will inevitably be burned
So we have to open the window first and drink soup later
The rich and fragrant soup is the essence of Xiaolongbao
Enjoy another bite
The authentic Wuxi Xiaolong bag is not broken and turned over without leaking the bottom
A mouthful of bittern, delicious and non-greasy
Stuffed with plenty of filling, fresh and fragrant
Is this the taste in your memory?
For those who love soup dumplings,
The soup dumplings were "a cinnabar mole in their hearts".
This is the delicious soup bag just mentioned.
The status of Siu Mai in Shanghai has always been awkward. Compared with the big bag of fresh meat, its body is obviously thinner, and its waist circumference is larger than that of the small cage bun, but it does not feel full after eating seven or eight in one breath. Take it to the ratio of fried foods on the street, people must be biased towards the latter.
Today, the food and beverage market is flourishing, and fried, xiaolong swaggered across the market, and pancakes and fried buns also come to cut a piece of cheese, three small buns, dried vegetable buns, fresh meat buns, shiitake vegetable buns, bean paste buns and other buns. There are many people in the market, punching and kicking in the market. At this time, Qianlong's shabuchi in Yuanyuan will no longer be lonely, and will come out again!
After re-emerging the siu mai selling from the rivers and lakes, he hesitated a little bit at first, using glutinous rice smash selling to play the pro-people brand, but the rich people did not buy it. If you want to eat, eat pure meat, or fresh meat with spring bamboo shoots, or shrimp. In short, it requires a mouthful and a mouthful in aesthetic form, and a higher grade in taste and taste, and allows for reasonable price competition.
Experts in the history of diet have confirmed that the origin of siu mai, which is Beijing, is slowly spreading to the south of the Yangtze River, so the siu mai's qualifications are not as old as steamed buns and buns.
In "Jin Ping Mei", I found clues about siu mai, for example, Earl Ying and others had eaten peach blossom siu mai, Ximen Qing gave to Governor Hou and Song Xuan an edible rice dumpling. The former is meat stuffing, divided into pork stuffing, lamb stuffing or beef stuffing, and the latter is the ancestor of glutinous rice dumplings.
At present, the Chinese food and beverage market is booming, and many urban and rural areas from north to south are selling steamed siu mai, each with its own secrets. Once, I went to Nanjing Confucius Temple with a few friends who loved collecting. Taobao. I drank tea in a tea house by the Qinhuai River for breakfast. Five or six kinds of dim sum are put together into a set, among which there are jadeite siu mai, which I am surprised to eat. Well? Not hot, it's salty, and I have no appetite for a bite.
Jade Siu Mai is a famous place in Yangzhou. It was pioneered by Chen Buyun, the founder of Fuchun Tea House. It is characterized by a thin skin filling with green color, such as jade, rich sugar and oil, and sweet fragrance. The key lies in the stuffing heart, which is made of pureed greens, and added with honey, lard, and steamed ham to make it fresh, so it is sweet and salty, not salty. Tang Lusun wrote in his book "Sweet, Sweet, Bitter, Spicy and Salty" that he felt like eating jadeite burnt at Yuemingxuan in Yangzhou. "This basket of dim sum is naturally specially processed and cooked. The siu mai stuffing is made from tender greens, chopped and ground, and cooked with lard and white sugar. The small steamer has loose needles, and the sacks are well kneaded and steamed thoroughly. , The side flower is not like the Northern Siu Mai dumplings filled with thin noodles (dry flour, northern is called thin noodles). I have experience in eating Sichuan green bean puree, it does not look very hot on the outside, but it can burn people if they eat it. Clip one Siu Mai, a product slowly, it really melts the jasper, and the taste is not greasy. Since then, the perception of steamed food with hot filling and sweet stuffing has changed a lot. "(" Sweet Beef Cake and Jade Siu Mai ")
I called the waiter to ask what was wrong. The waiter could n’t answer, and asked the chef to come out and tell him the origin of the jadeite sale: In the old society of all evils, there are quite a lot of opium ghosts in this golden cave in Yangzhou. People are bitter all the time and need sweet food to regulate. Fuchun Tea Co., Ltd. has launched the jade jade, which is pleasing in color, steamed and highly sweet, to meet the needs of these people. Everyone is not smoking opium today, but this feature doesn't seem to change at will.
Aside from emotional factors, purely from the perspective of production, I think that Shanghai's siu mai is much better than many northern cities. Today, Shanghainese people refer to siu mai, which must be called "Xiasha". Yes, the siu mai in Kangqiao, Zhaojialou, Qibao, Xinchang and other places are well-known on the Internet. They all claim to be the main vein of Xiasha siu mai, and they have been listed in the Pudong New Area's Intangible Cultural Heritage Directory. Fresh diced pork with diced bamboo shoots and a thick and mellow skin jelly, the flavor of the filling is really not bad.
As a food lover with a special passion for crabs, Xiao Bian couldn't help wondering what kind of shop would be so domineering to include the valuable crab noodles into the smooth eating menu! Follow Xiaobian to find out ~
The skin is thin and not easy to break, it is very elastic! Carefully selected premium pork as stuffing and frozen chicken broth as juice. In particular, a sufficient amount of crab flour has been added, all supplied by the well-known century-old Wang Baohe!
The essence of the whole crab has been concentrated in this cage. Just thinking about this heavy stuffing feels drooling! Only generations of ingenuity have achieved the reputation of today's crab meal Xiaolong ~
I can't wait to try it in person!
Bite a small mouthful and take a bite of the soup while it is hot (be careful to burn it ~),
The soup has been filled with the rich and delicious flavor of thick pork mixed with crab meat!
The soup in Xiaolongbao can be filled with a lot of soup. It's so satisfying! One more bite of meat, all of a sudden, the smell of hairy crab meat! I even tasted the taste of crab yellow! I can swallow the deliciousness of this world ~
Kaifeng Xiaolong Guantang Bao is a famous local snack in Kaifeng City, Henan Province. With a history of over 100 years, the founder is Huang Jishan. The current state-run bunzi shop on the first floor is a well-known flavor noodle. The small cage filling soup has a large foreskin and a thin filling, and the soup flows with oil. After the finished product is lifted out, it looks like a lantern, and when put down, it looks like a chrysanthemum.
Ingredients: refined powder 5kg pork hind leg meat 5kg small grinding oil 1250g soy sauce 400g cooking wine 150g ginger powder 150g monosodium glutamate 55g salt 100g white sugar 35g
Production method: 1. Twist the pork hind leg into a stuffing, put it into the pot, add soy sauce, cooking wine, ginger, MSG, salt, sugar. Use 4 liters of warm water in winter, and 3.5 liters of cold water in summer. Add the filling into 5 to 6 times, stir into a non-thin and thick filling, and finally mix in small grinding oil. 2. Pour the noodles into a basin and mix with 2.5 liters of water (hot water in winter, warm water in spring and autumn, and cold water in summer), and mix well. Don't pour water into the noodles once. Put a little water, cut into noodles, and gradually rub the underwater feet and noodles gradually. Repeatedly pad the surface three times, moving the surface from soft to hard. Then touch the water with your hands to pierce the noodles, and form a soft and hard noodle. 3. Copy the prepared noodles from the basin on the chopping board, and repeatedly knead them. Pad the dry noodles appropriately according to the soft and hard conditions of the noodles. The thin side and the middle thick slice are packed with 20 grams of stuffing, and 18 to 21 folds are pinched. 4. Put the buns into a small cage with a diameter of 32 to 35 cm and steam them with high heat. The steaming time should not be too long. When the steamed buns are easy to fall off, the soup will run away. Serve with balsamic vinegar and garlic cloves.
88 yuan (10 pieces)!
it is good! The king wants you!
Ordering meals here, ladies and sisters only need money, do not swipe cards or accept WeChat Alipay transfers, fortunately, thoughtful and resourceful, go to places full of history with a hundred dollars! Otherwise it will be embarrassing!
■ This little list is cute and retro!
After giving it to the waiter's sister, I honestly found a small table next to the window, obediently waiting for a meal
Without a hint of defense, you just appeared in front of me steaming!
The moment you opened the drawer, a colorful new world opened! Little cages are fighting each other, and they lie on the steaming cloth charmingly, waiting for the king's fortune!
Two golds, two reds, two whites, two greens, and two blacks are all wonderful people!
Although this looks good, you can share 8 yuan a piece, it ’s delicious, it is important to be worth it! Sister Yan, who has served in the restaurant for 12 years, tells Thoughtful Jun to hurry to eat!
For the honor of 88 yuan, start with the most expensive
Bao Xiaohei-The Love of Cuttlefish and Truffle
Among these colorful elves, there are two little guys standing in a pet position in the middle of the cage drawers. The whole body is as dark as ink and exudes an incomparable temperament. Isn't this the ascetic system that is now popular? !!
Take a bite, and the hot soup spurts out. Thoughtful Jun feels the affectionate call from the forest soil. The rich and fragrant fungus fragrance spreads out in the mouth, and the filling slips into the throat without painful chewing.
Sitting like a bell, like a small lantern! The body of the charming black truffle xiaolong with a glance at Jinghong looks like this! !!
No scum or oil is just right! According to the legend, the spirit of heaven and earth, the truffle deity that sucks the essence of the sun and the moon, plus the Q-elasticity of the cuttlefish juice skin that is not fishy at all, are really top-notch delights!
Fresh eyebrows and the like are only suitable for those netizens. This is so fresh that I want to swallow my tongue!
Why is Baoer so dark?
Cuttlefish juice into the skin
A coat showing extreme defense!
↓ The price of Spanish cuttlefish juice on a treasure! !!
Can't help but think of thoughtful Jun people of other hacker gourmet empires dominated by cuttlefish juice
2. High-end black truffles sink
Gu Yi Yuan Restaurant selects the perfect French black truffle for the filling
This is the truffle inversion photographed by Thoughtful Jun in the back kitchen. This small squirrel with black dots is a truffle!
The soft gold that makes it hard for European hunters to pursue!
A small bottle of Italian locella black truffle sauce 490 yuan (280 g) online!
It's the symbol of status and status. Low-key luxury royal fan! (I heard that in the wild, because of the truffle smell of male hormones on boars, sows are so happy O_O "...)
Compared with the original fresh meat small cages (small white) with a personal identity of 220 ~ 240g, each of the colorful multi-purpose small cages launched by Guxuan Garden weighs 260g ~ 280g. For 88 yuan, the price will be more acceptable!
According to the sister who made the colorful cage, it will cost more than 20 yuan to buy a truffle snack of the same quality and weight! Wouldn't it be a little Saudi if 10 cages of cuttlefish black truffle soup are of high quality and costly?
Do not fight for pets does not mean no features
Sorry, because the aura of the cuttlefish black truffle cage is too dazzling, the thoughtful Jun is addicted to its emotional vortex and cannot extricate himself, ignoring the other cages, so let's try them one by one:
Harmony of colorful flavors
Charming red, warm yellow, shiny green, such a lively and fragrant fragrance completely broke the image of the honest, thick, silly, white and salty small cage. It looks good and looks good. What is the color of the skin, is it healthy and safe?
Thoughtful Jun went to the back kitchen to find out: The original red, yellow, and green tri-color noodles were blended with pure natural freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juice.
The joy of youth filled with colorful facial masks
Little green: spinach juice with crust, wrapped in fresh mushroom stuffing
The most qualified person in a basket of soup dumplings to compete with the youth of the Youth League is this one. It is very fresh and green, and it is definitely not as glamorous as the Youth League.
Brother Dumpling's ace stuffing was transferred to this, his teeth and cheeks remained fragrant, and the sky was wide!
Xiaohuang: Pumpkin juice noodles, stroking salted egg yolk filling
Both as a staple food and as a dessert for Halloween, I am now selflessly dedicated to the glorious cause of Nanxiang Xiaolong and praise the pumpkin
Don't underestimate these 1/4 salted egg yolks. This is the soul of the seasoned flavor. The thick salty fragrance brings real happiness.
Xiaohong: This pink little bao bao old knot sticks!
The rind of the red fire dragon fruit juice is beautiful, slightly sweet and sour, charming purple when it is born, carmine when it is ripe, peachy pink and shy face bursting into a young girl's heart against the spring light!
Production process:
The filling is wrapped with a distinctive spicy sauce. Thoughtful Jun deeply feels that such blatant spicyness can definitely give a taste to those who do not eat spicy food.
Especially for breakfast that has not yet awakened, the taste will be permeated for a long time. This endless stimulus is worth trying! As if imprisoned by a little beast, waiting for you to release it!
■ Thoughtful Jun stunned the colorful cage without eating fireworks in the back kitchen. It feels like the reincarnation of Baba's father!
In less than half an hour, all 10 small cages were down. For a thoughtful man like a handful without chickens, he was not a good fake man.
Others worth eating:
Turquoise Fishball Soup (10 RMB)
The grass carp meat paste was beaten into an extremely delicate mud, and the small white rounds made of it were thousands of fried chickens, with some fish bones, very authentic, much better than those of Chinese fast food restaurants.
Bamboo tube blood sticky rice (10 yuan)
Use a cup of hand-picked sugar osmanthus, lard and bloody glutinous rice to remember last year's osmanthus. It is very soft and glutinous, and the honey may be slightly more. Children and aunts and mothers absolutely love it!
Want to bring home pure osmanthus honey, it is sold on the old state-owned food cabinet in the restaurant, a bottle of 25 yuan!
Must know when eating:
Monday to Friday 10:30 am to 4:30 pm
Saturday to Sunday 10:30 am to 6:00 pm
Here are some weekend population maps
Lift gently, move slowly, open the window first, then drink soup!
Multi-colored small cages are now ordered and steamed only for dine!
I can sell 40 cages a day at the peak of the weekend!
Best for early adopters of the Qingming family!

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